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Financial and agricultural reports on farming operations. Correspondence on political question of ownership in light of national agrarian reform August law. Miscellaneous financial, shareholder correspondence. Correspondence on status of farm, operations in light of August national law on land reform. Correspondence on budgets, finances, leases, potential property sales and liquidation, and change in nature of operations from colonization and resettlement to commercial project.

Miscellaneous correspondence on agriculture, property damage. Miscellaneous on continued financing, operations at Cochabamba. Correspondence regarding migration; discontinuance and reinstatement of JDC subventions. Miscellaneous correspondence on Comunidad Israelita loan fund. Correspondence English, German , primarily regarding Comite Auxiliar administrative expenses, practices. Correspondence on currency transactions, fund-raising, remittances, services for migrants.

Miscellaneous correspondence on fund-raising campaigns, remittances, currency exchange. Correspondence on problems in united fund-raising campaigns; appeals to Sephardim. Correspondence on reductions in JDC offices. Correspondence on organization of local fund-raising, competition between fund-raisers.

Correspondence on purchase by Sao Paulo Landsmanschaften of sewing machines for Poland. Correspondence on creation of fund-raising committees. Accounting memos on remittances. Correspondence, inquiries regarding the shipment of relief supplies, food to Europe, purchase of sewing machines for Poland. Miscellaneous correspondence, including Akiva Kohane letter October 21, on organizing operations.

Monthly financial-statistical reports on relief activities incomplete. Monthly financial-statistical reports on relief activities, sundry assistance virtually complete. Correspondence on immigration caseloads, problems of stateless migrants, criminals and medical cases; commotion over responsibility for aid to newcomers. Contains names on lists of migrants.

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Correspondence on conditions governing immigration, including visas, financing, responsibility for expenses. Accounting materials regarding transportation deposits. Contains names listed on correspondence regarding transportation deposits. Correspondence on changes in immigration laws, problems with visas, disembarkation. Miscellaneous news accounts on immigration. Accounting letters and memos regarding bank transfers, disbursements. Periodic monthly financial statements on expenses, commodities. Budget report November March includes data on cash relief, medical expenses, scholarships, and facilities for children.

Correspondence on payments to Jewish Agency for hachsharot accommodations. Correspondence, reports on relief, reconstruction, medical and social conditions. Contains list of leaders of Jewish communal political factions. Correspondence, memos on the establishment, with JDC aid, of the Jewish Institute of Science, a center intended to rebuild Jewish cultural and intellectual life in Bulgaria with a museum, library, scholarly publications, and documentation.

Correspondence on development of cooperatives and provision of equipment for enterprises; correspondence incomplete on establishment of Joint Foundation for Economic Reconstruction and Consolidation of Jews in Bulgaria. Correspondence, memos regarding shipping, export licenses, bills of lading for pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and instruments to Bulgaria and Romania, apparently to combat an epidemic.


Correspondence on shipments, customs duties and requests for supplies, primarily shoes, clothing and coats. Accounting letters on fund transfers and remittances. Contains list of names of recipients of remittances. Accounting letters on fund transfers, currency conversions, foreign exchange controls, remittances. Miscellaneous correspondence regarding requests for publicity print and film and speakers for fund-raising. Invitations to events, schedules of meetings, accounting letters, requests for speakers.

Correspondence on exchange rates and Canadian Foreign Currency Law. Primarily financial materials, accounting memos, including emigration deposits. Telegram April 18, to Samuel Bronfman, urgently seeking funds to aid Jews being evacuated from Egypt, and discussing the repatriation of Polish Jews from the Soviet Union. Contains names listed on emigration deposits. Correspondence on Canadian immigration regulations and procedures; memos and correspondence on responsibility for transit costs.

Miscellaneous correspondence, testimony, grievances on Canadian immigration policy, procedures. Statistical reports on migration; cables on transit costs. No materials from Correspondence related to efforts to fill 2, slots Canadian entry permits for skilled needle workers from DP camps, including screening by Canadian officials.

Financial reports, accounting memos English, German about accounting procedures. Correspondence on fund-raising, remittances, united campaign, division of proceeds, rivalries among organizations. Miscellaneous on organization of a cooperating committee, Junta Judia de Ayuda, a migration service. Correspondence regarding prospects for financing repatriation to Europe from South America. News accounts, correspondence on costs of immigration. Correspondence from synagogue in Santiago regarding request for cantor.

Reports on communal, political conditions. Extensive materials on kassas. Juan Altmann reports on conditions in Bogota, credit sources, economic insecurity, and damages after April 9, , revolution. Correspondence on prospects for immigration, responsibility for newcomers, tensions between Jewish organizations; on recovery of funds for immigration permits. Contains list of names on correspondence regarding immigration deposits. Accounting memos on loans, remittances, promissory notes. Financial reports on loans, delinquent debtors.

Contains list of some names of borrowers. Correspondence relating to unsuccessful efforts to generate JDC fund-raising in Costa Rica, a small community of Jews, primarily families that immigrated from Europe between the two world wars. Letters of thanks from JDC to local community for funds; letters regarding fund transfers from Curacao.

Correspondence, printed materials on vigorous efforts of local community to aid migrants. Printed materials: synagogue newsletters in Dutch from Mikve Israel; bulletins from the Reform synagogue, Temple Emanu-el. Accounting memos, correspondence on expenses, payments, banking, remittances, insurance. Materials related to earlier detention of Jews on island, including correspondence , regarding care and maintenance of cemetery in Cyprus in which refugees were interred.

Materials on the Pan Crescent and Pan York. Materials regarding arrival, detention of Jews on island. Cables indicating number of people disembarking in Cyprus, as well as number sailing to Palestine; cables on evacuation of infants. Miscellaneous on conditions, treatment, fate of detainees. Cables on currency transactions. Correspondence, cables and accounting memos regarding relief supplies.

Accounting memos, correspondence on budgets, expenses, remittances, currency exchanges. Occasional financial reports on JDC activities. Accounting memos, cables on expenses, remittances, currency exchanges, currency transfers. Occasional monthly financial reports. Financial reports and audits cover all periods covered, occasionally pages are missing.

Correspondence on claims by Czechs regarding war-era transactions with JDC. Narrative and statistical reports on JDC activities incomplete after February regime change. Narrative and statistical reports on JDC activities, political conditions, refugees using Czechoslovakia as transit point. Miscellaneous on postwar entry of JDC into Czechoslovakia. Correspondence on aid to survivors, miscellaneous regarding who has responsibility to aid Polish Jewish transients in Czechoslovakia. Correspondence reviewing health, medical conditions. Correspondence on emigration opportunities, procedures, U.

Correspondence, cables regarding appeals for aid to reopen Jewish hospital in Bratislava. Miscellaneous financial reports of loan kassas. Press release October 18, on reconstruction activities; materials on establishment and operations of Bratislava loan kassa Pomocna Pokladnica. Correspondence, accounting memos on textile cooperatives, role in individual rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Cables, reports, correspondence on transients, infiltratees, emigration expenses, guarantees of maintenance, refugee rabbis, transportation fees and border closings. Cables on shipments, expenses, freight charges, insurance, machinery, conveys carrying supplies from Denmark. Periodic reports on inventories in Czech warehouses.

Miscellaneous accounting memos. Cables, correspondence about sending food packages to individuals. Correspondence on subsidies for religious educational institutions, plans for emigration. Correspondence, memos on Czechoslovakia property restitution law, including legal procedures, lefts, disposition of heirless properties. Contains list of property owners, properties, Miscellaneous correspondence; list January of hachsharot in Czechoslovakia. Correspondence from university students in Brno, who object to inability to simultaneously qualify for JDC and government aid.

Accounting memos on remittances, currency exchange, purchases, disbursements. Miscellaneous financial reports. Correspondence on establishing the Jewish Relief Committee in Ciudad Trujillo, as a separate entity from Parroquia Israelita de la Republica Dominicana , to undertake local relief activities. Accounting memos on currency transfers, remittances, shipments of matzot.

Accounting memos on currency transfers, remittances. Miscellaneous financial and statistical reports. Miscellaneous on conditions, needs in Sosua. Accounting memos on currency transfers, remittances, disbursements; financial and statistical reports. Correspondence on emigration. Miscellaneous on efforts to save Sosua through immigration.

Accounting memos on transfers, expenditures, audits; financial and statistical reports. Accounting correspondence regarding expenses, revolving fund. Lists names on correspondence regarding migration-related expenses. Correspondence regarding earthquake damage and aid Ambato region. Reports, correspondence on immigration laws, regulations, political conditions.

Lists names in correspondence regarding visas and in monthly activity reports. Monthly reports on immigration activities, political conditions. Lists names in monthly activity reports. Accounting correspondence on remittances, status of loans. Minutes of meetings, which include information on projects, loan applications and decisions on lending.

Lists names on loan applications. Accounting correspondence on remittances, reports on status of loans. Correspondence on collection of debt, requests for increase in loan capital. Correspondence on national economic conditions, trade requirements. Correspondence, minutes of meetings. Max Weiser letter April 27, regarding purchase of estate on Isabela island for Jewish colonization. Miscellaneous annual reports from Jewish community; Pan American Union booklet provides general survey of country. Memo July on immigration possibilities to El Salvador.

Correspondence concerning the properties in Egypt of Italian Jews, and of Egyptian law under which the properties of former enemy nations were confiscated. Correspondence does not indicate what properties were at stake or whether Italian Jews succeeded in recovering properties. Memo on migration from Egypt to Israel via Naples and Marseille. Accounting letters, memos on bank transfers, currency purchases, currency exchange and employee salaries. Minutes of the Central British Fund for Jewish Relief and Rehabilitation, includes summary materials on grant applications and allocations.

Minutes of meetings, including summary materials on grant applications, allocations, restitution, claims. Newsletters for volunteers working in the field.

The Ethnic German Refugee in Austria 1945 to 1954

Accounting letters, memos on remittances. Correspondence regarding pleas to establish a school to educate Falasha children as Jews. Accounting memos, correspondence on currency purchases and transactions, foreign exchange. Budget estimates for activities. Accounting memos on receipts, remittances.

Budget materials, including January memos from Laura Margolis on programs, operations, budget cuts. Accounting memos on currency transactions, remittances. Miscellaneous financial, statistical reports. See B. Correspondence on financial transfers. Lists names of individuals with some transfers.

Accounting memos, correspondence on financial transfers, payments. Accounting memos, correspondence on financial transfers, payments, currency exchange. Accounting memos, correspondence on currency and commodities transactions. Accounting memos, correspondence on currency exchange, relations with authorities. Correspondence, reports on relief, refugees, transient and communal services, creation of local entity to replace JDC. Correspondence, reports on relief, communal services for resident, refugee, and transient populations.

Detailed summaries of activities, operations, efforts to supervise, structure and coordinate multiplicity of agencies, including creation of a social service exchange to act as a clearinghouse. Occasional financial and statistical analyses on JDC-subventioned activities. Summaries of activities, operations, personnel needs, efforts to reestablish Jewish communities, aid refugees and displaced persons, including miscellaneous financial and statistical reports.

Report on 10th anniversary of the center. Judah Shapiro memos on development, activities of the central clearing house for Jewish educational materials. Correspondence on book purchases. Reports, correspondence on operations between and , including aid to the needy among the settled population as well as relief to newcomers, refugees by Service Special des Immigrants SSI. Correspondence regarding scouts, projects to train scout leaders and social workers for France and North Africa, fund-raising, recruitment. May bulletin. Correspondence, reports on efforts to organize a united French fund-raising organization.

Correspondence regarding aid to Russian professional, intellectual community. Bulletin du Comite Professionnelle pour les Immigres Juifs Correspondence on origins of home for girls, on prospect of selling the property. Correspondence, report on activities. Book from Centre Educatif on Sukkot, including text, songs, skit, holiday activities.

Correspondence on visas, emigration plans of rabbinical students and families. Reports narrative, ; statistical, January on youth services. Correspondence on supportfor children, Youth Aliya homes; miscellaneous on welfare, emigration and adoption for children. Materials, memos on operations in France, including French visas and legal requirements, consular developments. Names listed on , departure lists. Correspondence regarding ship-a-box program of National Council of Jewish Women. Correspondence, reports on medical services, development of mental hygiene program.

Correspondence, reports on property restitution, heirless assets, French property laws and regulations. Miscellaneous reports, memos on loan kassas, credit institutions, prospects for reconstruction for artisans, professionals. Correspondence on aid, maintenance, housing of transients, coordination of requests for visas, transfer to French government of functions of International Refugee Organization IRO.

Correspondence, cables regarding availability, location, costs of material aid. Correspondence on logistical and financial arrangements for shipments, commercial credit for purchases. Correspondence on availability, shipment of food parcels. Contains list of names of individuals sending,seeking and receiving packages. Correspondence, reports about hygienic, safety conditions and related problems of yeshiva of multiple names that reneged on agreements for emigration to Israel.

Correspondence, memos on aid, grants to Yiddish writers, artists; unfavorable media reports regarding aid. Lists names of Jewish artists in Paris, March 9, Accounting letters regarding financial transfers with Israel Purchasing Mission in Cologne. Cables regarding availability of funds following German Nazi-era compensation legislation, remittances, funds via Jewish Restitution Successor Organization.

Accounting memos, reports regarding expenses, including welfare, administration, medical care, child care, supplies, vocational training and education. Memos on attempts to purchase local currency. Reports, correspondence on JDC activities in Germany, displaced persons, political and economic conditions; problems with distribution of relief supplies; demographic distortions of communal conditions. Contains personnel rosters. Assorted staff lists, with individual name, job title, duty station, nationality.

Monthly narrative and statistical reports incomplete ; complete for cover community composition-demographics, emigration, relief supplies, vocational training. Miscellaneous correspondence on aid to Gemeinde, infiltratees in West Berlin. Reports on community demographics, relief supplies, emigration, works projects, communal conditions in sectors of Berlin. Information sheet undated about immigration to South Africa. Correspondence, reports on condition of the Jews in Berlin. Cables on flood of infiltratees from Poland beginning November Miscellaneous materials, including reports, correspondence, requests for aid materials vary for each locale.

Contains list with names of Jews in Weimar on May 8, List April 24, of survivors found when Frankfurt liberated by Americans. Correspondence regarding appeals for aid; disputes over distribution of supplies. List of survivors in Frankfurt on April 24, Assorted monthly activity reports, occasional statistical reports on activities of Munich office.

Contains list of names of survivors seeking relatives. Correspondence related to appeals in and to Jewish organizations for aid to the Central Federation of Hungarian-Speaking Jews in U. Zone of Germany. Correspondence with Helene Braun regarding efforts to recover a family hotel that was sold under duress during Nazi era, which could be used by JDC as Jewish convalescent home. Correspondence regarding JDC aid to convalescent home. Correspondence regarding formation of an organization of voluntary agencies in Bremen.

Occupation Zone. Cables, correspondence about medical supplies, including pharmaceuticals; reports on treatment and rehabilitation of TB patients. Correspondence, memos regarding recruitment, pressure-coercion on displaced persons and refugees to join Haganah. Correspondence indicates that agreement was reached with British authorities, but was superseded when British authorities cited military necessity for their continued use of property. Correspondence, reports concerning a coordinating committee established to process cases for immigration to the U. Correspondence, accounting memos on creation, mission, functions and prospects of the International Trust Corporation GMBH, which was intended as an instrument to transfer individual and institutional restitution proceeds outside of Germany.

Correspondence, beginning with a private request for bed linens, regarding supplies for Jewish hospital in Hamburg, including discussion about whether it is practical to rehabilitate hospital. Correspondence related to U. Statistics on books, education and religious supplies. List ? Correspondence with Eric Warburg regarding rehabilitation, reconstruction, maintenance and use of Warburg property. Reports, summaries of activities primarily on Foehrenwald, including population increases due to returnees, problems associated with the liquidation of the International Refugee Organization IRO , transfer of control of Foehrenwald from IRO to German authorities in November Monthly narrative and statistical reports from the Operation, Welfare, Legal and Transportation Departments, mainly from the U.

Occupation Zone, with limited number from the British and French zones, on services for displaced persons. Memos, correspondence regarding Foehrenwald. Narrative and statistical reports on activities, services for displaced persons mainly from the U. Occupation Zone, with limited number from the British and French Zones monthly reports are incomplete; May and September are missing ; reports indicate cuts, shifts in educational, vocational activities due to emigration of personnel, cuts in international relief funds, legal conditions affecting displaced persons.

Monthly narrative and statistical reports from the Welfare, Legal Departments, as well as general summaries, from the U. Occupation Zone incomplete ; some reports from operations in British Zone on services for displaced persons. Materials on medical services, law enforcement. Narrative and statistical reports on activities in the U.

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Occupation Zone January, February, March-April , including review of emigration, employment, education, supplies, transportation, legal services and medical care. Correspondence, reports on closing and consolidation of DP camps. Monthly narrative and statistical reports on activities in U. Occupation Zone for displaced persons incomplete.

Correspondence, reports on emigration, problems with maintenance services at Jewish Agency transit points. Monthly narrative and statistical reports on services for displaced persons from Welfare, Legal and Transportation Departments July report is limited. Monthly narrative and statistical reports on welfare and legal services for displaced persons.

Miscellaneous on impact of U. Correspondence on Czechoslovak refugees in U. Zone, who are primarily non-Jewish. Reports, correspondence covering activities for displaced persons for the periods January-February and March-April , including emigration, employment, medical, welfare, legal and religious services, supplies, transportation.

Narrative and statistical materials on emigration, medical, welfare, employment activities for displaced persons in U. Monthly narrative and statistical reports on welfare, education, relief services for displaced persons; miscellaneous correspondence. Monthly reports on JDC operations, services for displaced persons. Materials on organizing work force, nature of employment, salaries and payments.

Reports, correspondence on different conditions, needs, legal status, political sentiments toward displaced persons, refugees, infiltratees in U. Correspondence, minutes of meetings of official and voluntary agencies regarding varying conditions, needs, legal status of displaced persons, refugees in occupation zones. Miscellaneous on border closings in Germany and Austria. Cables, correspondence on desperate situation of displaced persons and infiltratees, need to segregate Jews from other displaced persons; urgent need for supplies, personnel arrangements. Detailed set of narrative reports on conditions in U.

Reports by Dr. Joseph M. Gorman modifies policy on segregation of DPs, allowing Jews to have separate blocks within camps, but says that no special camps exclusively for Jews will be established. Lavy Becker memos December 16 and 17, on efforts by U.

Becker correspondence December 26, on accommodations for infiltratees transient camps, scouted by military authorities ; need to relieve severe overcrowding; problem with transport by U. Correspondence, cables on JDC status and ability to function in areas with displaced persons; on personnel, transit, relief supplies, clothing. Miscellaneous on establishment of new conditions for displaced persons; General Dwight D. Eisenhower speech. Contains list of survivors getting medical care at Neustadt, Holstein. Correspondence concerning survivors seeking to locate relatives.

Some names of survivors liberated from Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald who were seeking relatives are listed. Reports, limited correspondence concerning or from DP camps in Germany. Materials about camps include references to welfare, lefts, activities of displaced persons. Contains list of potential emigrants to Palestine from Garmisch-Partenkirchen; list of names from Vilseck. Reports and correspondence on conditions and needs of Jews in Belsen, relations with Central Committee of Liberated Jews, newspaper Jews and non-Jews in camp, urgent need for personnel. Materials concerning the closing of Camp Foehrenwald, including German and JDC aid for resettlement, local integration or emigration; letters on procedures for emigration grants.

Materials on origin of camp, the transition to an all-Jewish camp for displaced persons, activities and services within camp, including welfare and education programs. Miscellaneous on transfer of Foehrenwald from the auspices of the International Refugee Organization IRO to German authority, and liquidation plans, need to resettle remaining population.

Miscellaneous correspondence from soldiers regarding aid to displaced persons. Statistical reports from installations, with wide range of data; limited space for narrative. Some comments on legal matters, problems matching individuals to camp jobs due to emigration. Memos, correspondence, reports on development of vocational training, employment and other work projects for displaced persons, determining what was feasible supplies, personnel, coordination and cooperation of agencies and camp committees , and how to compensate or motivate workers. Primarily statistics on number of departures, names of ships.

Miscellaneous accounting letters. Correspondence about problem of resettling intermarried refugee families in U. Correspondence, reports on emigration, expenses, limited migration options for displaced persons. Cables on departures of ships, flights. Miscellaneous on prospects, problems of immigration to Israel. Monthly narrative and statistical reports incomplete , including numbers of emigrants, method of transport, destinations.

Cables on ship departures. Miscellaneous on immigration to U. Materials regarding Otto Weiler, representative of the Reichsvereinigung, endeavoring to secure blocked deposits of German refugees; includes small list of depositors. Correspondence on liquidating the account. Lists names of depositors in the so-called Weiler-Simon Account. Reports on medical services, needs of hard-core, how medical care and old-age facilities will be effected by emigration; first hard-core transports to Israel May 6, on SS Artzeh.

Reports on health, medical needs and services, personnel, health education; impact on and prospects for emigration for the hard-core, including those who have TB, are aged, chronically ill, physically or mentally handicapped. Reports on health, medical needs and services; including personnel, administration, maternal and child care, medical facilities.

Recurring reviews of needs, installations, capacity for care of the elderly, chronically ill, handicapped, mental patients; statistics on patients, services, staff. Medical Information Bulletins in German. Reports on medical activities incomplete include statistics on illness, treatments, procedures, capacity, patients. Correspondence from individuals in the U. Correspondence, cables, reports on import licenses, shipments, allocations and distribution of supplies. Accounting memos on duty-free certification. Press release July 13, summarizing two years of relief supplies for displaced persons.

Cables, reports on relief supplies, warehouse inventories, distribution and logistics, including problems due to Berlin blockade.

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Miscellaneous complaints, grievances about distribution, allocations. Correspondence regarding individuals, congregations and organizations that wish to send relief supplies to displaced persons camps. Cables, reports on requests, on shipments of relief supplies, shipping procedures and logistics, warehouse inventories and theft.

Queries from individuals and organizations that wish to send relief supplies to DP camps; complaints about distribution. Urgent cables requesting food, funds, clothing, personnel. Cables on shipments, licenses, procedures. Correspondence regarding the provision, production and distribution of general, technical and Hebrew and Yiddish literary and religious books, as well as scientific journals, dictionaries, textbooks, Jewish newspapers and Yiddish plays; special requests for books in Polish and textbooks for medical students.

Cables, correspondence on myriad arrangements, beginning September 15, , to borrow and screen Yiddish and American movies to displaced persons; list of films. Contains list of names of some survivors of Belsen, Theresienstadt. Publication issued by Supply Department Munich on allocations, items distributed, rations, procedures. Incomplete, file includes bulletins , minus 5, 8, Reports on distribution of Passover supplies; press release April 2, on Passover supplies for refugees who escaped from Soviet Occupation Zone to West Berlin.

Cables, correspondence on requests, shipments of supplies; list of supplies. Correspondence November regarding purchase of 10 ambulances. Contains list of children at Bad Aibling who were injected with Plasma Globulin. Correspondence seeking supplies, including sheet music, printing paper, tennis balls, theater equipment, films, books and library materials. List July 31, of supplies sent to Germany from the U. Memo from S. Correspondence, reports on general, religious and vocational education. Extracts from monthly reports on educational, cultural, religious, recreational and vocational activities in the U.

Occupation Zone, including religious practices, observance of Shabbat; statistics on schools, students, teachers, courses. Correspondence on end of quotas at German universities, and appeals for aid from Jewish Students Union. Correspondence, reports on the development and organization of educational, religious and cultural activities in U. Munk Adas Yisroel as the first rabbi in Berlin since prewar days; ending June Correspondence, primarily from Irving Antell December 23, , on the need to move elderly out of Germany in light of worsening political and material situation.

Correspondence, pamphlets on anti-Semitism. Materials on the prisoners are incomplete.

German Refugees (1945)

Cables, correspondence on Jewish population. Statistical reports incomplete through December ; usually include camp figures, include age and gender of DPs; occasional narrative analysis of the demographics, primarily in U. Occupation Zone and British Occupation Zone. Accounting memos, correspondence regarding currency transactions, currency exchange and financial transfers. Accounting memos on financial transfers; correspondence on currency transactions.

Budgets, statistical and narrative budget estimates, including summaries of relief, medical and child care programs. Accounting memos on financial transfers, licenses, currency exchange. Budgets, statistical and narrative summaries of relief, medical and child care programs. Correspondence on fluctuation of currency, effect on operations.

Reports on local political, economic and communal conditions. Correspondence on emigration; appeals for funds. Reports on programs, conditions in Greece and within Jewish communities, including relief, reconstruction, vocational training and rehabilitation of artisans, need for religious and cultural leadership. Correspondence includes appeals for aid, communal complaints, status of property restitution law. Correspondence, reports on political, economic and communal conditions. Materials on extreme destitution, homelessness of returning Holocaust survivors. Correspondence from Finance Ministry on property restitution.

Reports, correspondence on political, economic and communal conditions, including destitution, homelessness, medical needs, orphans. Correspondence regarding operations, expenses of home, supported by National Council of Jewish Women, for rehabilitation of girls who had been living in sheltered housing. Correspondence on emigration from Greece to the U. Memos, reports on medical programs, facilities, disposition of Baron Hirsch Hospital in Saloniki Salonika. Memos, correspondence on efforts to recover heirless Jewish communal properties under Greek restitution law, anticipated division of proceeds, problems with implementation of law, including presumption of death.

Correspondence on establishment, activities of kassa; accounting correspondence on remittances, use of funds. Memos, statistical and narrative reports on status of loans, list of borrowers, occupations, economic conditions. Correspondence on shipments of matzot to communities in Greece, Albania. Cables, correspondence on requests, payments and shipments of relief supplies. Correspondence on government import restrictions, customs delays. Correspondence on educational programs, problems, including availability of religious leaders, teachers, procurement of books, supplies.

Report unsigned, September 9, on Jewish education in Greece. Undated memo by Dr. Cecil Roth on Jewish cemetery in Saloniki Salonika. Correspondence, press release, minutes of meetings of voluntary agencies regarding aid to victims of earthquakes in Ionian Islands. Contains list of survivors. Financial-statistical reports of Joint Relief Committee regarding aid to refugees.

Financial-statistical reports, correspondence with Joint Relief Committee regarding aid to refugees. Miscellaneous correspondence, including correspondence about undesirability of Haiti as resettlement site local community too small, unable to assume responsibility for immigrants. Correspondence, financial statements from community regarding aid to refugees in transit from Shanghai. Accounting memos, cash reports, correspondence on remittances, loan kassas, credit, miscellaneous subventions, budget Miscellaneous accounting, financial correspondence on transfer of funds.

Lists names throughout correspondence. Materials on conditions of surviving Dutch Jewry, including children, on aid to war victims from Dutch government, communal reconstruction. Miscellaneous on problems within community over Nazi-era communal leadership. Correspondence, reports regarding conditions at liberation, needs, rescue and care of children, commotion between pre- and postwar communal leadership. Miscellaneous on persecution by Nazis. Miscellaneous correspondence on religious supplies, loan to repair synagogue. Rabbinaat der Nederlandsch-Israelietische Hoofdsynagoge te Amsterdam.

Materials on condition, aid, needs of two groups of children: Dutch Jewish children who were rescued by non-Jews, and Jewish refugee children who temporarily are in Holland. Contains list of names of some orphaned children. Financial correspondence, accounting memos on remittances, payments for emigration.

Lists names on correspondence, accounting memos. Miscellaneous materials on Dutch property laws, restitution laws, legal rights; prospect of Dutch successor organization to claim heirless assets; assets held in Switzerland. Contains list of names dated June 8, of people whose lift vans came into Holland during war. Cables, memos on immigration, emigration, emigration procedures, supplies, transfer of former Belsen internees.

Cables of shipments, prices, amounts of relief supplies. Correspondence with Netherlands Red Cross regarding distribution of supplies. Correspondence, cables on supplies, primarily on purchase of matzot. Gertrude Pinsky letter October 26, regarding distribution of kosher food to the Jewish community in Utrecht. Cables, correspondence about medical supplies for Holland, primarily from Siegfried Kramarsky New York. Copy English of Royal Decree of September 17, , and amendments, on the restoration of legal lefts.

Regulations on composition, powers of the council for restoration of legal rights; regulations on restitution, lefts of original property owners, current possessors. Correspondence, statistical reports on community services, fund-raising correspondence. Record Group: Aden. Series 1: Aden: Administration: General. File 3: Aden, Extent: 1. File 4: Aden, Extent: 0.

Martha and Waitstill Sharp | The Holocaust Encyclopedia

Record Group: Albania. Series 1: Albania: Administration: General. File Albania, General, Extent: 0. Record Group: Algeria. Series 1: Algeria: Administration: Financial. File Algeria, Financial, Extent: 0. Series 2: Algeria: Administration: General. File Algeria, General, Extent: 0. File Algeria, Emigration, Extent: 0. Series 4: Algeria: Subject Matter: Medical. File Algeria, Medical, Extent: 0. Series 5: Algeria: Subject Matter: Refugees. File Algeria, Relief Supplies, Extent: 0. Cables, memos on insurance and shipping of relief supplies.

File Algeria, Education, Extent: 0. File Algeria, Disasters, , Extent: 0. Record Group: Argentina. Series 1: Argentina: Administration: Financial. File Argentina, Financial, Extent: 0. Series 2: Argentina: Administration: Fund-Raising. File Argentina, Fund-Raising, Extent: 0. Correspondence regarding impediments to fund-raising. Personal Names: Caiserman, H. Series 3: Argentina: Administration: General. File Argentina, General, Extent: 0. File Argentina, General, , Extent: 0.

Series 4: Argentina: Organizations. File Argentina, Immigration, Extent: 0. Series 6: Argentina: Subject Matter: Medical. Record Group: Aruba. Series 1: Aruba: Administration: General. File Aruba, General, Extent: 0. Record Group: Australia. Series 1: Australia: Administration: Financial. File Australia, Financial, Extent: 0. File Australia, Transfer of Funds, Extent: 1. Series 2: Australia: Administration: Fund-Raising. File Australia, Fund-Raising, , Extent: 0.

Series 3: Australia: Administration: General. Personal Names: Prince, Leslie B. Series 4: Australia: Organizations. File Australia, Bialystoker Center, Extent: 0. File Australia, Immigration of Children, Extent: 0. Personal Names: Brand, W. Series 6: Australia: Subject Matter: Reconstruction.

File Australia, Loan Funds, Extent: 0. Record Group: Austria. Series 1: Austria: Administration: Financial. File Austria, Financial, Extent: 0. File Austria, Financial, Extent: 1. Series 2: Austria: Administration: General. File Austria, General, Extent: 0.

Numéros en texte intégral

Benson Schwartz, Joseph Tuchmann, Dr. Series 3: Austria: Administration: Publicity. Series 4: Austria: Administration: Statistical Reports. Series 5: Austria: Localities. File Austria, Innsbruck, Extent: 0. Series 6: Austria: Organizations. File Austria, Voluntary Agencies, Extent: 0. File Austria, Chevra Kadisha, ? Grubel, Frederick Saks, J.

Immigration Geographic Locations: Austria Europe. Series 7: Austria: Subject Matter: Children. File Austria, Children, Extent: 0. Personal Names: Rogoff, Dr. Trobe, Harold Zikovsky, Dr. File Austria, Displaced Persons, Extent: 1. Escapee Program U. Gilgen St. Wolfgang Steiermark Trofaiach U. File Austria, Work Projects, Extent: 0. File Austria, Emigration, Extent: 0. Series Austria: Subject Matter: Medical. File Austria, Medical, , Extent: 1. Personal Names: Landes, Dr.

Jacob Molnar, Dr. Series Austria: Subject Matter: Property. Series Austria: Subject Matter: Reconstruction. File Austria, Loan Kassas, Extent: 0. Series Austria: Subject Matter: Refugees. When the regime failed to respond, the workers took to the streets and demanded a change in government. The rebellion quickly spread throughout East Germany and was quelled only when Soviet troops intervened, killing at least 21 people and wounding hundreds of others.

In the wave of retribution that followed, some 1, were sentenced to prison for taking part in the uprising, which the East German government portrayed as a plot by West Germany and the United States. In Moscow ceased to demand reparations and proclaimed East Germany a sovereign state. The SED leadership loosened ideological controls on artistic and intellectual activities somewhat, increased the production of consumer goods, and relaxed pressure on farmers to enter collective farms. Agricultural yields improved, and the last food rationing ended in Within a few years, however, the government resumed its repressive measures and again shifted its economic priorities to favour the collectivization of agriculture and investment in heavy industry at the expense of consumer goods.

The flight of refugees through Berlin continued, with a high proportion of technicians, managers, and professionals among them. In the flow of refugees to West Germany through Berlin increased dramatically, bringing the total number of East Germans who had fled since the war to some three million. On August 13, , the East German government surprised the world by sealing off West Berlin from East Berlin and surrounding areas of East Germany, first with barbed wire and later by construction of a concrete wall through the middle of the city and around the periphery of West Berlin.

East Germans could no longer go to the West through the tightly guarded crossing points without official permission, which was rarely granted. Under party boss Ulbricht, the East German government also tightened the repressive policies of what had become a totalitarian communist dictatorship. Upon the death of President Pieck in , Ulbricht had assumed the powers of the presidency as head of a newly created Council of State. In he imposed a new constitution on East Germany that sharply curtailed civil and political rights. The SPD, which had broadened its appeal by jettisoning the last remnants of its Marxist past and accepting the existing economic system in its Bad Godesberg program of , scored impressive gains.

Adenauer managed to retain the chancellorship by forming another coalition with the Free Democrats, but his position was weakened. The elderly chancellor was further weakened when in his defense minister, Franz Josef Strauss of the Bavarian Christian Social Union , adopted high-handed methods in bringing about the arrest of the editors of the popular weekly news magazine Der Spiegel —which had been critical of Strauss—in connection with an alleged security leak.

At the insistence of the Free Democrats, Adenauer relinquished the chancellorship in October to Erhard. For the next three years the Federal Republic was governed by a grand coalition of the two largest parties, the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats, with Christian Democrat Kurt Georg Kiesinger as chancellor and Social Democrat Willy Brandt as foreign minister. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback.