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When Loretta finds out what he's up to, she has to make an impossible choice - do the right thing and leave him to face the violent consequences, or risk everything she's ever worked for to save his skin. This novel is roughly 41, words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.

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There was still a bad taste in his mouth from the last time. Take it. The police will be here soon. Just take it and go. Now that he looked closer, there were flecks of darker brown in the hazel of her irises.

Domestic Violence within the Jewish Community

But he had a feeling she was enjoying the rush of an armed robbery. He nodded, getting closer still. She was even prettier at a second glance.

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Her lips parted ever so slightly. She was thinking about it.

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Although women are not literally battered in these sources justification for abuse can be clearly inferred from some of these sources in that they promote an attitude that condones battering, hence the use of the term 'metaphoric battering'. Rabbinic responses to wife beating can be categorized as follows: Acceptance, Rejection, Denial, Apologetics, and Evasion.

Although most rabbinic sages deal strictly with the phenomenon or else justify its existence. Maimonides is most often cited in this context as a rabbi who says that when a woman does not perform her household duties, it is permissible to hit her even with a stick.

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This means that for women they must stay in an abusive relationship longer than it is safe for them to do so. Many agunot anchored or chained women have been created as a result of those rabbis who are unwilling to use halachic means to free wives from oppressive husbands. At the end of the book a takkanah halakhic amendment is proposed as a suggestion for religious leaders to alleviate the serious problem of trapped women and to redress the imbalance found in traditional Jewish marriages. Bookseller Inventory Ask Seller a Question.

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About this title Synopsis: The topic of battered women in the Jewish tradition has just begun to be properly explored. Graetz is a volunteer lecturer for The Women's Support Center of the Negev, which operates a shelter for battered women in Beersheba, and runs a Rosh Hodesh Group for the women of Congregation Magen Avraham, of which she is a member "About this title" may belong to another edition of this title. Shipping Terms: All books with dustwrappers are shipped with a Brodart protective book jacket cover unless otherwise noted.

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