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The Book of Peace: By Christine de Pizan

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  • Free delivery. Arrives by Wednesday, Oct 9. Pickup not available. Francis himself did not leave us an elaborate discussion of what peace really meant, but he practiced it throughout his entire life, whether he engaged with his fellow people or with the birds and beasts.

    Penn State Romance Studies

    Christine de Pizan — , an important fifteenth-century woman writer, composed a treatise on peace, Le Livre de la paix , 9 in which she pursues a mostly didactic-religious perspective, addressing princes primarily, who should work diligently toward peace. Dissension, as the result of intolerance, creates aggression, which evolves into violence. A prince is supposed to put aside hatred, and subscribe to love, benevolence, and unity In essence, she equates peace with wisdom, since no wise ruler would voluntarily replace peace with war.

    For Christine, peace can be maintained if princes listen to wise counselors, appoints trustworthy officials, avoids cruelty book II , exerts justice, pays attention to authority, and avoids unilateral decisions. She advocated for peace from a political-ethical standpoint, and thus contributed in a highly pragmatic fashion to the further development of the discourse on peace in the pre-modern era, a time certainly deeply shaken by extensive and long-term wars and other military conflicts.

    Both Christine and St. Francis are deeply insightful, timeless, spiritual, and illuminating philosophers on peace and its universal meaning. We need only little translation to make both their teachings relevant today.

    The goals and ideas have not changed, but only the material and political framework. The discourse on peace goes on, and by studying St. Francis and Christine de Pizan we can influence a peaceful future. See, for instance, the contributions to A Natural History of Peace , ed. See the Handbook on Peace Education , ed.

    Albrecht Classen, Verzweiflung und Hoffnung. Die Suche nach der kommunikativen Gemeinschaft in der deutschen Literatur des Mittelalters. Beihefte zur Mediaevistik, 1 Frankfurt a. I have discussed many of these texts and their critical messages in the volume Violence in Medieval Courtly Literature: A Casebook , ed. Albrecht Classen. Albrecht Classen and Connie Scarborough. Pansters, Franciscan Virtues The Little Flowers of St. Francis and Other Franciscan Writings , newly trans.

    Christine de Pizan, The Book of Peace , ed. Mews, et al. He has published more than 80 scholarly books and nine volumes of his own poetry. He is editor of the journals, Mediaevistik and Humanities Open Access. He has received numerous research, teaching, and advising awards, such as the Carnegie Foundation Professor of the Year Award.