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Volume 42 January - December Volume 41 January - December Volume 40 January - December Volume 39 January - December Volume 38 January - December Volume 37 January - December Volume 36 January - December Volume 35 January - December Volume 34 January - December Volume 33 January - December Volume 32 January - December Volume 31 January - December Volume 30 January - December Volume 29 January - December Volume 28 January - December Volume 27 January - December Fricke and U. Zahn, Mesopause temperatures derived from pro bing the hyperfine structure of the D 2 resonance line of sodium by lidar, J.

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Svanberg, J. Bjarnason, H. Sigurdsson, Lidar search for atomic mercury in Icelandic geothermal fields, Submitted to J. Edner, P. Ragnarsson, S. Svanberg and E. Wallinder, to appear. Uchino, M.

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Togunaga, M. Maeda, and Y. Miyazoe, Differential ab sorption lidar measurement of tropospheric ozone with excimer- Raman hybrid laser, Opt. Werner, K. Rothe, and H. Walther, Monitoring of the stratosphe ric ozone layer by laser radar, Appl. B32 Megie, G. Ancellet, and J. Pelon, Lidar measurements of ozone vertical profiles, Appl. Edner, S.

Ebook Physics Reports Vol.298

Wendt, Gas correlation lidar, Opt. Andersson, S. QE Hercules ed.

Kirchoff's voltage ecejyredagij.mlcal class 12th

Wehry ed. I , and Vol. Andersson, E. Svanberg and S. Svanberg, Autofluorescence of various rodent tissues and human skin tumour samples, Lasers Med. Hoge, R. Swift and J. Yungel, Active-passive airborne ocean color measurement. Buja-Bijunas and D. Rayner, Field performance of a laser fluorosensor for the detection of oil spills, Appl. Capelle, L. Franks, D.

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Jessup, Aerial testing of a KrF laser-based fluorosensor, Appl. Kim, Airborne bathymetric charting using pulsed blue-green lasers, Appl. Swift and E. Frederick, Water depth measurement using an airborne pulsed neon laser system, Appl. Celander, K. Galle and S. Svanberg and B. Havs- fiskelaboratoriet , Swedish Fishery Board, Lysekil Galle, T. Olsson and S. Svanberg, Remote sample characteri zation based on fluorescence monitoring, Appl.

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B44 Svanberg, Fluorosensor for remote characterization of marine oil-slicks, Intern. Measures, ed. Swift, and J.

Does Antimatter Fall Up or Down?

Yungel, Feasiblility of airborne de- tection of laser-induced fluorescence of green terrestrial plants, Appl. Chappelle, F. Wood, W.