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The Burden of Proof

By this time I felt that some sort of a pattern was building up. The new paradigm is perhaps only subtly different from the old one but it seemed to be emerging with some new and useful emphases.

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The claims now made about Survival are less personal than they used to be for one thing and the respect for the ideas of quantum-physics more solid. If, to put it bluntly, cosmic consciousness is so terrific why did it have to add us, messy as we are, not to mention the immense quantum charade of the universe, to what it already had?

Why bother to Big Bang if you could just go on being perfect?

2. Argument From Authority

But McGilchrist too is singing off the same page of our now-slightly-revised hymn book. It is not a huge shift but it should now change the quality of the debate. Here are some of its main features:. Beyond the Self? Personality and Beyond By this time I felt that some sort of a pattern was building up.

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  • The appearance of deceased relatives at the death-bed or during NDEs or channeling, in particular, may not mean that Granny is continuing her old life more or less as before. The hitherto rather weak connection between Quantum Physics and Survival looks as if it has gained a toe-hold in the intellectually-respectable world. Whatever else they may mean they constitute clear evidence that the brain cannot be the whole story when it comes to explaining consciousness.

    Life after death

    In the matter of Survival we should expect both everything and not too much. But that there is some energy there — in Dark Matter or as Dark Energy perhaps — is evident from the fact that we are here at all; it was some sort of energy that brought about the Big Bang and before that there was no locality by definition.

    Here, and hereafter, we seem to create our own worlds through our personal consciousnesses. The great or universal consciousness may be what creates the universe. Language makes all, but it cannot describe adequately the process by which it does this. Buddhists, Hindus and mystics of all stripes have the right approach. We need to read Angelus Silesius rather than too much academic philosophy.

    Study finds evidence of some form of life after death

    We, or parts of us, may be temporarily reincarnated. Body is particle and consciousness is wave. Our particles at death undergo what they have always undergone, change into something else. The waves of consciousness persist just as the scientists tell us all energy forms persist, forever.

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    • This is all embarrassingly similar to the propositions of many religions. But it is not, in itself, religion at all.

      Have Scientists REALLY Proven That Life After Death Exists?

      Inverted commas are needed in this area passim. Not even with the sensible and modest knowledge of science. What will happen to you and me after we die? What happens to consciousness after the physical death of any living organism?

      From where does consciousness arise? Is consciousness an emergent property of complex information-processing systems, like brains , nervous systems, and possibly computers, or can it exist independent of a physical structure?

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      Is everything conscious, as many mystics believe? This is one of the most ancient of all philosophical debates, and the question of what happens to consciousness after death is a recurring theme in my interviews. Death—what Terence McKenna called the black hole of biology— is, perhaps, the greatest mystery known to human beings. While there is compelling evidence that there is life after death and that consciousness survives death, there is also compelling evidence that it does not and the truth is no one knows for sure what happens when we die.

      I would be highly suspect of anyone who tells you otherwise. Although the postbiological fate of human consciousness is a truly magnificent mystery, beliefs about what happens to consciousness after death generally fall into four traditional categories: reincarnation , eternal Heaven or Hell, union with God, or complete nonexistence. This limited range of possibilities for life after death is likely due to our strong fear of death, which creates a powerful emotional charge and makes playful speculation on this topic difficult for most people. But if our fears of the afterlife can be suspended or transcended, and we can set our hopes and expectations aside, how might we explore this mystery and come up with alternative possibilities for life after death?

      Is it possible, as some people claim, that altered or mystical states of consciousness can give us insight into what happens after death? I think so. Death is like taking off a tight shoe. I think it jumps into a body of some kind, on some plane of existence, and it goes on doing that until it is with God.