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All inquiries about our graduate program are warmly welcomed and answered daily: grad math. Topology is one of four major areas of abstract mathematics: algebra equations , analysis limits , foundations set theory and logic , and topology.

Infinite-Dimensional Topology, Volume 43 - 1st Edition

The word topology comes from the Greek word for place:. Broadly speaking, topology is the study of space and continuity.

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Since topology includes the study of continuous deformations of a space, it is often popularly called rubber sheet geometry. To distinguish various spaces, notions from algebra or analysis are often introduced. We may associate groups, rings, modules, or other algebraic objects to a topological space in order to precisely describe information.

These constructions may even give information back about algebra, e.

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Studying high-dimensional spaces is important for basic reasons. A many dimensional space may be dictated by a problem and then geometrically studied for insight and understanding.

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It wields a philosophical power that has made it a dominant idea in 20th century mathematics: it is often the ingredient that allows one to move from local to global results. For a student who will go on in geometric or algebraic topology this material is a prerequisite for later work. Chapter 6 is an introduction to infinite-dimensional topology; it uses for the most part geometric methods, and gets to spectacular results fairly quickly.

The text is self-contained for readers with a modest knowledge of general topology and linear algebra; the necessary background material is collected in chapter 1, or developed as needed.

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In the process of proving this result several interesting and useful detours are made. The first part of this book is a text for graduate courses in topology. One can look upon this book as a complete and self-contained proof of Torunczyk's Hilbert cube manifold characterization theorem: a compact ANR X is a manifold modeled on the Hilbert cube if and only if X satisfies the disjoint-cells property. Grand Eagle Retail is the ideal place for all your shopping needs!

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