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The Stream - Should museums return cultural relics?

Unjust Enrichment. Oxford, Oxfordshire: Hart Publishing, Farnsworth, Ward. Restitution: Civil Liability for Unjust Enrichment. Fulbeck, William.

  • Between Venice and Istanbul: Colonial Landscapes in Early Modern Greece (Hesperia Supplement).
  • Examining political violence : studies of terrorism, counterterrorism, and internal war.
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  • Museums and Restitution: New Practices, New Approaches, 1st Edition (Hardback) - Routledge.
  • Roman Rule in Asia Minor to the End of the Third Century after Christ (2 vols.).
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A Direction, or Preparative, to the Study of the Law. London, UK: Wildwood House, Spencer, Richard. Thyacott, Louise and Arvanitis, Kostas.

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Search for: Search. Date: July 27, Author: centerforartlaw 1 Comment. By Alexandra Taylor For the integrity of the memory it is good to have sound health and convenient digestion of the meats, and a mind free from other thoughts; it helpeth in much to make good divisions, for he that divideth things alright, can never err in the order of things. Mistakes : neither party might have intended the transfer. Takings : the recipient might have intended the transfer while the giver did not.

Should museums return their colonial artefacts? | Tristram Hunt | Culture | The Guardian

To claim absolution from the moral obligations of today is antithetical to the pact against iniquity set down in the Declaration of the Importance and Value of Universal Museums : We should…recognise that objects acquired in earlier times must be viewed in the light of different sensitivities and values, reflective of that earlier era. Earlier this year, he tore up a set of proposals he commissioned on improving economic conditions in suburban areas. While Mr. Macron has a comfortable majority in the French Parliament, he has an approval rating of 25 percent and faces a nationwide strike against a planned gasoline tax increase.

The Quai Branly museum declined to comment until the report was delivered to Mr. Pommerolle said. Pommerolle said Mr. At the same time, Ms. Pommerolle cautioned, the return of objects to Africa must be led by museum professionals and not politicians.

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Savoy traveled to four African countries — Mali, Senegal, Benin and Cameroon — to meet with government officials, museum directors and art specialists before writing the report. He said that contrary to Mr.

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Topping the list are precious statues, palace doors and thrones that were plundered by French forces in from the royal city of Abomey in present-day Benin. They are among the most significant African objects on display at the Quai Branly Museum. Imprint Routledge. Pages pages.

Museums and Restitution: New Practices, New Approaches (Tythacott and Arvanitis, eds.)

Export Citation. Get Citation. Tythacott, L. By Louise Tythacott, Kostas Arvanitis.