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On this podcast, Chris and Kevin discuss 3 swim tips to help people achieve an ideal body composition. References: Las Vegas On this podcast, I talk about proper head position in freestyle swimming for triathlon. Head position 2. Hand entry and position 3.

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Coach Kevin interviews David Wiswell, former pro cyclist and co-founder of EnduroPacks comes on the show to talk cycling and supplements. We cover: -Becoming a pro cyclist -How cycling training has changed over the years -Benefits of cross training -What is EnduroPacks? How is it any better than other supplement regimens?

Distance per stroke? Breathing 2. Avoid caffeine on race day 5. Coaches Kevin and Chris discuss the 4 ways to get into shape in the new year! Here are the 4 points: 1.

Ingrid Miller | Triathlon Coach | TrainingPeaks

Consistency 2. Stretching 4. Support References: Tri […]. We cover: -Las Vegas In this podcast, I have a chat with Dr. We cover: -Why triathletes should be doing fitness testing -What is V02max testing and why is it important? In this podcast, I talk about: -Living and training in Boulder, CO -5 tips to training for the swim in 2 hours a week: 1. Focus on the essentials in the pool 3. Do sprints. Use fins. In this podcast, I chat with Masters swimming great turned triathlete, Karlyn Pipes. We cover the 7 tips on what you can do in the pool to help you be a fitter, healthier and faster triathlete this is part 2 of 2…you can find part 1 here.

5 not-so-serious rules for surviving swim training and racing

Swim with a group 2. Warm up […]. Warm up 3. Streamline push offs 4. Do other strokes…not just in the pool, […]. How bad is it to do breastroke during a race? Ideal body position in the water for freestyle? What to do to avoid shoulder injuries Head position and proper […].

In this podcast, I interview Mike Bitton. On a training ride he was hit by a large truck and left for dead in the ditch. Fortunately, fellow cyclists found him, and paramedics, ER room doctors, surgeons, […]. In this podcast, we have a panel discussion on triathlon relationships.

Newsflash: I am not fearless swimming in open water. Nope. Not at all.

How can you date or be married to a triathlete? What are some of the tips and tricks of navigating through the relationship? We discuss her experiences as an ultrarunner, traveler, minimalism, relationships and more!

Breathing Skills For Open Water Swimming

We discuss training, racing, coaching, beating Lance, eating disorders, power racks, and more! We cover a wide range of topics from getting starting in triathlon to training tips for swimming, as well as strength training and racing. In this episode, I interview former gold medalist Olympian swimmer and triathlete Sheila Taormina for the 2nd time.

References: Click here to buy Swim Speed […]. On this podcast, I interview the 6 fastest Find out about his experience at the race in the degree heat. Swim Silent and Be Well Westy. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Romomoto Junior Member. Join Date: Jan Posts: 2.

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CoachStuartMcDougal coach. Join Date: Jan Posts: 1, Find all posts by CoachStuartMcDougal. Send a private message to haschu Find all posts by haschu Join Date: Feb Posts: 2. Find all posts by pholahan. Join Date: Jun Posts: 2. Dominant side I swim triathlons and right side breath in races and discovered that my head is a rudder. Walt Last edited by walstock : at PM. Find all posts by walstock. Attached Images.

If there is a swimmer or a wave or whatever in my way I just take another stroke and then I breathe. One last point on the whole swim lessons thing. My advice is to swim with swimmers and not triathletes. There will probably always be triathletes in the water with swimmers. My personal experience is I find that a triathlete only swim group is a lot less helpful than a swimmers group.

This is just my personal experience but while swimmers tend to be kind of introspective at first they are also generally very nice and helpful people. I am one of the slowest in my pool on a regular basis and yet the fast swimmers around me are helpful and encouraging. For me being familiar with my swim environment is very helpful. For this reason I like to swim at the race site the day before the race if I can and also do a warm up in the water right before the race. This is the start of a 5k swim I did at Swim Miami. Swimming in open water is a totally different sensory experience than swimming in a pool.

The sun is in your eyes, there are different noises, it tastes weird and the water is choppy and wavy, not to mention the are fish and seaweed.

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You never quite know what it will be like and it can be a little different every time. The more often you swim in that environment the less strange it will seem. So as often as you can swim in open water. I was slightly obsessed and it paid off because that is still my fastest Ironman swim time. This is me and my Kids in the Galapagos in Ecuador. I make them take a lot of lessons so that they are ready to do cool stuff like this. I feel like a broken record here because I say this all the time.

I have to say that most, in fact almost all, people who are uncomfortable in their wetsuit are simply just putting it on incorrectly. My brother and I suited up for a cold open water practice swim in Minnesota. When I bought my wetsuit I spent about 30 minutes learning how to get the darn thing onto my body from the sales person. That lesson has served me well but I have also picked up a few tricks from others along the way.

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  8. But here are some points to keep in mind:. One of the things that can rapidly make a swimmer freak out is cold water. I have no experience in swimming in water cooler than 60 degrees. There is something called the Mammalian dive reflex. Only your face. The cold water literally takes your breath away and slows your heart rate. What happens is that when you put your face into cold water you will hold instinctively hold your breath. The way to out think this is as follows. Before you start swimming put your face into the water and blow bubbles.