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In conjunction with the latter, Peters was invited earlier this year to speak at a conference in Poland organized by the Warsaw Campus of the College of Europe. He is currently working on a new book which looks at the impact of domestic politics and Israeli foreign policy. Barbara L.

Europe Divided Over Embassies in Israel and Jerusalem

Universal Access Toggle Universal Access. Joel Peters edits handbook on Israeli-Palestinian conflict to offer unbiased political perspectives March 25, Joel Peters.

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Contact: Barbara L. These facts were followed by the operations of Israelis like erecting a wall along the West Bank to protect its territories from Palestinian suicide attacks, and operations like "Days of Repentance" and ''Summer Rain'', while in the "Road Map" is presented, as a plan to resolve the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, proposed by the so-called Quartet US, EU, UN, Russia. Later on, in Israeli soldiers carried out commando company ships that attempted to break the naval blockade and deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza and many activists, mostly Turks were killed or injured on Mavi Marmara ship.

This incident caused an international outcry, while the Israelis spoke of an 'act of self-defense. The primary and principal claim of the PLO is the establishment of the Palestinian state, the removal of the Israeli forces from their territories and by extension there has to be an emphasis on the Palestinian negotiating team's position which contends that, first, the borders must be finalized - after minimal territorial swaps - and only then can security arrangements based on these borders be devised.

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On the Israeli side, there are two basic concepts. The first is that the aim of setting the borders is to preserve Israel as a democratic and Jewish state. An Israeli withdrawal into borders with a clear Jewish demographic majority is a major Israeli interest and is not a concession that Israel will make to the Palestinians. It is more than blatant that the Israelis and Palestinians are trapped in a conflict, which is disastrous for the Palestinians and dangerous for the prospects of Israel.

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At the heart of the proposals is the EU support to the UN Security Council on a resolution that either calls for renewed negotiations and sets a mandatory deadline for completing the agreement to create a two-state solution, or creates a greater equity between Israelis and Palestinians, including recognition of a Palestinian state and its strong support for the inclusion of Palestine in international treaties and organizations.

The European Council declares deeply concerned about the tragic humanitarian Situation in Gaza and also declares that the European union is more than willing to contribute in a sustainable solution that will improve safety living conditions and prosperity of both Palestinians and Israelis. In conclusion, what has to be under consideration and submitted to further research is in what extent the states do not allow further intervention or whether the EU hesitates or does not want to be involved drastically.

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However, the Israeli - Palestinian conflict remains one of the main factors that cause instability in the Middle East region and calls for more attention in order the bloodshed to be stopped , enabling the Arab countries and Israel to live in peace, security, stability, prosperity and good neighborliness. Related Papers. By Dov Waxman.

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