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Spelling Lists. Chapter Books. Social Studies. Teacher Helpers. Pre-K and Kindergarten. Worksheet Generator. Fill in the correct subject or predicate from the word box; Easier for grades View PDF. Students color, cut and glue in this grammar activity; Hands-on way of learning about subjects and predicates. Subjects and Predicates Worksheet A.

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Draw a line under the complete subject; Draw two lines under the complete predicate. Subject and Predicate Worksheet D. Subject and Predicate Worksheet E.

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Tell whether each group of words is a subject or predicate. Then use each group of words in a sentence. Simple Subjects and Predicates. Predication as a thematic relation. Interpretation The meaning of Be Agentivity effects with be in small clauses.

1. What is a Predicate?

We've mentioned objects a couple times now. Each time, we've directed them back toward the verb. So, let's take a closer look at these parts of the sentence. Unlike predicates, an object is not essential. Predicates are an essential part of a sentence because they contain verbs.

Objects, however, provide further information that isn't necessarily required.

They are helpful, though, because they further explain the action of the verb. Once you see a few examples, it'll all come together. Katherine walked her dog. Here, "Katherine" is the subject and "walked" is the verb. But, Katherine walked what? The answer is "her dog. This sentence didn't simply read "Katherine walked. They ran to the playground. In this sentence, "They" is the subject.


But, for more information, we learn where they ran. That is, "to the playground," making it the object of the verb. With gratitude, I opened the present and shimmered with joy. Don't be fooled by the added components in this sentence: "With gratitude" is simply an opening clause, "and shimmered with joy" is added detail. What was opened? I lit the candles. In this sentence, "I" is the subject.

What was lit? Sharon and Patrick walked their dogs together. In this example, "Sharon and Patrick" are the subject of the sentence. But what was walked? There are two types of objects: direct objects and indirect objects. Each example above contained a direct object. It answered the question "who" or "what" was carrying out the action of the verb. It's important to understand indirect objects, as well.


Let's look at two examples. I sent my mom a postcard from Paris. Here, "I" is the subject and "sent" is the verb. Sent what?

Predicate (grammar) - Wikipedia

But, who received the postcard? Emma gave me her gift card. In this example, "Emma" is the subject and "gave" is the verb. Gave what? It's useful to know that verbs point back to subjects, predicates encompass verbs, and objects point back to verbs. Understanding what we write and how to use each part of speech will make us more powerful writers. Now you can see that a sentence is a multi-faceted thing, containing several useful components.

This is why diagramming sentences is so powerful.