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Often, they take the easiest path, occupying the low V-shaped valleys once carved by rivers. As glaciers flow through these valleys, they concentrate erosive action over the entire valley, widening its floor and over-steepening its walls. After the glacier retreats, it leaves behind a flat-bottomed, steep-walled U-shaped valley.

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Valley glaciers sometimes flow through narrow inlets fjords into the ocean. They over-steepen the walls around them, as they do when carving u-shaped valleys.

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Thus, fjords have tall, steep walls like glacial valleys, but their floors are below sea level and thus are inundated with ocean water. A small mountain glacier may join a larger valley glacier, just as a stream may join a larger river.

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The smaller glacier, however, may not be as deep as the main one, and its base may be higher in elevation than the main glacier's base. When the glaciers retreat from the area where they formerly met, the floor of the u-shaped valley formed by the smaller glacier may be many feet above the main valley. Waterfalls often form at this point when rivers begin flow through the glacier valleys. For more information please review our cookie policy.

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This National Recreation Trail provides a variety of delights. It starts with a 2 mile steady uphill climb through a cool forest which will hopefully be filled with wildflowers, including orchids. With most of the hard work behind, the trail rolls up and down for another 3. It then dips down switchbacks into a narrow valley.

Hanging valleys and pyramidal peaks: Features of glacial erosion

The reward is a balcony view of the Trout Creek canyon about feet below. There are small window overlooks along this gravelly segment which provide additional photo opportunities. After a lunch at the turn-around point, the trail goes back to the trailhead, located near the Vigilante Campground.

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Jun Hanging Valley by Frances Galvin. Sales Ended. Sales Have Ended Registrations are closed. Thank you for your interest in the Hanging Valley Wilderness Walk. This hike is full but please feel free to register to be put on the waitlist. Event description. Read more Read less.

Hanging Valley Hike