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When the book ends, the reader is left with little but a blur. Having learned so much about what Stevenson has done, we do not actually know him any better, nor do we feel richer for having shared his experiences. Subscribe: Digital Edition. Subscribe: Print Edition. Buy Back Issues.

Manage Magazine Subscription. Publishing Associate Remote within Canada. Office Administrator Toronto. Trade Sales Coordinator Toronto. I am a liberal. But I was just somebody who knew the war sucked. I learned by just going to lunch with these guys. So in the last six months of your rotation as a battalion commander, you just fucking…. You got 2, deaths, man. I was dead set against the war.

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It was the right thing to be. Anybody with any fucking brains was. Half the guys in the military were thinking of quitting. We should go. We can get into a restaurant across the street. I can get my little salad. This guy is nuts. I take notes and I go over them. I have a good memory and use a lot of shorthand. I just write the keywords. My handwriting is bad, which is good. I understand it and nobody else does. Then I immediately annotate.

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I never tape anything. But I have it transcribed by somebody else. Too boring. They missed Watergate! He convinced them there was nothing there. Kissinger was beloved by reporters because he was accessible. Not much has changed; folks like Paul Ryan and John McCain still get glowing coverage just because they talk to reporters. Of course. Trump does, too. He talks to them a lot, more than they tell you. He likes to yap. What are they going to do? I have old friends. Most of them are not in government.

I like tennis and sports. Do I get depressed? But everybody should be, now. Here, you have to have one of these. You decided not to report on them or even tell an editor. If you got that same information today, what would you do? I was talking to the Nieman fellows [about the beating incidents], after Nixon was gone. I thought it was off the record. And that stuff seems crazy to me. But I assume that, for a lot of women, it would be right.

6 People You Didn’t Know Were WWII Spies - HISTORY

I got it from inside the hospital. I had a problem from the beginning about reporting it, because the initial source came from — it was the doctor. Before he died, he was talking a lot to me. And he knew of other times Nixon did it. Everybody knew he did it , he said. Oy vey iz mir , as my father would say. I mean, what the fuck?

I never, never thought they were taping [the Nieman remarks]. After dinner, the women were excused. And we smoked cigars — it was the first time I ever met James Angleton. Come on. He was smart — really, really smart. I think this Gina [Haspel] is very smart. I watched her testify. I know some things about her. Yeah, she did torture, but everybody knew about that the torture, including Congress.

What I do know, from my friends, is the stuff she files is really good. But some of the operations that have been described to me as good turn out to be crazy, or stuff that seemed right turned out to be shit. I saw an old senator yesterday, had to go to some fancy party in Georgetown. Full of spies and Brits. It was at a very fancy club, and there was British spy, a guy from MI6. All sorts of people from the Agency were there.

I got outta there in an hour. You have to be careful, but you have to deal with guys that are known to be good guys on the inside and trusted.

The Man Who Broke Politics

The FBI catches bank robbers and we rob banks. They do this kind of shit — stupid stuff. I need to go back to my office. Again and again, your stories expose the deceit of politicians, but the y also expose the reporters who defended them. I always do that. I like him. I was in Jerusalem with my wife. I have a friend in Mossad, and he writes me. He was here undercover and I got to know him. Israel is strange, man. He called up, this guy, his name is Dudu. And the thing about him, his oldest son — I coach soccer for kids. I coached soccer to the point where the boys were about Get in shape.

So this guy from Mossad, we became friends.

France punishes reporters for Yemen story

I liked him. You had started to say something about Ted Koppel, if you want to finish that thought…. I was in Jerusalem and we were at that wonderful hotel in East Jerusalem. Hard to get into. And he was there, and so we had a great time, this was about 10 years ago. It was an off-the-record deal. And [Koppel] was on the platform. And off the record he was awesome about how fucked up things were — he got it. Because the person who told me was still in. Did you run that by him while you were working on the book to make sure it was okay to disclose?

Because it was a story about intercepts of the Saudis. I knew he would guess correctly that there was a lot of talk about oil, so I thought his purpose was not necessarily marginal. So how could I say no? Oil brokers! George is a master , man. I avoid those guys like the plague.

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