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Additional techniques of body-scanning, use of witness or self-observation, as well as techniques of centering and meditation are integral aspects of each session. There is no diagnosis in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, whereas clear, accurate diagnosis of psychopathology is the lynch pin of successful treatment in psychotherapy.

What will I get out of a Phoenix Rising Session? How long is a session? Usually one hour 1hr although it can be slightly more. How much does it cost?

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Will it hurt? You will work within the limits of your own tolerance for discomfort without pain. All rights reserved. Integral Yoga Center Richmond. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy may seem like an unusual name for a therapy that deals with the body and the mind. Usually one hour 1hr although it can be slightly more How much does it cost? Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

Contact Nora to schedule YogaHelps After Pat went into meditation and connected with Emmanuel, I questioned the spirit guide about the purpose of my work.

20190217 Phoenix Rising Yoga Class with Michael Lee

We live in a time when many people are awakening. These human beings are starting to realize ways of living from a much deeper, spiritual place. They know the presence of the Divine within themselves. It requires incredible courage not only to face, but to embrace the monumental fear connected with moving in the direction of living from a place of attunement with the Truth. Some of those now working with you also have experience on this path. They, too, know the disturbance and turmoil, and ultimately, the sublime joy and liberation this process invites.

You and your work help others unite ordinary consciousness with an awareness of their inborn Divinity. More than your techniques, it is your loving presence that you offer that creates the safety necessary to cross the bridge. The power of his words held me spellbound as I wiped away the tears. I believed what I heard and yet there was still the nagging voice within that sounded terrified by the implications of what I had heard.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy | Integral Yoga Center Richmond

Upon reflection, the fear reached back to a prevailing Australian social taboo of being too far out ; everyone is expected to be the same. Simply put, most people are threatened by non-conformists, those perceived as different. The thought of my being a catalyst for people in their spiritual development was a little too far out for me to feel comfortable with it.

Yet, I had been on my own spiritual journey long enough to know that the rainbow has many colors; that even if the trees in the forest look the same, each one is unique and beautifully different. In that moment, I surrendered my self-doubt to commit to my sacred unfolding through yoga and the bodymind. Now the discipline of yoga! It had become time to embrace the ancient practices and begin the search for something more in life.

What did the ancient sage, Patanjali, mean and how do we get started? When Patanjali wrote those words, I am sure his definition of yoga was very different from what most people in the Western world today think of when they use the term. To many, yoga, and particularly hatha yoga, denotes physical discipline, often difficult to perform and not really connected to everyday life other than possibly being a good antidote for stress. So, to begin, I want you to know that when I address yoga in this book, I am doing so from a much broader perspective than the mainstream view and I hope more aligned with what Patanjali may have had in mind.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Bridge from Body to Soul

Yoga is a complete science, with the potential of making significant changes in our whole being, not just our bodies. It has the power to affect our feeling state, our total awareness of our selves, and ultimately our understanding of our connection to all that is. There are some basic premises upon which yoga is based. Firstly, everything we have ever needed to know as human beings is within us all the time. We have infinite wisdom. You are in the company of 99 percent of the population. Just for a moment, consider that there might be some truth to it.

I believe that we can use our body as our teacher to access our inner wisdom. There is a time and a place during each of our lives to seek out our teachers. As we learn our lessons, we need the teacher less and we begin to live our lives accepting growth and change.

I have learned that by tuning in to the body we are able to learn a process. Later we can follow the same process without the body. We become aware, we accept and fully feel what is occurring in our life, and when appropriate we make the necessary changes, often with relative ease. In many cases, to reach such a place, to even begin to tune in, requires a catalyst.

Sometimes the catalyst is curiosity and sometimes it is despair.


It can be that place where there is but one ember of hope left burning and something inside is calling us to expand our search for meaning. As I examine my own life journey, I can say that this has been true for me. There came a time when it just seemed right for me to begin to study yoga. I had tried almost everything else the external world has to offer and was still coming up empty in terms of satisfying my spiritual hunger. What has been, is gone; what is yet to be has not begun and [we] are at the crossroads of transformation.

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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy offers yoga based, mind-body, processes that will support you in discovering how to embrace both your joy and your fear. This will help you to live your life to the fullest and find your own true self. Like the Phoenix, you can rise from the ashes and fly in all your brilliance.

This ground-breaking work is available to you now. Order right here, online.