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The results shed light on the tradeoff between hover time and quality-of-service in UAV-based wireless networks. For performance evaluation, this dissertation provides a comprehensive analysis on the performance of a UAV-based communication system in coexistence with a terrestrial network. In particular, a tractable analytical framework is proposed for analyzing the coverage and rate performance of a network with a UAV base station and deviceto-device D2D users. The results reveal the fundamental tradeoffs in such a UAV-D2D network that allow adopting appropriate system design parameters.

Then, this dissertation sheds light on the design of three new drone-enabled wireless systems.

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First, a novel framework for effective use of cache-enabled UAVs in wireless networks is developed. Second, a new framework is proposed for deploying and operating a drone-based antenna array system that delivers wireless service to ground users within a minimum time.

Wireless Communications with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The results show significant enhancement in QoS, spectral and energy efficiency while levering the proposed drone antenna array system. Finally, to effectively incorporate various use cases of drones ranging from aerial users to base stations, the new concept of a fully-fledged 3D cellular network is introduced.

Energy Efficiency Optimization and Resource Allocation in Wireless Communication Systems | EURASIP

For this new type of 3D wireless network, a unified framework for deployment, network planning, and performance optimization is developed that yields a maximum coverage and minimum latency in the network. In a nutshell, the analytical foundations and frameworks presented in this dissertation provide key guidelines for effective design and operation of UAV-based wireless communication systems.

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    Optimization Techniques in Resource allocation of Wireless Communication Systems

    Manuscripts should conform to the standard format as indicated in the Information for Authors section of the Paper Submission Guidelines. All manuscripts to be considered for publication must be submitted by the deadline through Manuscript Central. Victor C. Cart 0 Create Account Sign In. Publication Date June Manuscript Submission Deadline 30 August Call for Papers With the rapid development of wireless communication and networking technologies, novel information services and applications are expanding globally. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following areas: Architecture and infrastructure for cognitive wireless communications Data analytics and behavior prediction for cognitive wireless communications Machine learning, strong AI and other innovative approaches for cognitive wireless communications and networking Context-aware, emotion-aware, and other novel wireless communications and networking services based on AI and cognitive computing AI and cognitive computing for the optimization of wireless communication systems Multi-modal information fusion, contextual data management and in-depth knowledge discovery for cognitive wireless communications AI-oriented intelligent wireless communications and networking design, including vehicular communications, cache-enabled networks and software defined networks, etc.

    AI-based testbed and performance evaluation for wireless communications and networking AI and cognitive computing for the 5th generation mobile network 5G resource management in terms of communication and computation resources, spectrum usage and energy supply, etc.