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Project Based Learning: The use of project-based learning is a good way to help students prepare for their future by engaging in authentic work, exploring real-world issues and working with peers to come to a solution. By implementing HQPBL, students can work together to come up with ideas, to brainstorm and problem-solve. Each individual contributes through ongoing research, collaboration and conversation, some of which may occur outside of the classroom and even involve students and teachers from other schools.

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Hands-on activities: There are a lot of different learning possibilities that come down to simply using the traditional tools of paper, pencil, markers, and other classroom materials. Students are very creative and sometimes when given these basic materials and tasked to find a way to practice, they work together and come up with innovative ideas that move away from completing a worksheet or textbook activity or doing something that is already created online.

Creating a wall of discussion: Students need to be involved in class discussions, however, at times they may not feel comfortable speaking in front of their peers. For this reason, some of the digital tools available for having students share ideas, such as Padlet , are quite helpful for collaborating.

Online Collaboration and Communication Tools: Web

Students can post their ideas, even anonymously, share photos, videos, weblinks links or record audio to add to the collaborative space. Meaningful collaboration promotes the building of peer relationships, fosters peer interactions and by involving students in different discussions, it enables them to understand different perspectives, and to give and receive feedback.

During these collaborations, students not only become more skilled at working with their peers but also working with other adults besides their teacher, while developing their online presence and being responsible in the use of digital tools for learning.

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Take a moment to dream how your company can operate better through social collaboration. With immediate access to relevant and insightful information no matter where they are, employees are better equipped to make quick decisions and deliver outcomes that help the business grow. Social collaboration empowers employees to engage in a community that provides easier access to expertise and information, work together on onboarding activities, and receive support from subject- matter experts in other lines of business.

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By fostering an environment of continuous and shared learning, every worker can get the answers they need to perform their job well — even if it is their first day. Operating several contact centers in the Philippines for clients around the world, the Manila-based business has a very aggressive expansion plan.

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To nearly quadruple its workforce over five years, Shore needed to hire and onboard up to new hires each week. Even though onboarding is typically an expensive budget line item, Shore was able to keep costs down while getting new team members trained and producing quickly — typically within two weeks of being hired.

Education for a digital world (PDF on collaboration and social learning experiences)

Such savings bring new opportunities for reinvesting in the entire workforce. Will you support better skills development of your existing talent? Will you deliver more enticing compensation and benefits packages for the talent you want and need? It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany.

How Technology Can Encourage Student Collaboration

A collection of content-based chapters and case studies examining the pedagogical potential and realities of digital literacies in education. The book aims to examine a number of foundational aspects of Web 2. The thought-provoking edited collection represents one of the first serious attempts to examine how Web 2.

Contributors to the book bring a wide range of social theory to the task. And they apply this theory to examining incipient efforts to deploy Web 2. Chapters from and about Australia, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, South Africa, Spain, the UK, the US, and Venezuela result in a diverse international discussion that is not common in educational research, and this breadth helps us to better understand the relationship of theory to practice.