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Building on the new perspective on the creation of quantum mechanics, the project investigates the early history of quantum field theory the merger of special relativity and quantum theory.

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We have been able to show how initially this was considered an integral part of the new quantum mechanics, but then, through the development of several novel concepts and methods specific to it alone, became a theory apart Blum, Lehner. We could thereby explain why quantum field theory and quantum mechanics, while generally considered to be parts of the same overarching framework, are taught and practiced very differently to this day.

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In this manner, we were able to re-evaluate much of the historiography of quantum field theory, which had underestimated this separation and thus failed to identify essential epistemic obstacles, instead blaming mere calculational mistakes for certain retarded developments Blum. It was only in the ongoing debate over the interpretation of quantum mechanics that the divorce between quantum mechanics and quantum field theory remained incomplete. The project further pursues the interpretation debate after World War II, in particular in its relation to quantum field theory, and studies how novel interpretations of quantum mechanics, such as the Bohmian particle interpretation, fared when faced with the rapidly expanding theoretical structures of quantum field theory Blum, Andrea Oldofredi.

The project also studies the early attempts at merging quantum theory and general relativity and how this search for a theory of quantum gravity emerged much later than is usually assumed as the central unsolved problem of theoretical physics. We have reconstructed the origins of the different approaches to the problem and shown how the attempts to bring these approaches together to form a coherent quantum gravity community in the s failed due to the lack of a unifying theoretical and formal framework Blum, Hartz.

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The aim of the Partner Group is to form a new basis for understanding how knowledge of modern physics was transferred to China and was further developed there, for example, in the attempt to set up a non-atomistic alternative to the Western quark model. Search and Keywords.

The QMCS has gone through 13 different versions in the process of development, with many questions being eliminated, modified, or added based on research with students. Supporting physics teaching with research-based resources.

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ST Phys. External Resources. Silver Validation This is the second highest level of research validation, corresponding to at least 5 of the validation categories below.

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Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Quantum Theory, together with the principles of special and general relativity, constitute a scientific revolution that has profoundly influenced the way in which we think about the universe and the fundamental forces that govern it. Show all. Comments by distinguished physicists on "The Historical Development of Quantum Theory": "…the most definitive work undertaken by anyone on this vast and most important development in the history of physics.

Bethe, Nobel Laureate "A thrilling and magnificent achievement!