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Holographic visions : a history of new science, Sean F. Johnston, (electronic resource)

The world's first 3D digital embossed hologram Z and the world's first 3D digital reflection hologram Triceratops.

Holographic Visions: A History of New Science

Known as the Lightgate B system it was also the fastest dot matrix hologram recording system of its time. Over 40 Lightgate systems have been sold world-wide. Munday was later told by StereoGraphics Corporation that this may well have been the world's first multi-camera parallax video recording system and subsequently the world's first live parallax video recording. Munday commented that the resulting 3D video, a short clip of a theatre play showing a female actress centre stage, was as near to emulating the famous Star War's Princess Leah hologram as had been achieved to that point. In order to create the best possible portrait, from both an artistic and technical point of view, Munday designed and built the VIP Video Images with Parallax camera system.

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The technique involves modulating the pixels of a digital dot matrix holographic optical element array using conventional ink so as to produce a tonal 3D holographic stereogram. A high security, super high resolution and fast digital hologram mastering system that utilises the technique of photo-microlithography. Johnston - Oxford University Press.

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Fast Track by Rob Munday. The Fast Track system is a component of Rob's high speed digital hologram mastering system which enables the extremely rapid recording of digital holograms. The Hydra is a unique multiple camera system for the capture of parallax image sequences.

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  • The world's largest format and fastest digital hologram design and mastering system enabling the creation of large format single image digital holograms and seamless holographic patterns. The Roppongi Hills Xen Restaurant waterfall hologram display, Tokyo, Japan - three large format laser illuminated holograms and a real waterfall which together form a unique architectural installation. Promotional display for Thomas Cook - a full colour, computer generated, large format holographic display.

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    Other Works. Johnston's knowledge of all these subcultures is simply amazing——for instance when the author gives details the evolution of the hologram. Johnston is an excellent storyteller, however, and he always avoids the danger of information overkill. On the one hand, the author gives a good overview of the place of the hologram in the progressive invention and social use of visual technologies.

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    On the other hand, he also stresses the great variety of functions these technologies have always had in the broader social field outside the laboratory: reproduction, exhilaration, education, emulation, entertainment, and the display of progress—definitely a key theme in the history of hologram, whose major cultural function has always been to channel dreams about a good technological future. To write such a cultural history, which foregrounds not the meaning of a technology per se but the way in which it changes the society that changes it, is quite a challenge mainly for two reasons.

    Quantitatively speaking, its success has always been rather unassertive; 2 Most people have only a second-hand knowledge of holograms.

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    • We all know about it but not always because we are actually using it. Often we are unaware of it, and our knowledge of the actual technology is close to inexistent. At the same time, the relative absence of the hologram in culture at large is also what makes the hologram such a fascinating medium. It explains the crucially cultural dimension of this technology, which triggers and fertilizes many dreams via the cultural and imaginary representations we make of it.

      People may not know how the technology exactly works just as they may ignore the fact that they are actually using it, but we have read about it, seen films on the subject, and dreamed of what holograms are and mean.

      This relative absence explains also the exceptional longevity of the hologram not as a cutting-edge technique or groundbreaking device, but as a cultural phenomenon, something that keeps us dreaming precisely thanks to the fact that the hologram technology never produced a killer application that made it popular enough to become invisible, so to speak. Since the hologram has never been really a familiar technology, it has remained magical and exciting in the eyes of the larger audience.