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Socratic Charis Philosophy Without The Agon

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Aristotle and the Philosophy of Friendship. Lorraine Smith Pangle.

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This book offers a comprehensive account of the major philosophical works on friendship and its relationship to self-love. The book gives central place to Aristotle's searching examination of friendship in the Nicomachean Ethics. Lorraine Pangle argues that the difficulties surrounding this discussion are soon dispelled once one understands the purpose of the Ethics as both a source of practical guidance for life and a profound, theoretical investigation into human nature.

The book also provides fresh interpretations of works on friendship by Plato, Cicero, Epicurus, Seneca, Montaigne and Bacon. The author shows how each of these thinkers sheds light on central questions of moral philosophy: is human sociability rooted in neediness or strength? Clearly structured and engagingly written, this book will appeal to a broad swathe of readers across philosophy, classics and political science. Stoicism and Emotion.

Margaret Graver.

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On the surface, stoicism and emotion seem like contradictory terms. Yet the Stoic philosophers of ancient Greece and Rome were deeply interested in the emotions, which they understood as complex judgments about what we regard as valuable in our surroundings. In this elegant and clearly written work, Margaret Graver gives a compelling new interpretation of the Stoic position.

Drawing on a vast range of ancient sources, she argues that the chief demand of Stoic ethics is not that we should suppress or deny our feelings, but that we should perfect the rational mind at the core of every human being. Like all our judgments, the Stoics believed, our affective responses can be either true or false and right or wrong, and we must assume responsibility for them.

Ultimately revealing the deeper motivations of Stoic philosophy, Stoicism and Emotion uncovers the sources of its broad appeal in the ancient world and illuminates its surprising relevance to our own. Nietzsche's Final Teaching.

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Michael Allen Gillespie. In the seven and a half years before his collapse into madness, Nietzsche completed Thus Spoke Zarathustra, the best-selling and most widely read philosophical work of all time, as well as six additional works that are today considered required reading for Western intellectuals. Cutting against the grain of most current Nietzsche scholarship, Michael Allen Gillespie presents the thought of the late Nietzsche as Nietzsche himself intended, drawing not only on his published works but on the plans for the works he was unable to complete, which can be found throughout his notes and correspondence.

Nietzsche believed this idea would enable the redemption of humanity. At the same time, he recognized its terrifying, apocalyptic consequences, since it would also produce wars of unprecedented ferocity and destruction. Through his careful analysis, Gillespie reveals a more radical and more dangerous Nietzsche than the humanistic or democratic Nietzsche we commonly think of today, but also a Nietzsche who was deeply at odds with the Nietzsche imagined to be the forefather of Fascism.

The book concludes with a critical examination and a reflection on its meaning for us today.

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Hardship and Happiness. Lucius Annaeus Seneca. The Complete Works of Lucius Annaeus Seneca is a fresh and compelling series of new English-language translations of his works in eight accessible volumes.

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Nussbaum, this engaging collection helps restore Seneca—whose works have been highly praised by modern authors from Desiderius Erasmus to Ralph Waldo Emerson—to his rightful place among the classical writers most widely studied in the humanities. Hardship and Happiness collects a range of essays intended to instruct, from consolations—works that offer comfort to someone who has suffered a personal loss—to pieces on how to achieve happiness or tranquility in the face of a difficult world.

Expertly translated, the essays will be read and used by undergraduate philosophy students and experienced scholars alike. Socrates and the Fat Rabbis. Daniel Boyarin. What kind of literature is the Talmud? Lisa Atwood Wilkinson, Michael Lloyd, A decided hellenisation of the Christian Agon of faith can be detected especially in the writings of Chrysostom and Gregory of Nazianzus.

This is Victor C. Pfitzner, The Myth of Apollo and Daphne focuses on the themes of love, agon, and the grotesque and their transformations as the writers, through a kind of artificial mythopoeia, invent variants for the tale, altering the ancient model to create their Mary E. Barnard, Conflict: the. If, with its immense rhetorical resources, narrative is an instrument of power, it is often about power as well.

This is because, in almost every narrative of any interest, there is a conflict in which power is at Porter Abbott, Her book is an innovative work that offers new insights and opens up fresh lines of inquiry into the nature of poetic practice, political friendship, and Socratic dialogue. Wilkinson helps us to reconnect Socratic philosophical practice to social relationships and political community.

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