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The project will With the rise in tuition fees, many of us are asking ourselves exactly what young people's expectations are in regard to the student experience are, and whether the UK higher The winner of this category is determined by research Many will already be reflecting on how their early university.

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Ofsted, the organisation responsible for inspecting and regulating further education and skills providers in England, launched its revised Common Inspection Framework in September We asked if the rise in helicopter parenting and the Open days are one of the most important marketing channels available for universities. They present a unique opportunity for HEIs to present themselves in a way that is untrammelled Research carried out by OpinionPanel in about how students were taught creationism in school was cited in The Guardian in an article on demands for tougher guidelines on Last week we asked students what was at the top of their wish list for Christmas this year on our Student Omnibus Questionnaire.

An insightful conference about strategies for universities to effectively market to, recruit and retain students in a time of increased student expectations and a challenging job Research carried out by OpinionPanel and the University of Leicester, looking at a cross section of 10 named universities, found that 1 in 10 of prospective students would be put Research conducted by OpinionPanel and the University of Leicester, looking at a cross section of 10 named universities, found that 1 in 10 of prospective students would be put off Opinionpanel's new report "How much more will students pay?

Opinionpanel has been working with the consultancy, mobileYouth, looking at how students interact with their mobile handset brands; in particular looking at mobile handset brand Three-quarters of students have a holiday job to help fund their university studies research shows. Half of full-time students set to graduate this summer are seriously considering postgrad options.

This option is popular among student who attend either Russell Group or other We carried out some research about what students hope to go on to do after they complete their studies. The results show that half of this year's undergraduates are seriously The Complete University Guide will soon be publishing their updated annual league table.

As an additional benefit for student visitors to their website, they are featuring some Opinionpanel has released a report on graduates and the recession. Key findings from over recent graduates highlight their desire for employers to see beyond the short term and Key findings were that New research published yesterday shows that students who want to get a good job that pays well should apply to an institution belonging to the Russell Group or Group of We look forward to working with tutors, institutions Universities are delivering on student expectations of higher graduate salaries, according to a new report by the Group of student-focused, research-intensive universities.

Managing director at the student finance website wealthystudent. Coverage of a report published on June 26th by Opinionpanel which documents a big shift in political allegiances on campus since New research by Opinionpanel and London Media shows that students, the vast majority of whom own PCs and MP3 players, are staying loyal to the CD format despite the convenience of A good social life and extracurricular activities rank alongside teaching quality when it comes to the factors students consider most central to their university experience.

Which universities offer students the best value for money? See page 3 for Ben's article. Scottish undergraduates typically graft for five hours more than other Can students spell?

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Opinionpanel ran its very own spelling test. Click here to view the full article.

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University students often get a bad rap in the press - especially when it comes to spelling and grammar! So we decided to run a mass test - just for a bit of fun. Two-fifths believe that universities should boycott companies with any involvement in the arms trade while one fifth believe that universities should be allowed links with arms Can a degree that takes less than 20 hours' work a week to complete be worth the same as one that demands more than 40 hours a week from students? Read our tables from our recent research on students' beliefs about life on earth and how it came about.

A survey has revealed widespread cheating among university students with one in three copying ideas from books or the internet Students in the UK turned out in large numbers to vote in the EU referendum but have to live with a result that they feel very negatively about. As the name implies, each report will be a collaboration between the Higher Education Policy YouthSight's February student polling data has been recently featured in The Prospect.

In the run up to the general election, YouthSight will be posing questions to young people across the UK about issues that affect them. The first in our series explored student. The Observer article starts:. Research carried out by OpinionPanel has been mentioned in a Channel 4 news online. The article starts:. Opinionpanel Research's student voting poll showing that the student vote has doubled in support for the Liberal Democrats was mentioned in an article in the Sunday Observer. A poll of more than 1, Coverage of a report by Paul Whiteley, professor of government at the University of Essex, on Opinionpanel's student voting poll.

Opinionpanel Research has released the latest results of their Student Voting Study, the only comprehensive analysis of the political views of the student population over the last The election of David Cameron as Tory leader has led to a remarkable surge in party membership, figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph show Labour's electoral dominance on Britain's campuses will come to an end on May 5 amid a surge of support among academics and students for the Liberal Democrats Support for the Liberal Democrats among academics and students has surged according to two new polls.

The Liberal Democrats will get the bulk of the student vote at the next general election with freshers most likely to vote against Labour. Support for the Liberal Democrats among academics and students has surged according to two new polls Opinionpanel finds a massive student swing to the Liberal Democrats in the run up to the General Election in May If you'd like to find out 'What Beyonce's beyhive can teach us about brand loyalty', join us in our exclusive webinar on April 3rd.

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Just click below to reserve your seat. Finally getting to grips with Millennials? Its now time to dive into the world of Generation Z Hundreds of you tuned into Josephine's eagerly anticipated webinar last month, when she presented '50 of the biggest Millennial trends to reveal the state of the youth nation'. Our very own Josephine Hansom, head of YouthSight's Ben will be presenting 'What would you do for Students: The Next Generation.

Becky Lewis , will be Skip to main content. Site Search. Insight Agency Make smarter decisions with our bespoke research and tracking data. Learn More. Meet your future Our culturally minded and commercially driven researchers steer brands and universities to fully maximise their relationship with Gen Z and Millennials. Insight Agency. Our Clients Our clients hire us because of our sector expertise, our research knowledge and our ability to reach exactly the right participants.

View Case Studies. We hope you find inspiration in the hundreds of articles below:. HE Thinking. As the dust settles on results day and clearing, hopefully the phone is ringing a little less and your staff are catching their breath. Register to our free webinar and learn 10 unexpected ways that Gen Z are changing the world.

Youth Thinking. How Gen Z will change the world Vol. Gen Z are changing the world. They are challenging stereotypes, questioning behaviour and effecting change. Likely turnout rises to its highest for 15 years. What do students think about contextual admissions? Since we have been Press and Announcements. The Telegraph draws upon our research with the Higher Education Policy Institute HEPI to report on the impact of universities making lower grade offers to disadvantaged students. What's the Gen Z perspective on Clearing? And how can universities ensure they're prepared? HE Research Snippet Could tackling the gender pay gap help universities grow market share?

Our HE Research Snippets reveal interesting findings. We asked our community of students the cheapest thing they did to save money! Open Days are becoming HE Snippet HE Research Snippet 9. HE Research Snippet 7. Depressed, anxious, lonely, and homesick: study reveals darker side to student life.

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Consumer champion Which? A brand built on sand? In one of his recent postings, he presented a very interesting judgment of the Frankfurt CoA, related to the Service Regulation. Upon my request, he prepared an English version of his post for our blog. This regulation established a uniform provisional measure at the European level, which permits creditors the attachment of bank accounts in cross-border pecuniary claims. In many senses, the EAPO regulation represents a huge step forward, particularly in comparison to the ex-ante scenario regarding civil provisional measures in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.

It is no accident that in the first line of the Opinion, AG Szpunar refers to the landmark case Denilauler. Besides the concrete assessment of the preliminary reference, he found a chance in this case to broadly analyse the EAPO Regulation as such, contextualizing it within the general framework of the Brussels system. Meeting on international transfer of maintenance funds: solutions and good practices. Written by Mayela Celis A meeting on the international transfer of maintenance funds was held in The Hague, the Netherlands from 16 to 18 September The Conclusions and Recommendations are available here.

Among the solutions contemplated were the establishment… Read more…. Posted by Mayela Celis Published on September 24, New article on The Hague judgments project: assessing its plausible benefits for the development of the Indian Private International Law. Jindal Global University, Sonipat, India recently published a new paper in the Commonwealth Law Bulletin, titled The Hague judgments project: assessing its plausible benefits for the development… Read more….

Posted by Saloni Khanderia Published on September 23, Over the course of the last few decades, the European legislature has adopted a total of 18 Regulations in the area of private international law, including civil procedure. The resulting substantial legislative unification has been described as the first true… Read more…. Posted by Giesela Ruehl Published on September 22, Call for Application to the Doctoral Programme in Sustainability. International and public law, ethics and economics for sustainable development - LEES is the name of the doctoral study programme jointly offered by the University of Milan, the University of Maastricht and the University of Rijeka.

Choosing to freeze changing moments are priceless. It is the higher sense of ALTRUISM a form of feelings and behavior that show a desire to help other people and a lack of selfishness without wanting anything back. Designed around the central theme of the creativeness and selfless giving, the event will bring out the creativity of the children aged 10 and above.

Spirit of Oneness is about instilling the real spirit of the holy month of Ramadan.

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The 3-day event is being organized at the Diplomat Radisson Residence and Spa at the Muharraq ballroom. The Main event falls on the 23rd of June and starts at 9PM onwards. A creative workshop for the kids will be followed by a short speech on Individual Social Responsibility, ISR with lots of giving and gifts for Children.

Children will experience the depth of giving and sharing through various activities. They will experience the act of giving with all their hearts and that is no small feat to achieve. June 24th and 25th, the event is open to all children of Bahrain and continues at the same venue in the main lobby of the hotel. We invite you all to come and share the joy of giving during Ramadan.

Loading Content Make Your Passion Your Profession. Upcoming Events. Our Recent Works What we've done so far. View Detail Students Date : May View Detail Mind Over Matter? Date : 5 March View Detail How do you Measure Success? Date : 28 Jan Lights Camera Fashion Academy — Empowers and creates new fashion entrepreneurs in the middle East irrespective of their disability and making their talent as the focal point.