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We love our bread and pastries and that shows in the quality of our products and in our work environment. We are a growing company that nourishes and celebrates the tradition of breaking bread with family and friends.

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If you're interested in learning more about specific positions, click here to link to our Indeed page. Retail Pastry Team Members - Our retail pastry department is responsible for the products you see at our cafes. We make a variety of cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, wedding cakes, laminated doughs, and much much more. A flexible schedule, positive attitude, and desire to work with a team is required for this position.

I dislike waste… so today is my day off.. I pulled out all the scrap bags and have a pot of chicken stock brewing… I also browned some pork loin chops off and made a roux and have that all simmering in the crock pot..

I love cooking. I love trying new things. My hamburger buns, not so much. Epic fail. Since my granddaughter was born I have re-instituted Sunday dinner. I do like to make things I can reheat for a second meal, since I have a long commute. Eating out in Boston is SO costly — I try to save it for our favorite places that have great food. It has been fun making things for the baby she can take for her lunch — homemade ABC soup, chicken and stars, etc. I love cooking and I love eating. I love being able to cook a great meal of whatever we fancy for way cheaper than a restaurant and honestly, tastes better if I do say so myself Although I live in a small town, I have access to 2 large cities that we frequent to shop, entertainment, eat etc…and sadly, the service in both of those towns is sorely lacking.

So nothing makes me want to eat at home more than 1 paying the high prices and 2 paying those high prices AND getting cruddy service. Besides, take out involves a lot of time and waiting, as do non-fast-food restaurant meals. Full disclosure: I live in a wealthy area of the country with no fast food chains and expensive restaurants. I will say some of my favorite things to make, like the chicken enchiladas with red sauce, I found right here on your blog.

We need to watch the processed stuff that the food industry is pushing! My mom was a great cook, but she was very much into just a few standard recipes. Then 2 of my 3 kids went to culinary college Le Cordon Bleu , and I felt like I had to up my game a bit. Plus I have fibromyalgia, and the additives in processed foods really mess with my pain and flare ups. A garden inspires me too! I was never a fan of cooking but we were broke as a joke stole that from your reader so I did it.

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Now my husband has taken over and he says he enjoys it. He would rather cook another meal than eat leftovers. I had to really stop that food waste behavior. He is better about it now that retirement is around the corner. Cooking for my family—esp. They like my food, and I like seeing them happily eating away. So cooking is not usually a chore. Those times when I was on my own, I found I ate salad from a bag, soup from a can, or cereal and fruit. I am not a big eater, nor do I like to cook for just me. I enjoy the entire cycle of find the recipe, get the ingredients, cook, watch them enjoy eating, then clean up.

As a professional woman who has had a very successful career and a hardcore feminist, I used to be embarrassed to admit that I cook because my husband loves my cooking and I love seeing him happy. His mom was a really terrible cook and I came from an extremely poor family and was taught to cook and bake just so the family could survive, so when we married and I started producing foods he loved, he fell in love with me all over again he says that. It helps that he does all the cleanup without complaint or putting it off and he never fails to thank me for cooking for him.

I finally realized that the point of feminism was for women to make their own choices and have the same opportunities…and if I liked something as traditional as cooking and baking, it was okay.

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  • I used to try to get interested in mowing the lawn for the same reason…until my husband said he liked mowing the lawn and wished I would leave it to him. Funny story. We were gifted from my husbands work a olive garden gift card for dollars. Daughter ordered their chicken parmesan and though she enjoyed it she later asked how much it cost for me to make it at home for the three of us.

    After contemplating I estimated around 9. Hearing this she was shocked. Like literally did not know how to boil water. It just takes practice.

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    Such a great lesson for your daughter to learn! It makes me feel really good to turn a pile of ingredients into delicious, wholesome, good for you meals. When I look into the fridge and see all the food one prepared waiting for me I feel satisfied and content. I cook because I love to eat good food.

    Besides restaurant meals being so expensive, I also find that a lot of times I could have made something better tasting at home. This is so true for me too. Seeing how much family and friends enjoy what I have prepared is what keeps me going. I am like you. I enjoy it enough but it can be so stressful. Too distracting. Always in the way. I never had patience teaching the children. On the rare occasion we go to a sit down restaurant I find myself always dissappointed. I know that I do it better most of the time.

    I really enjoy the fruits of my labor though so I will always cook. My family motivates me to cook. I would eat cereal and buttered pasta as happily as a fabulous roasted salmon, crispy potatoes and veggies.

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    One son and my husband have soecial diets, too, so if they want yummy things I need to make many of them myself. I am a good cook but I am definitely not passionate about it or particularly enjoying it. I like being good at it. I love to cook and be in the kitchen; I usually enjoy both the process and the end result. But I shall try. This shows in how healthy you and your kids are. I used to love cooking, love trying new recipes, love doing the fancy elaborate stuff.

    I expect that will change eventually.

    I’m curious: what motivates YOU to keep at it in the kitchen?

    Nonetheless I still cook. It gets the job done. My goal in learning to cook was to be able to walk into a strange kitchen and make a meal based on what I found.

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    I too like to help someone figure out how to turn all the odd leftovers in the refrigerator into a meal. I can certainly relate to what you are saying about cooking! Cooking meals is one of those activities I do because A I like good food B I like to be competent C I like my food to be mostly healthy and D it saves a heckuva lotta money. I have gone through many phases when it comes to how much I enjoy cooking.

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    • More businesses open provide more jobs, more services and a better quality of life for the local community. If baking goods at home is something you enjoy doing, why not turn it into a business to create the perfect job for you? Thanks to the new cottage food laws introduced into many states of America, this is something that has become a reality. You truly can open a home baking business to make a viable living to start working in a job you are passionate about and love. Why are you still here when you could be planning the product list for your new home baking business?

      It will help you with a simple step-by-step checklist of what you need to do to launch your new baking business the right way. Here a 5 great reasons you should open a home baking business today.