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With Free Saver Delivery. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Share. Description Reviews More Details. Description This book explores recent developments and advances in femtosecond beam science, making these more accessible through contributions from leaders in the field. Each contribution aims to make the particular area of femtosecond beam science accessible through explaining the particular field, reviewing recent advances worldwide, and featuring important results and possible future uses of femtosecond pulses in the field. Femtosecond beam science is expected to lead to the development of technology realizing dynamic microscopy, that is, the visualization of atomic motions, chemical reactions, protein dynamics and other microscopic dynamics.

Advances have enabled the visualizations of phonons, thermal expansion and shock-wave propagation by advanced time-resolved X-ray diffraction, at a time resolution of 10 picoseconds. These achievements will extend to the development of femtosecond X-ray sources and fourth generation synchrotron light sources. A principally novel method for formation of the optical anisotropic materials has been proposed.

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The phototreatment has been durated several minutes until the clear diffraction grating has been appeared. The effect may be considered like an electrooptical effect both linear as well as quadratic caused by laser stimulated local dc-internal electric field strength bicolor beam. The electrooptical effects are very sensitive to the interface potential between the NC and the surrounding specific polymer matrix.

Here some role begins also to play photo thermal effect forming the additional space electron density acentricity favoring the increasing dipole moments.

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Skip to main content Skip to sections. Advertisement Hide. Download PDF. Femtosecond laser stimulated anisotropy of electrolytically produced CdS polymer nancomposites. Authors Authors and affiliations O. Yanchuk O. Marchuk I. Moroz O.

Femtosecond Beam Science

Vyshnevskyi A. El-Naggar A. Albassam I. Kityk P. Open Access.

First Online: 04 September As shown in Fig. An increase of electrolysis time has a little effect only on the sizes and their dispersion of the synthesized particles and their aggregation. Open image in new window. XRD diffractograms for all four samples are presented in Fig. The product has two defined crystalline hexagonal and cubic structure, of wurtzite and sphalerite type, respectively. The photo-treatment has been carried out using a set-up presented in Fig.

Following Fig. It may be caused by laser stimulated dc-electric field due to optical poling and due to some free space of the NC embedded into the polymer matrices occurred during photosolidification. The latter was operated by time of solidification of the nanocomposites.

Femtosecond Electron Diffraction

After switching off of the external photoinduced beams there appears some relaxation of the NC, however it does not completely returns to initial state. This factor may be used in a future design of materials with the desired nonlinear optical features. The particular grain sizes and morphology did not influence essentially on the observed laser induced effect. In Fig. The effect may be considered like an electrooptical effect both linear as well as quadratic caused by laser stimulated local dc-internal electric field strength formed by bicolor coherent beams.

It is clear that maximal effect exists for the PVA matrix which may be a consequence of the enhanced dipole moments determining the corresponding electrooptical coefficients.

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Here some role begins also to play photo thermal effects forming the additional space electron density acentricity favoring the increasing dipole moments. The decrease of the laser stimulated electrooptics may be caused also by occurrence of multi-photon excitations suppressing the output optical anisotropy stimulated by electrooptics. Zhu, Z. Tang, L. Qian, L. Helt, M. Liscidini, J. Sipe, C. Corbari, A. Canagasabey, M. Ibsen, P. Kazansky, Poled-fiber source of broadband polarization-entangled photon pairs. An, S. Fleming, Characterization of a second-order nonlinear layer profile in thermally poled optical fibers with second-harmonic microscopy.

Wang, Z. Chen, N.

Femtosecond Beam Science (Electronic book text)

Chen, W. Xu, Q. Hao, S. Liu, Thermal poling of new double-hole optical fibers. Bockstaller, E.

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Thomas, Optical properties of polymer-based photonic nanocomposite materials. Yaremchuk, V. Vasiliauskas, A. Xia, X. The possibility of a fold increase in laser scanning speed providing homogeneous crystal track growth using the laser beam with an elliptical cross-section as compared to the conventional Gaussian beam has been shown. It has been demonstrated for the first time that annealing of laser-written crystalline tracks leads to substantial improvement of the quality of tracks structure tending to that of the fresnoite single crystal, which can be an important step in the development of single crystal optical waveguide components for photonics.

Differential thermal analysis pattern for the bulk sample of BTS-glass. More by Alexey S. More by Ivan A. More by Sergey V. More by Tatiana O. More by Mikhail Yu. More by Sergey S. More by Vladimir N.

High Power and Energy Femtosecond Lasers

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