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1. Focus on saving them time.

This project has seen the email database grow from to 11, subscribers in a little bit more than a year.

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American Society of Civil Engineers Bridges Photo Contest: ASCE took a social and print content approach in its annual photo competition around images of bridges as part of its ongoing content marketing to promote the civil engineering profession around the world. It used images from the social media campaign to put together its annual calendar of bridges. According to Connectivity by CQ Roll Call , one year of its special Facebook app elicited images from 50 countries, a Facebook reach including highlighting the winners of , people, and nearly 15, print calendars sold.

Using the hashtag also enables the organization to tie itself into the topical conversation on social media. As a nonprofit marketer, you are well-positioned to tell stories that have impact. By creating a comprehensive content marketing strategy, realigning your marketing dollars, and ensuring that you have the necessary talent to implement your strategy, your great stories will go further, attracting and motivating your audiences to do more even if your budget is small.

Ann Gynn edits the CMI blog. Ann regularly combines words and strategy for B2B, B2C, and nonprofits, continuing to live up to her high school nickname, Editor Ann.

17 Creative Visual Marketing Campaigns by Nonprofits

Former college adjunct faculty, Ann also helps train professionals in content so they can do it themselves. Follow Ann on Twitter anngynn or connect on LinkedIn.

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Other posts by Ann Gynn. Connect with Content Marketing Institute:. Connect With Us. Current Hits All Time Hits. Resources What Is Content Marketing? What is Intelligent Content? How will you reach out to them? These considerations will inform your branding and presence, including:.

11 Possible Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

Focus instead on your online profile, where you can reach people quickly—and make updates quickly. This is something that anyone can do in just a matter of a few minutes. Many small nonprofits struggle to maintain energy and momentum throughout the entire process of beginning operations and applying for c 3 status.

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  • Plus, many young organizations underestimate how long it might take to find and implement the right tools. Since your online donation page will serve as the foundation of your fundraising campaigns, start there. This ensures that your most dedicated friends and supporters will be able to get involved from day one.

    Bookmark our guide to perfecting your donation page to learn more about how to get started. First-time donors fill out a short donation form with their credit card information.

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    The first-time process takes under a minute; repeat donations take just two clicks. Find out more about how text-to-give helps nonprofits grow their donations. Next, build a strong team of leaders to help guide the creation of your nonprofit organization. You may already be part of a group that shares a vision and has decided to found a nonprofit together. The founding participants of a nonprofit organization should include an executive director and any volunteers.

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    • Consider also asking people to be unofficial advisors, or members of a board of advisors. That will include a board of directors with at least three people and, preferably, an odd number of people. Nonprofit organizations tend to grow out of existing networks of individuals who are brought together by a common goal or interest.

      This, combined with the inherent challenges of founding a nonprofit, means that you must remain focused on your mission and vision. And you must make it easy for your team to work together. This means regular, open communication and easy-to-use systems with multi-user dashboard access. Everything should be an open book, and everyone should be on the same page! At this point in the nonprofit startup process, deliberately cultivating a local network of partners is helpful because it builds momentum and keeps everyone excited.

      Your community partners will be essential once you actually start reaching out to constituents and donors, too. It can be very difficult to immediately begin engaging new stakeholders without already having a shared connection. Think about the local partners who might be interested and useful to your mission, like:. Your founding leadership is likely already well connected, but expanding your local network is always a good move. The right connections will unlock new donor bases, marketing outlets, and opportunities to directly pursue your mission.

      One easy idea might be to set up a simple matching gift or volunteer grant program with a sympathetic local business. Organized procedures and clearly defined roles are absolutely essential to the success of your nonprofit organization. Officially incorporating your nonprofit is required for eventually receiving c 3 tax-exempt status, accepting donations, and essentially functioning as a legal nonprofit organization. Sounds intimidating, but creating and filing nonprofit articles of incorporation is actually one of the easiest steps in the entire process.

      Each official board member identified in your bylaws then needs to sign the articles of incorporation. Of course, this process varies slightly state by state, so do your research before starting. For more specific guidance, check out this handy template from the IRS that can guide your team as you draft your own founding charter.

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      Nonprofit grant writing can be a major challenge. This is particularly true in the earliest days of your organization.

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      However, finding and applying for nonprofit startup grants is also extremely important. Without some initial funding, it can be difficult to reach and engage with the donors who will support your work in the future. Start by researching the different sources and types of nonprofit startup grants. Next, familiarize your team with the grant writing process. If most or all members of your team are new to grant writing, doing some research beforehand will go a long way toward boosting your chances of success.

      Put generally, the steps of grant writing are:. This is a minimal version of the grant writing process, but there are plenty of resources out there that can give you a much fuller understanding of how to write a winning grant proposal.

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      Securing some initial funding early on is the best way for your nonprofit to start pursuing its mission. Continue researching and applying for startup grant funds as you work on the next step, too. Tip: Depending on the specifics of the grant application, you may want to highlight how your nonprofit is using technology to meet its goals.

      As appropriate, include your text-to-give number and keyword, as well as a link to your online donation page. When imagining starting a nonprofit, this is the step that most people immediately think of, and for good reason. The federal c 3 application process is very important for any nonprofit. Login options Log in. Username Password Forgot password? Shibboleth OpenAthens. Restore content access Restore content access for purchases made as guest. Article Purchase - Online Checkout.

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