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Posted: Sep 6, am. This is a real handy book. Lots of neat things that can be done at the bar. Nothing earth-shattering, but entertaining stuff that most people haven't seen. I am sure Michael Weber will do a nice job with the annotations. If you are looking for the latest and greatest magic effects, you won't find them.

Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic

But there are some cool items in this book. Posted: Sep 7, pm. No word on whether there will be a cheaper unsigned edition. Worth every penny, mind you, and I'd still love to have it. They don't come up often, but if you watch carefully you should be able to buy a good copy from a reputable seller at a relatively reasonable price after months of careful looking. At least, that's how long it took me. Good luck! I agree with Silly Walter the Polar Bear. There are ideas, stunts, puzzles, and tricks with a variety of different objects.

Maybe because I bought it the first time around for much less. Posted: Nov 10, am. In my view, there's a lot fun in it but amazement Your mileage may vary. Posted: Nov 11, pm. Like the youngsters above I got my orange book in when it was published. It is here on my desk still after all these years because one day I'm going to have time to read it cover to cover. I'm still too young! Of what I have used of the content, it is practical. I really don't think young magicians will value it. It certainly is not the latest take of old re-named tricks. About the only change I have seen in magic in the last forty years is more use of color printing and full bleed printing in promotional materials.

Content seldom changes. It is not about a magic act. It is truly impromptu magic. The purpose it serves is a very real purpose if you are indeed sincere about impromptu magic. Those who have become used to the "contrived reality" available on TV today will not be impressed. Many of these items are bits rather than tricks. They were not intended to be linked into a routine. This is for those who like to entertain others. The other good news is that you can read two pages at a time and have something that you can use. It is a big heavy book. But he did not go for filler. Bob Sanders Magic By Sander.

Bob, I agree. I got mine about 15 years ago and am real glad I've got it. As mentioned, it's more bits and stunts instead of full blown effects laid out in routine fashion. If you can find one, get it. You'll be glad you did! Posted: Nov 20, pm. Most of the hardcover magic books have been very good investments. Cut square into two pieces, rearrange to get hole. Curved and 3-D Forms.

Discusses the possibilities of geometrical vanishes with 3-D shapes. Magic with Pure Numbers. The Curiosities of Peirce. History of mathematical card tricks, history of Charles Peirce's work. Tricks with Cards - Part One. The Missing Card. Method to clock the deck to find missing card. Variations Jordan's Method Charles T. Jordan , Martin Gardner , Jordan , Martin Gardner. Jordan's Method. Charles Jordan's method for clocking a deck, with a tip from Martin Gardner to use the raising of your fingers to help keep track of the clocking. Inspired by The Missing Card Unknown, The Mysteries of Seven.

Explains why the number nine has such weird properties. The Best in Magic. The Tit-Tat-Toe Trick. Packet of nine cards used to play tic-tac-toe with a spectator face up and down cards. Neale , Other Tricks of Interest. Calendar Memorizing. Bibliography and suggested reading list for memorizing calendars. Tapping the Hours. Spectator think of any hour on the clock, magician tap the clock at random points, eventually will end counting on the thought-of hour. Variation by Eddie Joseph using blank cards with words.

Die and Watch Mystery. Die is used to start counting clockwise and anticlockwise on a clock, count to thought-of number, the two hours are added together and magician can divine the number on the die. Tricks with Cards - Part Two. Magic With Common Objects. Chapter Intro. Topological Tomfoolery.

String and Rope. Chapter intro. Rubber Bands. Tricks With Special Equipment. Tapping the Hours but with names of different drinks in a clock shape. Tapping the Hours but with animal names in a clock shape. The Riddle Card. Tapping the Hours type of trick with a card with riddles.

The EASIEST No Setup Card Trick Will FOOL EVERYONE!

Geometrical Vanishes - Part 1. Cigar Vanish. The Dai Vernon Book of Magic. Johnston, F. Surprise Spelling. The Close-Up Magician.

The Bent Corner Prediction. Spectator names number up to 52, card there is predicted by performer. Inner Secrets of Card Magic. Routine Royal. More Natural. Spectator tears out matches from matchbook, performer uses number of matches to select card from seven-card packet, which is correctly predicted. Lorayne's Poker Deal. Close-up Card Magic. Knotty Problems. The Thirteenth Turn. For Magicians Only. Variable Magnetic Lie Detector. Magician's Magic. Fir Tree. Related to Fir You! Martin Gardner , Extra! Newspaper Magic. Martin Gardner on Afghan Bands. History on Mobius strips in magic.

Stock Holdout. Related to Stock Holdout Martin Gardner , Epilogue Issue 2. Related to More Monge Martin Gardner , Version of the 5x5 Problem. The Pallbearers Review Vol. Odd And Even Dice. The 3-Card Cycle. Epilogue Issue 3. More Monge. Epilogue Issue 4. Some Notes on the Rising Card Trick. Related to Martin Gardner, Jan. The Impromptu Close-up Card Rise.

Impromptu (Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic) (book) - Martin Gardner / Miracle | eBay

The Compleat Gamester. Related to p. Repeat Lie Speller. Two Chess Wagers. Epilogue Issue 5. Tantalizer type routine with cut-off packet, card predicted and one of same value is on top of discard pile, see also p.


All In A Row. The Compleat Gamester Addition. Build Down. Also published here Build Down Allan Slaight , Mutus Nomen. Martin Gardner , Jacob Daley , Martin Gardner. Daley's Card Thru Hank. Epilogue Issue Turnabout Coins. News Test. Electronic Cards. The Compleat Magick - Volume 1 Issue Paradox Papers. Hierophant Issue Tit For Tat. Cardboard Charades. The Missing Digit. Psychic Ring. Related to Release! Three Rings. Inspired by Psychic Ring Theodore Annemann , The Pad Spread. Card Cavalcade. Color Thot. Ring Sation. Kattner , Riffle Shuffle Set-Ups. A Betting Swindle. Magic Book. Martin Gardner.

Brush Gag. Related to Whisk Broom Nr. Thanks to Pepys King James Version. Drop Out. Alice's Key. Inspired by Al Thompson card effect. Gardner Vanish. Impromptu Levitation. With Magnets. Related to Magnetic Fork John Cornelius , Parity Bet. Times Two. Inspired by Watchistry Martin Gardner , Close-Up Mental Magic.

Color Scheme. Further Ideas. Inspired by Color Scheme Oscar Weigle , Slop Shuffle Separation. Related to Separating the Colors Unknown, Magnetic Fork. Fish Layout Puzzle. Coin to Cuff. On "Drop Out". Inspired by Drop Out Karl Fulves , Strange Bedfellows. The "Wink" Change. Also published here "Wink Change" Martin Gardner , The Mystic Word. Hyper Card. Half Doz. Magia en el Bar. Moneda que Gira Sin Tocarla. The Magic Tipper. He Does Tricks. Inspired by The Magic Tipper Unknown, Mathematical Carnival. Interlocutor Issue 3. The Kruskal Principle. Interlocutor Issue 6.


Optical Revolve. The Magic of Paul Harris. Self-Working Card Tricks. Ultra Coincidence. Opposites Attract. Penetrating Matches. Close-Up Folio 5. Holding Two As One Subtlety. The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic. Goldstein , Arthur Carter. Related to Synthetic Seconds Martin Gardner , The Green Book of Mentalism. Torn Corners. Solid Liquid. Inspired by Martin Gardner's "Science Puzzlers". The Chronicles Issue Martin Gardner vs.

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  • Encyclopedia Of Impromptu Magic by Martin Gardner.

Puthoff and Targ, on writing about psychic things. Interlocutor Issue Middle Deal Demonstration. Fred Braue on False Deals. Middle Deal Demonstration - Variation. Sports Of The Mind. The Chronicles Issue 1. To Spell the Truth. Lie speller, inspired by Martin Gardner. Loose Ends. The Chronicles Issue 2. Force Books. Mother Goose. Fibonacci Fantasy. Apocalypse Vol. Impossible Poker Demonstration.

The Book of John. Two Coin Vanishes. The Chronicles Issue 8. First Finger Grip. Martin Gardner's Ideas. The Chronicles Issue 9.

Sell Magic

Psychic Motors. Stopped Twice. Impromptu Opener. The Encyclopedia Of Impromptu Magic. Pabular Vol. Boiling Point.

Gardner's Aces. Variations Aces Martin Gardner , Inspired by Gardner's Aces Martin Gardner , The Forgetful Gambler. Jacks or Better. Hummer's Fortune Telling Book. Sansotera James E.