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These rebellions also occurred a lot more frequently in the Caribbean and South America, where slaves often outnumbered their owners. The largest slave rebellion occurred in San Domingue. This led to the creation of the independent state of Haiti in Haiti was the first nation to abolish slavery, 30 years before Great Britain.

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  4. Slave Rebellions.
  5. More than 500 slaves fought for their freedom in this oft-overlooked rebellion.
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  8. Haiti was no small loss to the French, either. It was the most profitable island in the Americas.

    The success of the Haitian rebellion led to an increase in rebellions across the Caribbean, including the Baptist War , or Christmas Day rebellion, in Jamaica in , which involved 60, rebels. When the governor and slave owners of Jamaica saw how the slaves preferred death to a lifetime of slavery, it became clear that the clock was ticking on the legality of the slave trade.

    Sunken slave ship's artifacts due for historic display at Smithsonian museum

    But to think of these people dismantling slavery all by their lonesome is unjust. A chronicle of the work of the abolitionists, the slave uprising that put pressure on the government, and the work of the underground railroad. An in-depth account of the Haitian revolution and how Haiti became the first independent country in the Caribbean following European rule. A two-volume graphic novel depicting the most famous slave uprising in America by acclaimed author and illustrator Kyle Baker.

    Slave rebellions

    Trigger warning: it is very violent. A fictional telling of the slave uprising on the Caribbean island of Saint John under Danish rule. Based on true events. A detailed account of all the known instances of slave resistance and rebellion throughout the slave trade. Listen Shop Insiders.

    Did African-American Slaves Rebel?

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    From the Federal Judicial Center. Amistad Revolt: Struggle for Freedom, The Includes biographical sketches of Sierra Leonean survivors of the revolt aboard the slave ship Amistad, and information from associated court trials within the U. A free ebook compiled by John W. Barber, available via Northwestern University.

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    Haitian Revolution , The Addresses many aspects of how France's most wealthy colony revolted and became known as the first independent Black nation. A free ebook by T. Steward available in many options via Internet Archive.