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Linguistics in a Systemic Perspective

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Following Goldberg, we may identify these constructions:. According to Goldberg, "Constructions which correspond to basic sentence types encode as their central senses event types that are basic to human experience".

Language And Reality Selected Writings Of Sydney Lamb Sydney Lamb

Another basic construction has very broad scope: the actor-action construction so-called by Bloomfield Narrowing the scope, consider the "way" construction, as in "he dug his way out of prison" and "she fought her way into the room". Consider also the expression "whether Californians can conserve their way out of the [energy] crisis", in which "way" is not construed as a patient to be conserved but as an element in a construction. A vernacular-acquiring child may be presumed to start with a specific instance, say "push it away" or "push it off", acquired first as a lexeme, and then to make it mutable by substituting other constituents for one of these three.

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  • Later, he substitutes also for another consituent, and then for the third. At that point all three constituents have become variable, making the mutable lexeme a construction.

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    Construction in neurocognitive linguistics From Glottopedia. Jump to: navigation , search. Comments We have as examples the "argument structure constructions" treated by Adele Goldberg