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In I began competing in underwater photography contests.

Underwater Photography World Championships

I photograph with a Nikon D in a Hugyfot housing. Goby Pink Eyes by Marchione Giacomo. Full Profile. Need advice on underwater photography gear?

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  4. The European Repository Landscape 2008 (Surf EU-Driver).
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About Latest Posts. Follow Me. Tal Mor Editor at UnderwaterPhotography.

I am 36 years old, diving since I was 15 and shooting underwater in the last 10 years. I am the Co-Founder of Mozaik Underwater Cameras , one of the leading underwater photography stores in the world.

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I am originally a web developer and programmer and specialize in Internet marketing. I was lucky enough to dive with all the latest equipment, that includes high end compacts, Mirrorless, DSLR's, almost every strobe in the market and many different lenses and accessories. I helped and advised thousands of underwater photographers from beginners to the most professional. Isabelle and Amar Guillen are two photographers specializing in underwater, wildlife, and landscape photography. In , their photographic adventure began while they both prepared for a degree in computer engineering.

The visual beauty offered by the sumptuous surrounding landscapes and the wildlife held within began and continues to be their source of inspiration. This has led them to entirely devote themselves to a professional photographic career, allowing them to share their contemplative and artistic interpretation of nature. For the last fifteen years, they have photographed both the animals and their terrestrial and underwater natural landscapes.

Their photographic scenes are animated by the infinite mysteries hidden in nature. Through their photographic gaze of nature, they strive to highlight the importance of its conservation. Isabelle and Amar live and exhibit between France and the United States, both of which supply wildlife, landscapes, and cultures, providing inspiration for the Guillen's work. By continuing your browsing, you accept the deposit of third-party cookies intended to offer you videos, sharing buttons, uploads of content from social platforms.

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What to look for in a compact underwater digital camera:

Pin it. Bio of Amar and Isabelle Guillen. Artist Photographers of Nature. Reconnect Emotionally to Nature with our Art Prints. American Wildlife Professional Photographers American Wildlife Professional Photographers We became professional wildlife photographers to show the beauty of wild animals in United States or in far countries. Our passion has led us to choose wetland birds and migratory birds, deer of the world, monkeys and large mammals living in the United….

Landscape Professional Photographers Professional landscape photographers Landscapes are beautiful and inspiring. Our passion for the beauties of nature has led us to appreciate and enjoy them. We love the wide variety of landscapes. They range from the snowy slopes of mountains to lush forests and fertile meadows. We have always…. American Underwater Professional Photographers American Professional Underwater Photographers The underwater world is beautiful, magical, and extraordinary. Our love for the beauties of nature has naturally led us to spend time scuba diving in order to observe and enjoy the colorful underwater world.

But we soon reached the point where we could…. Professional photographers living in Plano, Texas, United States Two professional photographers living in Texas, USA Texas offered us all the conditions we wanted to satisfy our passion for the beauties of nature. Unusual lighting conditions around the Gulf of Mexico and the nearby wetlands are a real gift to us and make these some of our favorite places to…. Our Credits: Published Articles Our technical articles and reports published in magazines A clown fish in his anemone in the Maldives.

Our Services of Underwater, Wildlife and Landscape Professional… Our services: professional photographers specializing in wildlife, underwater and landscape photography Taking a picture is much more than just pressing a button: it creates a very real connection between the photographer and the subject. Before you call us for your photo project, take the time to….

Photo Consulting By Professional Photographers Photo consulting Do you want to get into wildlife, landscape or underwater photography, but you do not know which camera and lenses to choose? Do you already have a good basic knowledge of cameras and lenses, but you do not have the necessary knowledge to select the gear or software that will take…. You want to show and to share through beautiful photographs the emotions you have felt and the….

Artistic Vision and Portfolio. Nature is the Source of Our Photo Inspiration.