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The book opens "It's an old, old story: I had a friend and we shared everything, and then she died and so we shared that too. They were introduced by a dog walker who recognized their many similarities and they began "walking their puppies" together in the woods. Finding Caroline was like placing a personal ad for an imaginary friend, then having her show up at your door funnier and better than you could have conceived.

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Time magazine states that it is "[h]eartbreaking but never maudlin" and "a testament to the power and beauty of mature friendship. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Let's Take the Long Way Home:. Dewey Decimal.

Categories : American memoirs non-fiction books. Fortunately for the band, 'Take the Long Way Home' had a much easier journey at radio, where it peaked at No. And while Hodgson and Davies would split not long after 'Breakfast' turned their group into superstars, with the former pursuing a solo career and the latter intermittently leading a reconstituted Supertramp, the album has aged far better than some of its contemporaries -- partly due to the timeless themes explored in Hodgson's lyrics, and partly due to the songs' pristine production.

Weekend Songs: Supertramp, ‘Take the Long Way Home’

Somewhat surprisingly, according to 'Breakfast' co-producer Peter Henderson, the album -- which took a rather incredible nine months to record -- rested on good old-fashioned live performances underneath all those overdubs. Everything was fresh, and that's what I liked about the album — even though it ended up taking about nine months to complete, there's still a really, really vibrant, fresh feel to the tracks," he explained to Sound on Sound. It was just five people playing in a room. There were no click tracks and there was no splicing of the backing tracks.

And as for those gloomy lyrics, about a guy taking the long way home because he'd rather not face the many ways in which his life fails to match up to his dreams?

TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME – First Time In Audiobook – Brian Keene

They may not be the most cheerful rhymes Hodgson ever set to paper, but they do point a way forward, insisting that if your life feels like a catastrophe, those feelings might be there to give you something to push up against -- a reason to grow. So if you're feeling less than satisfied with your lot in life this Friday, take Hodgson's advice and the long way home.

Take the Long Way Home - Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) Writer and Composer

But there's no reason to wait until closing time, because we've helpfully embedded a live version of the song below; just hit play, turn up the volume, and let your weekend start now. Home News.

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