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A band who can't decide whether they're the new Soundgarden or not. Nine times out of ten, you probably couldn't tell an Audioslave track apart from a Soundgarden track.

I still like them though. They're confused as hell, but they still make good music. Ikmkb Full Send PKMKB Yaoi paddle Faith Hilling September 25 Chelsea Tractor No Vaseline CP1 Posters 5.

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Audioslave & Chris Cornell: An Appreciation of His 'Other' Band | Billboard

But we really hope you love us. They got 'em. Gut-wrenching bass guitar to the fore? That too.

This is not Rage Against the Machine mark 2, but a slightly dated rock band in its own right - and Audioslave just want to have fun. At the Astoria, Cornell, who is blessed with one of those preternaturally powerful alpha-male voices, went to town. His abyssal howl on Set It Off burned with commitment.

Cochise, inspired by a native American uprising, was thrillingly monstrous, swept along as Cornell wailed to Morello's guitar. He even made a decent job of generic grunge fare like What You Are, caressing the line "When you wanted blood, I cut my veins" as if it brought back memories of some spectacular lost night.