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Healthy Sun takes us through the undeniable facts about the sun, using peer-reviewed research and the latest science.

Sunburn and skin cancer, the burning issue - Cancer Research UK

Here we also find the history of ancient sun therapies combined with the science of solar radiation and solar storms. We also discover the latest medical research on skin cancer, and the newest information on maintaining sufficient vitamin D, and the evidence showing supplemented vitamin D might not be as therapeutic as some have promoted.

Healthy Sun goes deeper, revealing some of the sun's less known effects, including biomagnetism, light, color and rhythm. The groundbreaking information contained in Healthy Sun will undoubtedly change the way we think and feel about the sun. Customer Reviews. Write a review.

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All Rights Reserved. Cancel Submit. Many people use aloe vera for sunburn, but does it really help? According to several studies aloe vera can help soothe the pain of sunburn and….

Here’s How Much Damage a Really Bad Sunburn Can Do

Just like the rest of your skin, your scalp can get sunburned. In this article, you'll learn how to recognize the symptoms, understand prevention…. You don't need to be on the beach for sunburned eyelids to occur. Any time you're outside in the sun for a prolonged period of time with your skin…. Some skin experts argue that windburn is the same thing as sunburn, while others say they're two distinct conditions.

Either way, the burn you can get…. Your lips are vulnerable to sunburns, which increases your chances of developing lip cancer. Regardless of where you live, your lips are exposed to…. Advocates of coconut oil claim it helps cool and soothe sunburned skin and relieve symptoms such as itching and peeling. But does it work?

10 Cancer Myths Debunked

Written by Heather Cruickshank on June 28, For thousands of years, the sun was revered for giving life and maintaining health. It was widely used for its therapeutic value for a variety of diseases. Today, the sun is considered enemy number one. We hide from the sun for fear of skin cancer and premature aging.

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