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He has edited or co-edited six other books, including editions of W. The only regiment to be entirely commanded by blacks and headquartered at the only black armory in the U. A People and A Nation, first published in , was the first major textbook in the United States to fully integrate social Blight , Carol Sheri f f , Howard P. She is the author, most recently, of America's Army Her other publications include From Front Porch to Back Seat: Courtship in 20th Century America , a historical analysis of conventions governing the courtship of heterosexual youth; The First The authors' attention to race and racial identity, and their inclusion of everyday people and popular culture brings history to life, engaging readers and encouraging them to imagine what life was really like in the past.

In the tenth edition, the number of chapters has been reduced from 33 to Blight, Howard Chudacoff, Fredrik Logevall The Artificial River reveals the human dimension of the story of the Erie Canal. Carol Sheriff's extensive, innovative archival research shows the varied responses of ordinary people-farmers, businessmen, government officials, tourists, workers-to this major environmental, social, and cultural transformation in the ear Katzman , David W.

Good, easy to listen to , Didn't attempt to dramatize the book which is a good thing. After research. It seems to be Davidson. The title and career of Goldschmidt deserves better than to allow real work be skewed by a radical political agenda. Too bad. The addition of political analysis towards the end was an obvious attempt to promote a political agenda. The book played fast was facts and literary license glossing over many contributing factors in the U. Discard the last 1.

A People and a Nation

If you want to learn about the roots and developments of the current political situation in the Middle East, from Iran to Egypt, this is where you can find out. It is an up-to-date, authoritative textbook for a foundation course, read out completely verbatim. This is not an audiobook to attempt to whizz through non-stop; I listened to several sections more than once in order to absorb the information, but I was keen to do so because I learned so much from the book. Its structure facilitates understanding, with clear sectional headings and summaries of each chapter.

Probably the most informative sections are those on the birth and earliest years of Islam, and those on the late 19th and early 20th century. It may well be worthwhile complementing the audiobook with reference to online information, eg from Wikipedia, as the lack of maps or other visual aids is a bit of a drawback.

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However, I would never have found the time to read all through the text versions of the book, whereas taking it steadily on my iPod I have been totally committed and absorbed in my listening. I have finished it now but fully intend to go back again to several sections. I fully recommend this. What did you like least? I think the material might good but the narration was so flat and boring I had to keep replaying sections as I couldn't pay attention.

I've given the story and overall ratings as 3 stars to give it the benefit of the doubt and would recommend trying this as a book instead of audiobook. I listened to this book at night as it genuinely sent me to sleep. Why or why not? Friends who had heard it playing in the background commented on how boring the narrator sounded. Who might you have cast as narrator instead of Tom Weiner? Anna Massey would have been superb. Mark Elstob or Maggie Mash would also have been good. They all give performances with enough emotional inflection to bring the subject to life but not so much that they become distracting or overly dramatic.

I wish I'd listened to this quickly enough after purchasing to get a refund. Waste of time and money for me. It did teach a lesson which is to listen to the whole of the audio sample audible provide. I tend to just listen to a minute at most to ensure I don't find the narrator annoying or distracting. If I'd listened longer I would have realised how boring it was and not bought it.

Interesting account of the middle easts path to the present, feels slightly biased in favour of the culture and beliefs of the islamic societies of these areas but not to extent that it feels skewed or dishonest.

A People and a Nation: A History of the United States, Volume II: Since 1865, 9th Edition

No doubt that western intervention hasnt exactly helped encourage good relations between these nations and the west but its clear the area wouldnt have been a bastion of peace and calm even without our meddling. Still enjoyable even though, in my opinion most america narrators seem to lack the emotion, intonation and ability to deliver the goods with the same style that most english narrators iv listened to manage. I found this a most informative and enlightening book. It has given me a clearer understanding about Middle East problems, and of the hopes, fears, concerns and desires of its peoples.

However, we live in hope that the Arab-Israeli conflict will one day be resolved.

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A bit too long and too complicated for audiobook. I lost the plot several times. I would simplify it and most of all add references to remind reader about earlier events that leaded to discussed problem or repeated certain important dates and give the summary at each chapter. I feel like I need to buy printed book now and read it again, seeing maps and hopefully time lines that allow better understanding for paper book reader. This has to be one of the most important written history of the Middle East books ever written.

Simply outstanding in its content and analysis. The authors have succeeded in turning one of the world's most extraordinary historical stories into a morbidly tedious, arid experience. The lacklustre, lumpen, sub-Wikipedia-style writing isn't helped at all by the narration, which could have come straight out of a s public service announcement about plumbing. It's all horribly old fashioned, and not in a good way.

Deeply disappointing. In comparison with lapidus, this is brief but to the point. A very important book in current context and something that everyone owes it to themselves and to our times to educate themselves about. Would you recommend this book to a friend?

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I was about to give up listening to it in the beginning as the start was bias and not researched , but I continued to listen as I was traveling and found that past the first chapter It was over all a good listen. Generally going over a very complex long history he did a fairly good job. Did Tom Weiner do a good job differentiating each of the characters?

It was a bit monotonous at times but over all ok. If this book were a film would you go see it? Yes if the author improve the first chapter of his book. I wished the author would have laboured a bit more on his research on the early life of Islam and the important people of that age. As what happened soon after the death of Prophet Mohammed pbuh and the events that shaped Islam in its present form were all imbedded in the history of the first 75 years which he skimmed. Clear and well structured. Informative and interesting.

A big Thank you to the author and the narrator! Will listen to it again. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Arthur Goldschmidt Jr. Narrated by: Tom Weiner. Length: 18 hrs and 10 mins. Categories: History , World. People who bought this also bought Gallagher Length: 24 hrs and 37 mins Original Recording Overall. Bacevich Length: 15 hrs and 7 mins Unabridged Overall.

Noble Length: 24 hrs and 51 mins Original Recording Overall. Publisher's Summary The ninth edition of this widely acclaimed text has been extensively revised to reflect the latest scholarship and the most recent events in the Middle East. Is there commercial intent?

Are there ads? Currency When was the source published or updated? Is there a date shown? Does the publication date make sense in relation to the information presented to your argument? Does the source even have a date? Reproduced Was it reproduced? If so, from where?

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If it was reproduced, was it done so with permission? In what context? Relevance Is the content relevant to your thesis statement? Is the tone academic, casual, etc.

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