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We use fresh local seafood such as snapper, awabi and Ise shrimp.

Japanese Ryokan Basics

A specialty of the restaurant is a "pot dish with hot spring water. Location: B1 Hours. Outdoor hot spring Enjoy hot spring with seasonal view. Location: B1F Hours.

Hakuba Ryokan and Traditional-style Inns: Accommodation Listings

Indoor hot spring You can enjoy a huge bath like a pool, but please don't swim even you are tempted. This hot spring water helps sweating and shaping you up. Place to drink hot spring water It is good for your body not only taking a bath but drinking hot spring water. Your body absorb the minerals from outside and inside of your body. Location: B1F.

Ito Kowakien Hotel boasts of a hot spring and fresh seafood dishes. Adults 1 2 3. Western-Style Hotels 8, to 50, yen per room. Western-style hotels, including various international and Japanese hotel chains, can be found across Japan, especially in the larger cities. Business Hotels 5, to 12, yen per room. Business hotels offer small, simple Western-style rooms with snacks and drinks provided by vending machines.

Pensions 6, to 12, yen per person.


Pensions are comparable to minshuku see above , except that they offer rooms in Western-style rather than in Japanese-style. They are typically found in mountainous resort towns and in the countryside.

Hostels and Dormitories 1, to 4, yen per person. Hostels offer lodging and meals at the lowest budget level. Vacation Rentals 5, to 30, yen per property. Airbnb and other vacation rental services are popular in Japan.

Japanese Ryokans: What it's Like to Stay in a Ryokan | Boutique Japan

On offer are apartments and rooms with traditional or modern interior, as well as restored historic houses. A new legal framework for vacation rentals came into effect in June Capsule Hotels 3, to 4, yen per person. Mainly targeting a male clientele in need of nothing but a bed, capsule hotels accommodate their guests in small capsules.

A television, a shared bathroom and coin lockers are usually provided.

Book Japanese inn Jizoan

Temple Lodgings 5, to 15, yen per person. It is possible for tourists to spend the night at some Buddhist temple lodgings shukubo. A stay often includes two vegetarian meals and the opportunity to join the morning prayers. One of the best places to experience a night at a temple is Mount Koya. Manga Cafes 1, to 3, yen per person. Manga cafes are establishments that provide their customers with seats or booth to read manga Japanese comics and surf the internet.

Many of them are open 24 hours and provide various amenities that make them an option for low-budget overnight stays. Love Hotels 6, to 12, yen per room.