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A classic of oral history, these interviews with the inhabitants of a Suffolk village must have felt like the last glimpse of a passing way of life even when the book was first published in The book has that wonderful quality—reminiscent of Studs Terkel—of seeming like unedited verbatim transcription while clearly being the result of carefully crafted selection.

Which do you think are the most surprising portraits? But perhaps the more surprising interviews are those with the younger generation, those in their 20s and 30s, who talk—even in —as though they will spend their lives farming in the same ways as their parents and grandparents.

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A new and important novel by another very talented young British writer, All Among the Barley is set in the s—in a time when much was changing and history was building up on the horizon, and fascist ideas were leaking into the mainstream—but has an awful lot to tell us about our present moment.

Her rural setting, with the Great War just behind, nationalism rising, and farm work to be done every day, is intriguing. As is her use of an outsider. How important do you think her narrative approach and use of atmosphere are is in making this novel work? JM: The slightly unreliable child narrator is not a new device—I was reminded in places of L. As well as the naivete of young adolescence, the gradual intensifying of mania and psychosis is very carefully drawn: the reader is always inside that experience, and yet able—eventually—to see it for what it is.

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A Tale of Two Villages

Graphic Novels. Wikipedia lists almost 40 book towns. Only cities and villages that had notified the movement have been added to the directory. Hay-on-Wye is widely considered as the first book town in the world, established in The list below includes a selection of the most attractive book towns. We were trying to find the pictures that describe in a best possible way how books became a vital part of towns and their communities.

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Each description includes distance from major cities and airports so that you can easier plan your trip. And add a couple of pictures. Thank you! The town is a home to inhabitants and 12 secondhand and antique bookshops. Bookshops specialize in used and rare books.

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In El 7 bookshop you can find a large collection of books about bullfighting. Location: kilometers northwest of Madrid. The town has inhabitants and as much as 15 bookshops. Plus there are a few art galleries and bookish cafes. The history of this place dates back to 12th century when Alain de Dinan built the fort.

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The first book festival took place in and became an annual event organized in spring around Easter. Location: 35 kilometers northwest of Rennes. Closest airport: Rennes—Saint-Jacques Airport. Hay-on-Wye is a picturesque town located on the Welsh-English border.

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With just 1, inhabitants, Hay-on-Wye accommodates several bookshops, although their number has decreased in the recent years, many becoming general antique shops. Hay-on-Wye is said to be the oldest book town in the world. Since that time its audience has grown from 1, to over , visitors. Location: 3 hours by car from London, 1. Nearest major airport: Bristol. Several shops offer English-language books. Most of them can be found around the crossing of Yasukuni and Hakusan streets. Bookshops and cafes followed soon.

By s, the district attracted many students and people with higher education and became the home of liberal thinking. Among the bookshops worth visiting are: At Wonder the one with open-air bookshelves , Bunken Shoin, and Yaguchi Bookstore.

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The village is famous for the book festival. The festival brings together about exhibitors used bookstores, publishers, authors, literary agents and 15, visitors. The book festival is the biggest literary attraction of Saint-Pierre-de-Clages, but you can visit this beautiful book village any time. For instance, you can join Literary Saturdays every week. There are ten bookshops located around the main square, offering a wide range of titles from rare used books, to new editions covering several topics. Location: kilometers east of Geneva 1. It was named The Norwegian Book Town in Antique and used books stores are located in abandoned buildings, from ferry waiting rooms, grocery stores, banks, to post office.

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In total, Mundal book town offers to visitors about 2. Bookshops are open from 10 am to 6 pm every day from May to September. Location: kilometers northeast of Bergen. Redu is a small village inhabitants in the Ardennes, Belgium. Currently, there are as much as 24 bookshops in Redu, offering used and antique books and comic books. Add to if cafes, restaurants, and craftsmen. Location: kilometers southeast of Brussels. Closest airport: Brussels South Charleroi.

Location: 85 kilometeres north of Lisbon minute drive. The closest airport: Lisbon Portela Airport. Bredevoort is a delightful medieval city in the municipality of Aalten, the Netherlands. The earliest document that mentions the existence of the habitat comes from The town is inhabited by 1, people. It was named the National Book Town in , in an effort to bring the historic center back to life.

Nowadays Bredevoort houses about 20 antique and used bookshops. They are open from Tuesday to Saturday and on Sunday afternoons. There are ten bookshops in Wigtown, offering well over , books.