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Ender's Game

Easton Press Masterpieces of Science Fiction. Science Fiction Book Club. Heyne Meisterwerke der Science Fiction. Galaxy Scifi. Ender Wiggin. Valentine Wiggin. Petra Arkanian. Achilles de Flandres. Hyrum Graff. Mazer Rackham. Dink Meeker. John Paul Wiggin. The Hive Queen. Jane the A. Carn Carby. Rena Delgado. Lem Jukes. Ukko Jukes. Wit O'Toole. Theresa Wiggin. Victor Delgado.

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Bonzo Madrid. Andrew Wiggins. Patrick Chubs. Valentine Wiggins. Peter Wiggins.

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Filippus "Flip" Rietveld. Habit Morgan. Champi T'it'u. Zeck Morgan. Zechariah "Zeck" Morgan. Allesandra Toscano. Arkanian Delphiki. Chubbs Simmons. Kim Arnsbauch. Xenocide 4.

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Children of the Mind Then came the spin-offs. Ender's Shadow is based on a character in Ender's Game. Ender's Shadow Series: 1. Ender's Shadow 2. Shadow of the Hegemon 3. Shadow Puppets 4.

If someone were to read this book, they should read last, after both Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow Series for it has spoilers. Ender's Game is the best book out of all, but Ender's Shadow Series is the better series. There are rumors of other books to wrap them all up together.

Shadow in Flight will be the next book to come along maybe and then there's also a new rumor for a book called Shadows Alive. Rob B , Oct 21, Andols, you rock. And your avatar rocks. I'd add some unlisted works by some of these authors. All of Banks' Culture books are pretty epic. David Zindell's follow-up trilogy to Neverness is equally epic. Cherryh's Downbelow Station and Cyteen should be on here.

Poul Anderson and John Scalzi each have decidedly more than one epic book to their name! Other authors I'd add to this list include: E.

speaker for the dead

Doc Smith!!!!! I would say Banks' new novel surface detail really fits the bill for epic Space opera. There are some pretty amazing 'god damn' moments in it.

Welcome to my reading list!

Ash , Oct 21, Nice list You may want to add some of Alastair Reynolds' stuff although he doesn't seem to be talked about as much as a decade ago and he hasn't quite written his 5 star book yet. Last edited: Oct 22, Andols , Oct 22, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?