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Even when they are occasionally wrong. What policy to apply? Current experience is that humans raise the bar much higher for computers than for other humans.

Article: Data driven leadership: New imperative for the digital era

We might miss out on better living standards if we blindly continue this way. On the other side, human dignity needs to be protected too. A big brother taking decisions for citizens is a very unattractive vision. Finding the right balance is a task for us, people living in this day and age. It is upon our generation to determine how to use these new technologies for the good and define the right policies for it.

The 5 Secrets of Data Driven Decision Making

A great challenge. At least, I know one thing. It is not on me to judge what is fair and what not.

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Data-driven policymaking: what future do we want to create? Posted on: March 28, by Robin Zondag.

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Share this blog article. His aim is to make AI real for all businesses. Strongly believing in the disruptive power of digital Robin Zondag works with clients to change the way they interact with customers throughout the customer lifecycle, to adapt their business models and to transform the way they run their business operations.

He executes his job by cooperating with clients, Atos colleagues, Atos associates, large and small partners, and universities. Related articles. PAGES may be able to help if you are searching for long-term data on past climate and environment. Contact our Science Officer.

Process model for data-driven business model generation / The Design Society

Dates: Description Science globally is being transformed by new digital technologies. Important dates 1 February: Call for Session Proposals Released 1 April: Registration Open 15 April: Deadline for session proposals 30 April: Accepted session proposals notified; call for presentations and posters released. Barlow, Glenn A.

Milne, Jeremy D.