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Chertow Awarded Society Prize for Impacts on Field of Industrial Ecology

Over the past decade there have been extraordinary advances towards drought risk reduction with the development of new water-conserving technologies, and new tools for planning, vulnerability and impact assessment, mitigation, and policy.

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This new edition emphasizes the paradigm shift from managing disasters to managing risk, reflecting the global emphasis that has evolved in recent years, a new focus that shines light on preparedness strategies and the tools and methods that are essential in drought risk reduction. The book provides new relevant case studies that integrate this new approach and discusses examples applied in both developed and developing countries. You are here Home Book provides "fresh approaches" to tackling preparation for drought Publication Date: October 26, Over the past decade there have been extraordinary advances towards drought risk reduction with the development of new water-conserving technologies, and new tools for planning, vulnerability and impact assessment, mitigation, and policy.

Features Addresses the three pillars of an integrated approach to drought risk reduction: monitoring and early warning and information systems; vulnerability and impact assessment; and mitigation and response. Karen C. April 19, Scientists Brace for Potential Federal Research Cuts, Regulatory Shifts Federal funding has long played a key role in supporting scientific research to improve human health and the environment.

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But they are best known for their efforts to conserve mountain gorillas in Rwanda, a place where they still bring Yale students every year. Coal Market President Trump today ifted a moratorium on the federal coal leasing program, predicting that it will create new jobs and reduce U. The order will do neither, predicts Kenneth Gillingham, a Yale economics professor who has published extensive research on the program. Karen Seto.

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Siccama Lecturer in Environmental Field Studies, a new endowed position that emphasizes the teaching of field studies and ecology. William Lauenroth discusses the challenges facing the western drylands, the changes he has observed during four decades of research, and strategies that could help protect remnants of a vanishing U.

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  • Book provides "fresh approaches" to tackling preparation for drought.
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Emissions A new global assessment led by Yale researchers finds that warming will drive the loss of at least 55 trillion kilograms of carbon from the soil by mid-century, or about 17 percent more than the projected emissions due to human-related activities during that period. Carbon losses will be greatest in places that had largely been missing from previous research. November 22, Road Salt Can Change Sex Ratios in Frog Populations, Study Says Naturally occurring chemicals found in road salts commonly used to de-ice paved surfaces can alter the sex ratios in nearby frog populations, a phenomenon that could reduce the size and viability of species populations, according to a new study by scientists at Yale and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

October 27, City in Hot Water? Department of Energy. August 23, Study Reveals Surprising Role of Haze In the Warming of Chinese Cities A new Yale-led study suggests that regional variations may cause the phenomenon known as the urban heat island effect, and that the impacts of haze pollution in the U.

August 10, Health Risks from Wildfires in U.

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West as a consequence of climate change will expose tens of millions of Americans to high levels of air pollution in the coming decades, according to a new Yale-led study conducted with collaborators from Harvard. Justin Farrell. The award recognizes one faculty member annually who best exemplifies the role of mentor to postdoctoral trainees. May 19, Untangling the Hidden Linkages Between Urbanization and Food Systems In a new paper, Karen Seto makes the case that achieving food and environmental security in an era of rapid urbanization will require a better understanding of how urban and food systems are intertwined.

Environmental Protection Agency this week announced major funding for three major U. April 20, City, Corporate Actions are Crucial to Global Climate Response, Researchers Say The climate commitments made by cities, states, and corporations will play a critical part in achieving the promise of the Paris Climate Agrement.

A new Yale analysis says these responses must be tracked comprehensively so that policymakers can fully understand the role of non-state actors. March 23, Chertow Represents U. Marian Chertow this week is participating in a workshop of the G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency, an invitation-only gathering of international leaders that explores life cycle-related concepts in sustainable supply chain management. Study Puts a Price On Groundwater and Other Natural Capital A Yale-led research team has adapted traditional asset valuation approaches to measure the value of natural capital assets, linking economic measurements of ecosystem services with models of natural dynamics and human behavior.

February 1, Major Storm Events Play Key Role In Biogeochemistry of Watersheds A new Yale-led study finds that heavy weather events cause an inordinate amount of organic material to bypass headwater systems, pushing them downstream into larger rivers, coastal waters and inland basins — with profound implications for water quality through the watershed. September 30, Out of Their Comfort Zone: Students Merge Ecology and Design in Baltimore A Yale-led initiative recently allowed students to work closely with Baltimore leaders to integrate ecological experiments into local design projects — and move the city closer to environmental sustainability.

He has helped the emerging field of industrial ecology develop its identity and boundaries. But the total number of trees has plummeted by roughly 46 percent since the start of human civilization, the study estimates.

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May 12, Anastas Awarded Merck Prize for Pioneering Work in Green Chemistry Paul Anastas, a Yale professor and pioneer in the field of green chemistry, has been awarded the Emanuel Merck Lectureship, an international award that recognizes scientists who have made significant contributions to chemical and pharmaceutical research. The prize is named for Yale Professor Thomas E. Graedel in recognition of his vital contributions and pioneering work in the development of the field of industrial ecology.

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The competition is part of the first ever Entrepreneurship Across Yale event. January 22, Study Yields Surprising Insights into Global Effects of Wood Fuel Burning The harvesting of wood to meet the heating and cooking demands for billions of people worldwide has less of an impact on global forest loss and carbon dioxide CO2 emissions than previously believed, according to a new Yale-led study. Karen Seto, a team of scientists identifies the factors driving energy use in cities worldwide, providing critical new insights into how different types of cities can reduce energy use — and more effectively mitigate the effects of climate change.

Ultimately, its creators say it will be a sort of living almanac of forest resources worldwide for journalists and advocates, scientists and general readers. August 28, Yale Study Shows How Conversion Of Forests to Cropland Affected Climate The conversion of forests into cropland worldwide has triggered an atmospheric change that, while seldom considered in climate models, has had a net cooling effect on global temperatures, according to a new Yale study.

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Craig Brodersen has explored the fundamental relationships between plant structure and function, and how different species have adapted to utilize limited resources. Justin Farrell believes it often reflects much deeper cultural, moral, and spiritual questions. Liza Comita want to study tropical forests in the first place are the same things that can make it a rather daunting field of research. And they raised some of the questions she has been trying to answer during more than a decade as researcher and professor. While the courses will initially be open to Yale students only, the instructors intend to eventually make it available to a wider audience.