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Measure for Measure

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Overall Summary

Load More Performances. The basic plot which Shakespeare employed in Measure for Measure was not new to that play. Its ultimate source was a historical incident supposed to have occurred near Milan in A young wife prostituted herself to save her condemned husband. The magistrate who had forced the woman to yield to him proceeded to execute her husband.

He was eventually made to marry the widow and was then put to death himself for his crime against her. This incident was probably the basis of a story by Giraldi Cinthio, published in as the eighty-fifth novel in his Hecatommithi. The same plot was also put to use in Cinthio's Epitia, a dramatic version which appeared in , some ten years after the death of its author.

In , after Cinthio's death, but before the publication of his dramatic version, George Whetstone, an English dramatist, wrote his Promos and Cassandra, using Cinthio as his source. The play was never performed, but a story based on it was included in , as a tale in Whetstone's Heptameron of Civill Discourses. Shakespeare probably was aware of all four of Cinthio's and Whetstone's versions of the basic plot. He may also have known of the original true incident and of other similar, supposed historic situations on record.

However, Shakespeare departed from his sources in several areas.

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  • Measure for Measure.
  • How It All Goes Down.

In considering Measure for Measure, it is important to be aware of the source versions and the changes Shakespeare made in adapting the plot for his own purposes. In Cinthio's first version, Epitia is the sister of a young man condemned to death for the crime of rape. Juriste promises to pardon him if she will submit her body to him. She does, but Juriste has her brother executed anyway and cruelly sends her the body. She appeals to the emperor, who forces Juriste to marry her and then condemns him to death.

Epitia begs for his life, and he is pardoned. In Cinthio's later drama, a surprise ending is added. The Captain of Justice comes forward in the last act to inform Epitia that he spared her brother's life, sending her a substitute body. Having formerly refused to plead for her husband, she now begs for and is granted his pardon.

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In Whetstone's version, the heroine is Cassandra, whose brother Andrugio is condemned to death for seduction rather than rape. She sacrifices her virginity to the demands of Promos, who breaks his promise of pardon for Andrugio, sending her his head. Cassandra takes her case to the king, who forces Promos to marry her and then condemns him to death.

It is now learned that the jailer has spared Andrugio, substituting the head of another.

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When her brother is restored to her, Cassandra pleads for Promos's life, which the king spares. In Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, Isabella's brother Claudio is condemned for getting his beloved with child. Isabella begs Angelo for his life, and he promises to spare her brother if she will yield to his desires. She refuses, but through the machinations of the disguised duke, Mariana takes her place in Angelo's bed. Convinced that he has lain with Isabella, he nevertheless orders the execution of her brother and asks that the head be sent to him as evidence.

The duke persuades the Provost to save Claudio, substituting the head of another.