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Nathan's Chinese Democracy with a fascinating history of liberal and democratic thought in the s and s, combined with a detailed study of the various democratic parties and institutions of the period The book begins with an excellent introduction to the period This book is at its best as a work of intellectual history As a major contribution to our understanding of democracy in twentieth century China, it should be of interest to political scientists as much as to historians.

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  • Civil Opposition in Nationalist China, 1929–1949.

Industry Reviews "This book by Edmund S. Acknowledgments Introduction The dictatorial regime Setting the opposition agenda: the issue of human rights, The National Emergency Political and intellectual responses In defense of democracy An abortive democratic experiment: the people's political council, Wartime democratic thought The third force movement: the Chinese democratic league, 'Peace, democracy, unification, and reconstruction' The last stand of Chinese liberalism Conclusion Selected bibliography Glossary Index Table of Contents provided by Publisher.

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Siege Trump Under Fire. Conclusion Part II. Setting the Opposition Agenda: 8.

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The issue of human rights, 9. Hu Shi's opening salvo more Hu Shi's opening salvo Luo Longji's conception of human rights Central concerns of the human rights group Democracy and expertocracy Conclusion Part III.

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The National Emergency Political and intellectual responses The National Emergency conference A critique of Wang Jingwei's views on political tutelage Sun Fo's reformist views The advocacy of neo-dictatorship Conclusion Part IV. In Defense of Hu Shi's 'Kindergarten politics' Zhang Xirou's defense of liberal values Other pro-democracy views Democratization within the framework of political tutelage Are democracy and dictatorship mutually exclusive Revisionist democracy Conclusion Part V.

Wartime Politics: The people's political council, Formation of the people's political council The early phase of the PPC Renewed push for constitutionalism Wartime Democratic Thought: The GMD's wartime democratic rhetoric The CCP's new democracy The democratic thoughts of the MPG's and the Independents Understanding democracy Conclusion Part VII. The Third Force Movement: The Chinese Democratic League, Formation of the Democratic league Organization and leadership Views on democracy and the political platform Mediation and opposition to Civil War The political consultative conference The PCCs ultimate failure The notion of coalition government Mediation of the third force Reflections on the third force peace efforts Part IX.

The Last Stand of Chinese Liberalism: The post-war pro-democracy setting The third force revisited Where are the liberals headed? The liberal-equality debate The Socialism-democracy relationship