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She currently belongs to the wealthy Lucas Holt , a man who is loyal but has never been interested in permanence. He does come to The House upon occasion, but only to watch. Ren is estranged from her parents, moralists who live in chaos. Cole Madison , a real estate developer with the golden touch, is a frequent visitor to The House but has only been interested in touching and preparing the women.

Sweet Addiction by Maya Banks

Damon Roche is quite wealthy and owns The House , a private club catering to kink. His pregnant wife, Serena Sweet Persuasion , 2 , is pregnant. Sam is driver and bodyguard for Damon and Serena.

Angelina belongs to Micah Hudson who has shared her with other men, including Cole Sweet Temptation , 4. Nathan Tucker is married to Julie Sweet Seduction , 3.

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Craig is a bouncer. Captain Mike and C. Now ten years later he still has not found anyone he feels for like he did for Ren.

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Ren is now with Lucas and finally feels loved, protected and complete since Cole walked out on her. I would have loved more of Lucas in story. I really missed all the girls. I am excited that Damon and Serena are having their family. It was fun to see Damon scared shitless.

Sweet Possession (Sweet Series 5) Maya Banks Audiobook

I loved that every one was still making fun of Micah for always having the baby in the baby sling on his chest. As usual the sex scenes were HOT and some are very intense.

Sweet Addiction (Sweet Series #6)

If you are a fan of the series I would love to know what you think after you read it. Thank you for stopping by Guilty Pleasures! Please follow us stay up to date on everything going on. I am a huge fan of this series and you are perfectly correct in saying that Cole deserves what his friends have. I hope I enjoy this book. I really do. LOL Nice review!

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