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The communication tactic goes back to ancient Greece. Buffett relied on a metaphor to explain the strategy, one that is familiar to most of us: forest and trees. Many others, though, are destined to grow in size and beauty," he added.

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By creating a metaphor for a complex business, Buffett provides a visual picture for the mind's eye. It's a mental shortcut that helps average investors--and even professional ones--think about the company differently. If Buffett were delivering this presentation as a series of slides, he could easily show one image of a forest, and then zoom in to five clumps--or "groves"-- to explain each one.

If you focus on your problems they get bigger. If you focus on solutions, you will develop more of them". Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle 2.

Chess Tactics Volume 1: Sharpen your tactical ability daily on your way to mastery

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Sharpen Your Tactics: 1125 Brilliant Sacrifices, Combinations, and Studies

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Focus on the forest and forget the trees, says Buffett

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