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Explore the latest social science book reviews by academics and experts. Facebook Facebook. In this context, Clifford contends that To take seriously the current resurgence of native, tribal or aboriginal societies we need to avoid both romantic celebration and knowing critique.

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He has been a visiting professor in France, England and Germany and was elected to the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences in He was co-editor with George Marcus of the widely influential collection Writing Culture: the Poetics and Politics of Ethnography Clifford's work has sparked controversy and critical debate in a number of disciplines, such as literature , art history and visual studies , and especially in cultural anthropology.

His historical and rhetorical critiques of ethnography contributed to Anthropology's important self-critical, decolonizing period of the s and early s.

Since then he has worked in a cultural studies framework that combines cross-cultural scholarship with the British Birmingham tradition. Since his writing has focused on processes of globalization and decolonization as they influence contemporary "indigenous" lives.

Becoming Indigenous in the Twenty-First Century

James Clifford's dissertation research was conducted at Harvard University in History — , and focused on the history of anthropology. His dissertation and first book, "Person and Myth" was a study of the missionary-anthropologist Maurice Leenhardt and the colonial history of New Caledonia in French Melanesia.

A geographical interest in the Island Pacific continues to influence Clifford's scholarship on issues related to indigeneity, transnational flows, museum studies , visual and performance studies , cultural studies , and cross-cultural translation.

The Twenty-First Century

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INDS Indigenous Peoples and the Environment

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Returns: becoming indigenous in the twenty-first century, by James Clifford

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