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The dominant 'Security or Freedom' framework for evaluating counterterrorist law thus fails to capture an important characteristic: increased executive power that shifts the balance between branches of government.

Laura K. Donohue

This book re-calculates the cost of counterterrorist law to the United Kingdom and the United States, arguing that the damage caused is significantly greater than first appears. Donohue warns that the proliferation of biological and nuclear materials, together with willingness on the part of extremists to sacrifice themselves, may drive each country to take increasingly drastic measures with a resultant shift in the basic structure of both states.

What is the trade-off between security and freedom? Laura K. Donohue re-calculates the cost of counterterrorist law in the United States and the United Kingdom over the past four decades and argues that the damage caused by anti-terror legislation is significantly greater than it first appears. She has written numerous articles on terrorism and counterterrorism in liberal, democratic states and is the author of Counter-Terrorist Law and Emergency Powers in the United Kingdom Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Cambridge University Press, Condition: New.

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Civil Liberties in the Age of Terrorism Part 1

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CRC Press Online - Series: Routledge Studies in Liberty and Security

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Biographies- Surveillance and Civil Liberties in the U.S.

Black Ops soldier Ben Treven needs to perform a mission to keep out of some serious trouble. The job he has is to recover some tapes which will cause trouble for people up to the highest levels of Government and he is obviously not the only one looking for them. A great combination. The action begins when the new Director of Central Intelligence receives a telephone call, directing him to a Website containing footage of waterboarding and torture. He is told that unless one hundred million dollars in uncut diamonds are received, the footage will be released to TV networks.

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Competing factions of the U. Timely, intense, and frighteningly real, Inside Out is a thriller that could have only been written by a former CIA operative turned bestselling author. It is disturbing and will haunt readers long after the last page has been read.

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As he used to be a covert operative with the CIA himself, the details of surveillance, logistics and gunplay ring true. It is a microscope turned on the official policies of torture, extraordinary rendition, and the systematic ghosting of detainees. Through the dialogue of his engaging characters, Eisler insightfully conveys the incredible damage these policies caused our nation and the danger they pose to democracy and freedom.

Eisler is a rarity, the ex-spook who turns himself into a great thriller writer. His tight plotting and believable characters show us unforgivingly how counter-terrorism turns evil and counter-productive.

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Which makes it not only compelling but, alas, essential reading. Sensitive to the domestic political context, he offers a perspective that can only be gained by experience.

Inside Out synthesizes fact and fiction into a narrative that leaves you contemplating where one ends and the other begins. Donohue , J. This one, however, is also all too real and all too close to home.

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After you read it, you will find yourself looking at political news in a very different way… and wondering why these facts are assembled more convincingly in a clever, entertaining suspense novel than they are in the supposedly factual media. Read it for scary fun, only to realize that the facts were the scariest things of all. Ex-CIA agent Eisler puts black-ops veteran Ben Treven to work in a search for missing interrogation tapes that promise to answer a haunting question: How and why do our leaders use torture to force prisoners to endorse the fearful lies that keep them in power?

The book combines exciting entertainment with an almost encyclopedic summary of the torture scandal of the past decade, including a sly nod to the growing impact of the blogosphere. If you want to know where policies of war, torture, and assassination have taken this country, read this book. Not long ago, few would have accepted the possibility that the U.