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Publication Timeline. Most widely held works about Aslan Alievich Maskhadov. Most widely held works by Aslan Alievich Maskhadov. Chechnya's secret wartime diplomacy : Aslan Maskhadov and the quest for a peaceful resolution by Ilyas Akhmadov 2 editions published in in English and held by 61 WorldCat member libraries worldwide For the first time in English, this volume makes available transcripts and commentary from the secret correspondence between former Chechen foreign minister Ilyas Akhmadov and Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov, who would be killed by the Russians during the second Chechen-Russian War in March Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments.

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We moved your item s to Saved for Later. There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Arguing that almost 90 percent of airtime is taken up by rebroadcasting of Russian programming, and that the predominance of the Russian programming undermines Kazakhstan's sovereignty, deputies decided after a heated debate that the volume of international programming retransmitted should be cut by 50 percent by and by 80 percent by Discussion of the amendments will continue this week.

Chechnya's Secret Wartime Diplomacy: Aslan Maskhadov and the Quest for a Peaceful Resolution

The perpetrators threw stones at Kusainova's apartment, breaking three windows, and daubed insulting and vulgar slogans on Qosanov' s door. Both Qosanov and Kusainova have received numerous anonymous telephone threats over the past week, warning that their lives will be at risk unless they abandon their political activities.

He said it is normal for individuals to "defend their dignity in court. He added that Kyrgyz Defense Minister Esen Topev's statement to Interfax on 17 March that there are now some 2, international terrorists in Tajikistan was intended to discredit his country. He added that the situation in Tavildara, where observers believe the IMU maintains a permanent presence, is "fully under control," and that the Tajik Interior Ministry is closely monitoring the situation there. Nazarov said Bishkek has not yet responded to a Tajik invitation to form a joint group to inspect the situation in the border region's of Tajikistan.

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At a meeting the previous day of the Defense Ministry board, officials noted that medical evaluations of draftees' health are frequently wrong. It is not clear whether the problem is incompetence, as a result of which young men who are physically unfit to serve are drafted into the army, or whether officials are accepting bribes to exempt healthy individuals from the draft.

The sentences are the most severe passed to date on members of Hizb ut-Tahrir, the agency noted. Interfax on 16 March quoted Abdullah as having assured his Uzbek counterpart Abdulaziz Kamilov that the Northern Alliance will take steps to drive Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan militants out of those areas of Afghanistan under its control. According to preliminary results from the Central Electoral Commission, turnout this time was Two deputies were elected on 18 March, while 22 candidates will compete for 11 legislative seats in the second round of the repeat elections. Uladzimir Hancharyk, head of the Trade Union Federation of Belarus FTUB , told journalists on 16 March that authorities intend to break up the federation before this year's presidential elections, Belapan reported.

He said the authorities are carrying out a "vigorous trade union reform" that boils down to persuading workers to defect from industrial unions, which form the FTUB, and join new trade union organizations controlled by factory management and the government. Hancharyk added that workers of Integral and the Belarusian Steel Works, two major plants in Minsk, have already quit the federation.

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The Presidential Administration Office said it has no information about Kravchenko's sacking. Kuchma is currently on a short vacation in the Crimean peninsula. Kravchenko's ouster is one of the key demands of the "Ukraine Without Kuchma" movement. Kuchma's opponents blame Kravchenko for the murder of independent journalist Heorhiy Gongadze. Meanwhile, according to an official report, Kuchma appointed Mykola Humynskyy as deputy head of the Security Service and Serhiy Kyslov as deputy head of the State Protection Directorate. Yushchenko added that he does not believe President Kuchma ordered Gongadze to be killed.

It would be a tragedy for me," Yushchenko said. The challenge for Ukraine's authorities is to give the people confidence that they can express dissent without fear of violent repression.

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Peaceful action is also very important on the part of demonstrators and restraint is also required [on their part]," AP quoted Pascual as saying. The fund is aimed at improving the legal, administrative and tax environment for Ukrainian media, expanding the use of the Internet, improving professional standards among journalists, and providing direct grant support for Ukrainian media and nongovernmental organizations.

Protesters demanded the resignation of President Kuchma and Prime Minister Yushchenko, as well as forging closer ties between Ukraine and Russia. Some people participated in a similar rally in Dnipropetrovsk the same day, Interfax reported. Meanwhile, Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko told a 17 March conference of lawmakers from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia that only a union of those three countries will help Ukraine "overcome the misery which we find ourselves in and avoid new threats. They affirmed that the referendum must be kept apart from parliamentary and local municipalities' election campaigns, but could not decide on whether the constitution would have to be amended after accession.

Estonia hopes to complete the talks early next year and the Pro Patria Union has suggested that the referendum be held in the summer of The meeting also agreed that the amount of information given to the population concerning EU membership should be increased. The Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party, which won 14 of the 60 seats in the council, signed a cooperation agreement that day with the Prosperity Party, which won two seats.

The congress did not admit 54 delegates from the Kaunas region, two of whose leaders the party's council had dismissed last month after they severely criticized the activities of Karbauskis. The National Democratic Party congress held in Kaunas the same day elected former parliament deputy Kazimieras Uoka as its chairman.

Book Review: 'Chechnya's Secret Wartime Diplomacy' by Ilyas Akhmadov and Nicholas Daniloff

Buzek commented that the SKL's decision is not good "for the building of unity and force of the Polish right-wing. The visit followed one to India between 11 and 15 March. Zeman said his government backs the South Korean president's policy of reconciliation with North Korea. He also said Czech foreign policy opposes as "ineffective" the use of blockades as instruments in bringing about democratic change in nondemocratic countries, and is therefore also against the use of sanctions against North Korea. Zeman said there is no difference between Prague's position against the use of sanctions against Cuba and their use against North Korea.

Foreign Minister Jan Kavan on 16 March blamed the Czech opposition for the difficulties being encountered in mobilizing support for the Czech draft of the resolution condemning human rights abuses in Cuba concurrently with criticizing sanctions against that country. Kavan told journalists that the opposition has called the attention of the media to the latter aspect, and this, in turn "narrows the room for maneuver" in support of the resolution to be submitted to the UN Commission for Human Rights in Geneva this week, CTK reported.

The plant was shut down on 8 March to repair regulatory valves that were causing vibrations in the main turbine generator. Plant spokesman Milan Nebesar said the four valves had been fixed and the reactor's output will be gradually increased to 55 percent later this week, aiming to reach full capacity in late June, one month behind the original schedule.

The spokesman said that in contrast with the past, when the anarchists contented themselves with shouting antiracist slogans, they now start fights with both their ideological opponents and police. Truska said that the "bloody battle" between anarchists and skinheads during the anti-IMF demonstrations in September "shows that such clashes must not be underestimated" and that anarchist groups may be "a threat not only to the public, but also to police. Yilmaz said Turkey intends to gradually eliminate shortcomings in the respect of human rights, for which it has often been criticized by the EU.

He said Turkey will soon submit to the EU a program envisaging the elimination of these shortcomings some immediately, and some over the longer term. Hamzik and Yilmaz agreed that the free movement of labor in the EU must not be discriminatory. On his return from Brussels, Pittner told journalists that Slovakia needs more help from the EU to cope with the problems of its Romany minority.

The Establishment of the Caucasus Emirate

Pittner said that during the meeting in Brussels of interior ministers from EU and candidate countries, he had proposed the involvement of intelligence services in the struggle against illegal immigration. FKGP parliamentary group leader Peter Szentgyorgyvolgyi told the daily "Vilaggazdasag" that he does not believe Torgyan's trips to the provinces are beneficial to the party. Fodor said Hungary had made commitments to NATO regarding the number of flight hours and in future such "unrealistic commitments" will have to be "reworded.

The activities of the consulate will encompass the entire area of the Vojvodina province, and its top priority will be to promote economic cooperation and foster relations with ethnic Hungarians from the region, Foreign Ministry spokesman Gabor Horvath told reporters. Robertson said that there is "no question" of extending KFOR's mandate from Kosova into Macedonia, but promised to send an additional unspecified number of troops to help close smuggling and supply routes along the Kosova-Macedonian frontier. Kerim stressed that his government will be able to handle the situation once KFOR cuts the supply routes.

He added that "Those responsible for this violence are inflicting serious damage to the interests and the image of ethnic Albanians in the whole region, and they should stop and they should stop now. Russian President Putin told a government meeting in Moscow on 19 March that the situation in Macedonia is "out of control," dpa reported. He argued that "first the Albanian separatists were given arms, then today no one knows how to deal with them.

Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, acting as EU chair, said that "it is extraordinarily important that all actors such as KFOR, the EU, and the OSCE are now cooperating and coordinating our efforts so that we will be able to make the borders more secure and [do] whatever we can do to stop the violence. He praised Yugoslavia's role in the conflict, but blamed Western countries, particularly the U.

He stressed that the "Western democracies" have willy-nilly helped "create a new Taliban" in Europe. Georgievski said that the Macedonian military is constantly receiving fresh arms and ammunition from abroad but did not elaborate. He added that the government forces will win, and that Macedonians and Albanians will continue to live together "as we have to. The government previously claimed to have the situation in the north under control.

Around Tetovo, the UCK appears to be holding its own and even to have captured an additional strategic position despite earlier government reports of success against the guerrillas. Reuters reported that army units as well as police are involved in fighting the UCK. The army is a conscript force up to 40 percent Albanian in make-up, whereas the police are a more highly trained professional body. The authorities have imposed a nighttime curfew in Tetovo and announced a mobilization of army reservists.

They chanted anti-government slogans. President Boris Trajkovski told them on 17 March to go home and live with their neighbors in peace. He reassured them that Tetovo was, and is, a Macedonian town. The protests took place in front of the parliament, which held a two-day session to discuss the crisis. A parliamentary resolution called for a "dialogue with the relevant political subjects" and state bodies, dpa reported. The resolution also called on NATO to secure the border with Kosova, but stressed that Macedonia does not need military intervention from neighboring countries.

The BBC reporter did not confirm those figures but added that the UCK's forces have "increased dramatically" recently. The UCK also urged Albanian members of the police to desert to the guerrillas with their arms. In Tetovo, ethnic Albanian police chief Rauf Ramadani said that his men are professionals and will not heed the UCK's call, dpa reported. The veteran Albanian leader, who is clearly in declining health, stressed that "the situation calls for the opening of a dialogue between the two peoples on the mode of co-existence.

I hope that both the Macedonian government and the foreign powers will try to launch this dialogue that will benefit all. Nobody will lose. He said that the way out of "the war" in Macedonia is through an "international organization," namely one with "more weight" than a "purely political one, like the OSCE," the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reported. Rugova also called for sending international peacekeepers to Macedonia.

He warned that the conflict in Macedonia and crisis in Presevo could have a destabilizing effect on Kosova.