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Skip to main content. Customer reviews. Format: Kindle Edition Change. Write a review. See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Top positive review. Colin Flaherty deserves to be Time magazines man of the year for being a champion of truth in an age of ubiquitous deceit regarding the issue of black crime and black racism against whites. This book simply proves that blacks commit crimes way out of proportion to their population when compared to whites or asians or any other group.

This is the truth and if the politically correct elites in the media think stating this truth is racist i'm proud to be called a racist. One person found this helpful. Top critical review. This book could have been summarized in one chapter.

'Don't Make the Black Kids Angry' : The Hoax of Black Victimization and Those Who Enable It

Basically it is a list of black and white crimes and then details the people who ignore them. It is simple black teens are violent criminals and people pretend it doesn't happen or it was the fault of the victim. It would have been much better had the author interviewed the police and media and find out WHY they refuse to acknowledge the facts. Sort by. Top-rated Most recent Top-rated. Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars All formats Format: Kindle Edition All formats Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video.

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'Don't Make the Black Kids Angry': The hoax of black victimization a…

Don't dismiss it as just "some American problem" - what's happening is reflected in our greater society. Great book to inform the people of the reality of what is happening in America as opposed to what the mainstream media wants you to believe. Thank you Colin for your courage. Not a huge book reader but had to buy. Blew my mind. Colin flaherty is the man with the knowledge and guts to stand up for the truth. Very informative. TV coverage is very bias!

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It was well documented. Alan Dershowitz, Dr. Please check out all of the interviews in the Dangerous Thinkers podcast. I guarantee that they are worth your time.

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Never doubt me. He also tells us about being on the receiving end of some of that legendary leftist compassion and warmth, really warm, as in they set his car on fire! What You'll Learn by Listening Why you might want to think twice before taking public transportation in Chicago Why the latest Hollywood hit "Black Panther" may be the most racist movie since 's "Birth of a Nation" How Chicago spread its social pathology to Broward County probably leading to the murder of 17 people in Parkland, Florida.

How Warner's home was vandalized and his car was actually set on fire, probably by unhinged members of "the Resistance. Author and columnist Jack Cashill connects the dots between the Parkland Dead and Obama-era, race-based program designed to keep juvenile criminals from being incarcerted. What You'll Learn by Listening What was the actual reason that the Parkland school shooter never being arrested despite dozens of interactions with law enforcement? Who did Harvey Weinstein vow to target during his "apology" for his disgusting sexual harassment, a scapegoat so bizarre that even his Hollywood peeps thought it was over the top?

What's the real story behind Trayvon Martin and how he ended up killing George Zimmerman? Why is the corrupt media so determined to hide the truth about the "Promise Program? Why are their so many "conspiracies of concealment" v. What does he really think of Jimmy Kimmel on the rare occasions he does think about him?

  • Don't Make The Black Kids Angry: The Hoax Of Black Victimization And Those Who Enable It;
  • By Chuck Morse.

Which very successful TV star was very cool and good-natured when Sabo used his image in one of his satirical pieces? How would he respond to those who suggest that his street art is vandalism?

The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it. Interview w/ Colin Flaherty #black

What's it like to be someone in Hollywood who doesn't accept every tenet of the Left's orthodoxy? What does he have planned for the Oscars? Don Surber: Fake News Follies of Don Surber, author of Fake News Follies of , Trump the Press and Trump the Establishment explains how he was one of the few people to see what almost no one else did; specifically, that Donald J.

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Trump would win the presidential election. What explains it? Cuba is classic example of the danger of the cult of personality in politics, something that has afflicted Latin America Silvio's father said what happened in Cuba could never happen in America. Did he ever feel that his dad might be wrong about that? Are the democrats serious about wanting to solve the issue of illegal immigration, and why aren't they taking the great deal President Trump offered this on DACA?

What can we say to young people who seem cluelessly about the evils of socialism and communism? The stunning way that the Communist Chinese state-controlled media referred to Obama, which makes clear that they consider him a fellow communist How Obama's presidency was designed to support both the communist and Muslim enemies of the United States While Obama did tremendous damage with this foreign policy, his domestic cultural Marxist agenda was also extremely destructive Why it is impossible to be a "gay conservative" The tremendous importance of new media today. Key Points The surprising thing that people on the Left say about the president when they let their guards down Donald Trump communicates like no other president we've ever had Donald Trump is most temperamentally like a Hollywood star or Hollywood executive, and yet they act like he is completely foreign What is Donald Trump's secret weapon?

What about Bigly, enraged and horrified a writer at the New Yorker? Are liberals capable of having a sense of humor? Why did Rob and a good friend start Ricochet? He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.