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A suspense novel that exposes a ruthless conspiracy against all Americans. Nearly thirty years after Rich Coleman and Erica Fox narrowly survive their chilling death pact they are still together and thriving. Rich Coleman's son Matt has just passed the bar exams and is anxious to make his fortune practicing law. Unfortunately his plans to be a PI attorney have been soured by tort reform. Matt's new bride Lynn is a marketing major and, with the help of her college professor, comes up with a brilliant marketing plan - convince people that the credit card companies are manipulating them into a permanent state of financial slavery.

Since their financial distress is a result of these practices there is no shame involved in filing a bankruptcy to get out of their grip and become a free person again. As a result of this plan business booms and bankruptcy filings climb. Of course several banks that are involved in predatory credit card practices are severely hurt. The problem is that these are very powerful people and they do not want his success to continue, nor do they want other lawyers copying his success in other parts of the country.

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One particular banker, Frank Hill of Midsouth Bank, is particularly disturbed by the serious financial losses his bank is suffering as a result of all these new bankruptcies. To save his bank from these crippling losses he orders some very drastic and ruthless measures to stop Matt and Lynn and to destroy their Debt Relief Centers of Texas. Hill's actions turn out to be quite effective and the Debt Relief Centers of Texas are put out of business.

Publisher's Summary

But as Matt reels from the devastation inflicted upon him, he concocts a plan to, not only destroy Frank Hill and Midsouth Bank, but to expose the credit card conspiracy in a way that will force Congress to do something about it. Love, greed and revenge fuel this raging thriller about the evil spawned by the Plastic Gods we love and cherish. While Stan conducts a preemptive investigation to prove his clients are innocent, he is inundated with lawsuits and claims from their growing list of creditors and must deal with the inevitable marital strife that threatens these once proud families.

A wrongful death suit worth millions, ancient Peruvian pottery filled with diamonds and a confrontation with the Mob round out this nail biting legal thriller. A high school student, Kevin Wells, while serving on an ROTC color guard is confronted with the eminent assassination of a foreign diplomat. By the time Kevin regains consciousness 10 days later, he has become a national hero and his life has changed forever. Unfortunately when she returns to Trinidad-Tobago, Kevin fears he will never see her again.

Much to his shock and delight, Kevin is summoned to Trinidad-Tobago by the Prime Minister to testify against his alleged assassin.

The Liberator

Kevin is delighted since this will allow him to see Kiran again. It's in Dallas and Stan decides to throw a Christmas party at his home as a way of saying thanks to the clients who have sustained him during his first tumultuous year in the practice of law. As Stan's luck would have it, a client is killed and Stan is blamed for his death.

While trying to shield himself from the wrath of the grieving widow, he's asked to defend a young college student charged with murdering her newborn child. Knowing he lacks the experience for such an undertaking, he enlists his former criminal law professor to be "Second Chair. When Snake fails to show up for the last few days of trial Stan is devastated. A ppealing characters and lively dialogue, especially in the courtroom, make this an easy, entertaining read.

Manchee's command of the justice system, added to his experiences in court and with clients, makes for a good read.

author, Novelist William Manchee Books in Print

Betty Bettacchi, Richardson News. Manchee, an attorney, spins a good plot, playing out the scenes slowly so the reader is caught in the what-comes-next trap.

Richly textured with wonderful atmosphere, the novel shows Manchee as a smooth, polished master of the mystery form. The Book Reader. Richard Coleman, has made partner in his law firm in record time. Despite his success there is little joy in his life having recently lost his wife in a tragic car accident. It's been a year now and he's tried to adjust to the loneliness and emptiness in his life with little success. Then he meets Erica Fox, the seventeen year old daughter of a high roller, Franklin Fox.

Fox is divorced and needs someone to be trustee over Erica's affairs should he die.

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  4. After eliminating all potential candidates for the job, Rich ends up being recruited for the task. When Franklin dies, Rich assumes his duties but soon is drawn into an illicit affair. Create Widget. About William Manchee. Videos Tarizon:The Liberator.

    Tarizon: The Liberator

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    Reason for report: — Select a reason — Book is or contains spam Book infringes copyright Same content is published elsewhere with different author for ex. It is slowly recovering ecologically but the political situation is volatile. The fight is between the Purists who want to rid Tarizon of a growing mutant population and eliminate all non-human intelligent life-forms, and the Loyalists who want to restore the Supreme Mandate that guarantees freedom and basic rights for all humans and other sentient beings.

    Videl Lai has become Chancellor in a tainted election. Once in power, he renounces Tarizon's constitution, The Supreme Mandate, and orders the extermination of all non-human life forms. The Loyalist party anticipating Videl's rise to power has been planning a civil war to restore rule under the Supreme Mandate and stop the genocide. But the Loyalist Party is weak and there is little hope it will be able to defeat Videl Lai and his formidable army.

    The only hope seems to be a prophecy that foretells of the arrival of a Liberator from Earth who would lead a revolt to rid Tarizon of a ruthless dictator. Peter, much to his shock and dismay, soon learns that many on Tarizon believe that he is this Liberator and is expected to lead the revolution against Videl Lai and free the Nanomites, Mutants, and Seafolken from bondage.

    He began his legal career in Dallas as a sole practitioner in and currently practices with his son Jim. A resident of Plano, Texas he and his wife Janet have been married nearly 40 years and raised four children. Inspired by twenty years of true life experiences as an attorney, Manchee discovered his passion for writing in Customer Reviews Average Review.

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    Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Tarizon is recovering from a series of super volcanic eruptions that nearly destroyed all life on the planet.