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Tu shu guan Zhongguo zhi shi ji chu she shi gong cheng [publisher not identified]. Use of Oxford e-resources Oxford subscribes to a wide range of e-resources, e-journals and e-books to support your research and study. Remember: E-resources may be used for study and research but NOT for commercial purposes You may NOT share your password or pass content from e-resources to anyone else Systematic downloading or viewing of excessive amounts of data is strictly forbidden Failure to comply may result in: Referral to the University Proctors Publishers withdrawing content from the whole university.

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription. Ammianus Marcellinus Online This link opens in a new window. This opens a pop-up window to share the URL for this database. All periods and all geographic areas. Business Expert Press This link opens in a new window. The collection provides access to a varied selection of business books dated between to current. Cecil Papers, The This link opens in a new window. The collection includes many 16th and 17th century state papers, grants from the Crown, legal documents, treaties, correspondence, and political memoranda.

East India Company offers access to digitised primary source documents from the India Office Records, held at the British Library, a key archive for the history of South Asia from to and the most important collection for the history of the East India Company itself. Eighteenth Century Drama This link opens in a new window.

Eighteenth Century Drama features the John Larpent Collection from the Huntingdon Library — a unique archive of almost every play submitted for licence between and Larpent preserved the original submissions, over 2, of which are presented in this resource. Hundreds of further documents including playbills, theatre records and correspondence also feature, including papers and correspondence of David Garrick, Edmund Kean, Sarah Siddons, among others.

Foreign Office Files for China, This link opens in a new window. This resource makes available the complete British Foreign Office files dealing with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan during one of the most turbulent and defining periods in Chinese history. It includes diplomatic dispatches, letters, newspaper cuttings, maps, reports of court cases, biographies of leading personalities, summaries of events and diverse other materials, providing unprecedented levels of detail into historical events that shaped modern and contemporary China.

It comprises formally classified British government documents, including correspondence, annual reports, dispatches, maps, minutes of ministerial meetings and printed leaflets. Jewish Life in America This link opens in a new window. Based on a rich variety of original manuscript collections from the American Jewish Historical Society in New York, this indispensable resource offers captivating insights into the everyday lives of the American Jewish population over three centuries. Charting the Jewish Diaspora from the earliest settlements through to the mass European influx of the early twentieth century, Jewish Life in America will appeal to researchers of all aspects of this diverse and extensive cultural heritage.

Military Architecture This link opens in a new window. Covers not only military architecture, but also the military arts artillery, army camps, siege and military history. Modern Languages Association. Coverage to present, updated nine times per year. The history of science and medicine in North America are represented in this collection, which also focuses on environmental history, pollution, human rights, public health and ethics.

Feedback should be sent to Isabel Holowaty isabel. Qur'an Gateway This link opens in a new window. Based on the latest academic research, the tool allows you to explore and analyse data from thousands of records. Features include the ability to examine linguistics and formulaic construction, track scribal changes from hundreds of original manuscripts, check meanings and references from the original Arabic and much more.

Please send feedback to Lydia Wright lydia. The RAI was founded in , and with roots back to Its distinguished tradition of scholarship stretching back over more than years. Feedback should be sent to Helen Worrell helen. Contents of the archive include maps, charts, manuscript material, field notes, correspondence, drawings, photographs, pamphlets, atlases, gazetteers, and a range of other published and unpublished material.

Feedback should be sent to Andrew Kernot andrew. Sephardic Editions, Installments This link opens in a new window. In an effort to encourage the free distribution of knowledge, please also consider using these open access links for your research:. List of open-access journals. Please note that everything on this subreddit is provided under fair use. As such, please do not sell, wrongfully distribute, use or abuse any services that you may receive from users on this site. Violations may result in suspension or banning of a particular user or this entire service.

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ILL avoids potential copyright issues. If you receive a PM from someone asking you to pay for the book, please understand that this is against the spirit of the sub and we do not condone this. Message the mods if you believe it to be a scam. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. New material considers the Confucian Socially Molded Self, decisions about who is and who is not a citizen in a republic, how to foster personhood in a planned city and the question of whether other animals do or should enjoy personhood.

MindTap Philosophy is also available. Packed with eye-catching photos and images, this best-selling text engages students with applications and activities that encourage critical thinking. Chapter-opening Core Concepts help students focus on the topics that matter most in every chapter. Each section within a chapter begins with clear Learning Objectives and section-ending Take Home Messages reinforce these key concepts. Links to Earlier Concepts help students make important connections and appreciate how living systems are interconnected and interacting.

Available with MindTap for Biology, the platform that gives instructors complete control of their course and powers students from memorization to mastery. Help your students effectively learn financial statement analysis as they perform analyses on real-world companies. Students learn to integrate concepts from economics, finance, business strategy, accounting, and other business disciplines as they progress through the book's unique six-step process.

The authors have included quick checks after each section so that students can be sure that they have obtained the key insights after reading each section. Continuing cases highlight companies familiar to students: Starbucks and PepsiCo. With a collection of over sources, each accompanied by an introductory essay and review questions, this two-volume primary source reader emphasizes the intellectual history and values of the Western tradition.

Sources are grouped around important themes in European history, including developments in intellectual and religious thought, warfare, revolution, and socio-economic change. The tenth edition includes more than 80 new selections and features completely revised chapters on the Middle Ages, the two world wars, totalitarianism, and Europe after World War II. To assure that this edition is as current as possible, the editors present essays -- updated just before publication -- on the European Union, ISIS, and Muslim immigration in Europe.

There are also more sources on women, and the introductions and review questions are updated. Construction Trades. This vividly illustrated, full-color text is based on the Home Builders Institute HBI National Skill Standards relevant to achieving a first job as a residential electrician. In addition to providing a thorough grounding in basic residential wiring concepts, the text covers "green" topics such as sustainable building practices and alternative energy systems, as well as practical applications, real-world scenarios, and safety practices.

Electrical Wiring: Residential, 8th Edition. Featuring the latest industry standards and procedures, the eighth Canadian edition of Electrical Wiring: Residential, provides comprehensive, authoritative coverage of the Canadian Electrical Code, as well as a thorough grounding in electrical knowledge and applications. Vivid illustrations coordinate with the latest code regulations to provide further clarity, and foldout plans at the back of the text give students hands-on practice applying code requirements. Electrical Wiring: Industrial, 6th Edition. Beyond an accurate interpretation of CEC requirements, the successful completion of any wiring installation requires the electrician to have a thorough understanding of basic electrical principles, a knowledge of the tools and materials used in installations, familiarity with commonly installed equipment and its specific wiring requirements, the ability to interpret electrical construction drawings, and a constant awareness of safe wiring practices.

Electrical Wiring: Industrial builds on the knowledge and experience gained from working with the other texts in the NELSON electrical wiring series and related titles. The basic skills developed in previous applications are now directed to industrial installations. The industrial electrician is responsible for the installation of electrical service, power, lighting, and special systems in new construction; for the changeover from old to new systems in established industrial buildings; for the provision of additional electrical capacity to meet the growth requirements of an industrial building; and for periodic maintenance and repair of the various systems and components in the building.

Math and Science. Coverage begins with an overview of landscape design principles and processes, and then explores contracting, installation, maintenance, and professional specialization. The text also features expanded information on the National FFA Organization and content aligned to the Precision Exam for Landscape Management, making it easier to connect classroom work to current industry needs, standards, and certifications.

Essentials of Marketing Research, 7th Edition. Essentials of Marketing Research. Canadian Law: An Introduction, 7th Edition. Canadian Law: An Introduction, seventh edition, is a core text for the Introduction to Canadian Law courses found in universities and colleges. It is written for students who do not want to become legal professionals but still need an understanding of the law. These students will pursue careers in criminology or other legal jobs such as customs officers, law clerks, etc.

Healthy Foundations introduces students to the integral role educators play in creating and maintaining a healthy environment, which helps foster growth and development in children. The sixth edition has been thoroughly updated with research and the latest federal and provincial guidelines, and references Well Beings, written by the Canadian Paediatric Society.

Strategic Human Resources Planning, 7th Edition. Human Resource Management. Human resources planning is successful when it is strategic and focused on the unique needs of an organization. Strategic Human Resources Planning, Seventh Edition, emphasizes HR professionals as business partners, crucial in the strategic planning and implementation of policies and practices. While using this product, students are challenged to consider the allocation of resources, strategy formulation and implementation, and the effective management of people and policies to ensure the success of a chosen strategy within an organization.

This title is part of the Nelson Series in Human Resources Management, a collection of 6 titles that are built with both students and HR professionals in mind. The titles in the series reflect the most recent research, use examples from Canadian companies, and have become known as valid and reliable resources in each of the functional areas. Your students develop a foundational understanding of why materials behave the way they do, and how they are best used in actual engineering practice. Students learn why materials display certain properties as they study how the structure and processing of materials results in these properties.

The authors link fundamental concepts to practical applications, emphasizing the necessary basics without overwhelming readers with too much underlying chemistry or physics. This presentation is ideal for an introductory science of materials class taught at the sophomore or junior level and assumes knowledge of first-year courses in college-level chemistry and physics. Detailing everything from safety to best practices, chapter coverage addresses key areas including hydraulics, heavy-duty brakes, drivetrains, steering, suspension, and track systems.

Now featuring a visually appealing, full-color design, the Third Edition also includes the latest updates in computer-controlled hydraulics, GPS, electronic controls, J multiplexing, and electric drive vehicle systems, providing valuable insights into important trends and technology specialty technicians need to know to master their ever-evolving trade. Atelier, Student Edition, 1st Edition. ATELIER brings students the sights, sounds and stories of everyday life in tightly designed units centering on themes such as social life, academic studies, hobbies and food.

HORIZONS is a complete elementary French program that makes learning French easier through its step-by-step skill-building methodology, flexible and accessible approach to grammar and new vocabulary, and creative and sophisticated coverage of Francophone culture. Through varied interactive activities and clear grammar explanations, the program helps students communicate effectively in French while culturally connecting them to the Francophone world.

Electrical Wiring: Commercial, 8th Edition. The eighth Canadian edition of Electrical Wiring: Commercial is based on the Canadian Electrical Code and provides a valuable resource to instructors and students alike. Drawing on decades of industry and classroom experience, the authors guide students through the critical tasks and responsibilities required for commercial wiring. Review questions are included at the end of each chapter to summarize the material being covered.

The chapters are sequenced to introduce the student to the basic principles and wiring practices contained within a commercial building. This text takes the reader through the essential minimum requirements as set forth in the CEC for commercial installations, and often provides further information above and beyond the minimum CEC requirements. Juntos, Student Edition, 1st Edition. Project-based assessment tasks -- specifically created to measure identified course competencies for each unit -- drive the classroom activities and online homework that prepare students to complete the assessment tasks successfully.

These projects occur at the end of each two-chapter unit, providing a more holistic approach to proficiency assessment. Each unit has a clear learning path that guides students through both the online and face-to-face content. To achieve proficiency, students complete online work in preparation for class, participate in collaborative activities in class, and then complete project-based assessment tasks to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. Statistics: A Tool for Social Research, Fourth Canadian Edition, helps to construct and develop the skills necessary for social science majors to become statistically literate—computational competence, appreciation of statistics, and the ability to read professional social science literature—from a uniquely Canadian perspective.

The text provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts of statistics in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process, and equally stresses hand-based calculation and interpretation of statistics. Students learn to use and interpret statistics in a variety of settings, with most examples, demonstrations, and applications of statistics intended for a diversity of Canadian social issues and social science disciplines, including sociology, political science, social work, public administration, criminology and criminal justice, and gerontology.

By providing a solid grounding in both traditional formulas and the use of the latest SPSS statistical software package, Healey and Prus help students to master key statistical concepts and hone the skills they will need to succeed as professionals in a social science field--or simply to become "statistically literate," intelligent consumers of social research. Featuring practical guidelines, curriculum suggestions, case studies, and techniques for use in the classroom, this comprehensive resource is appropriate for those studying to become early childhood educators and for practicing professionals.

Updated with new research, statistics, and demographic data, the fifth edition also features a full-color design, numbered learning objectives correlated to section heads, expanded coverage of standards, more opportunities for reflection, a variety of individual and group activities, updated children's literature lists, and a prominent emphasis on the benefits of teaching multiculturalism from a global perspective.

Environmental Psychology, 5th Edition. Whether you are a carpenter, HVAC installer, electrician, or general contractor, you must be able to understand construction drawings. An ability to efficiently locate information in different parts of a drawing and effectively cross-reference information between drawings can mean the difference between a successful construction project or one plagued by costly mistakes and delays.

Understanding Construction Drawings, Fourth Edition, is the only Canadian textbook designed to help students learn to read the drawings that are used to communicate information about buildings. Included with the text are five sets of fully detailed construction drawings from different companies. These drawings cover both metric and imperial units of measurement and cover various perspectives and layouts, providing students with hands-on visuals for their learning.

Understanding Construction Drawings provides students in the building trades with straightforward, step-by-step guidance to master the skill of reading and understanding construction drawings, opening the door for numerous career choices—not only on construction sites, but also in other industries related to housing.

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Managing Performance through Training and Development, 8th Edition. In our world of increased global competition, economic challenges, changing technology, and demographic changes, organizations are continually challenged to think about their investment in training and development strategies.

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Managing Performance through Training and Development provides comprehensive and current coverage of training approaches in practice by successful organizations today. By investing in their employees and focusing on enhancing their knowledge, skills, and abilities, an organization can ensure both employee retention and long-term success. International Economics, 17th Edition. This market-leading text remains a favorite among students and instructors, like you, for its clear, streamlined treatment of international trade and finance theory.

In addition to the latest theoretical developments, this revision offers a strengthened presentation and updated applications. The author clearly presents both written and graphical discussions, making the text understandable even for students with little economics background. A flexible format also makes this book suitable for a wide range of course structures and subjects. Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion, 8th Edition.

Bring advertising strategy to life with dynamic visuals and examples from today's most contemporary ads.

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This integrated learning experience focuses on advertising results and business success. A leader for its emphasis on integrated brand promotion and supporting theme of synergy, this edition combines advertising fundamentals with a new unifying conceptual framework and the latest advertising trends. Coverage of social media, design thinking, and globalization exemplifies developments in today's digital society.

Students examine concepts in the context of real advertising practice as content follows the process of an actual advertising agency. Comprehensive MindTap integrates discussion of video and other medium. Statistics for Business. Operations and Supply Chain Management. General Education. It uses attention-grabbing real-world vignettes, anticipates questions that teachers might ask, provides an easy-to-follow format, and focuses on topics of interest and relevance to teachers, including classroom discipline, aggression, emotion regulation, and many others.

This accessible new text also places a strong emphasis on diversity among children, and is ideal for teachers who will be working with children from infancy through high school. Combining research and decades of experience, Campbell and Scott-Kassner use practical strategies, imaginative scenarios and examples from worldwide musical resources to inspire the best possible teaching methods.

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Numerous lesson plans, review and critical-thinking questions and projects prepare students for their work as professional teachers. Video segments show music teaching and learning as it occurs in classroom settings, providing real-life examples of how text concepts are used. Concepts of Chemical Dependency, 10th Edition. Social Work and Counselling. Author Harold Doweiko also covers topics not usually discussed in other substance abuse texts, including anabolic steroids, inhalants, infectious diseases associated with substance misuse, the medical marijuana debate and how the "war on drugs" has contributed to the problem of substance use disorders.

Students report that they appreciate the balanced approach, which allows them to form their own opinions and doesn't preach that "drugs are bad for you. Comprehensive coverage and a managerial approach highlight the importance of transportation in companies and society. Students examine the framework for transportation from a micro and macro perspective. They review the theoretical and managerial dimensions of transportation in supply chains, including regulation and public policy, as they overview operations, service and cost structure.

The authors spotlight transportation management issues with insights into strategic challenges in the movement of goods through the supply chain. New readings, cases, and examples emphasize global topics with new coverage of hard and soft technology and expanded discussions of fuel, energy, managerial, economic, and environmental issues. Drug Use and Abuse, 8th Edition. It weaves historical, social, psychological, cultural, biological, and medical perspectives -- emphasizing the idea that a drug's effects depend not only on its properties, but also on the psychological and biological characteristics of its user.

This theme is highlighted throughout, and is prominent in discussions of the individual classes of drugs, as well as in the chapters on pharmacology and psychopharmacology. Readable yet thorough, this book and supporting materials provide a comprehensive approach to designing, implementing, and evaluating play-based programs for young children. The first two chapters situate play in the context of historical and current theory while providing information about the role of play in the growth and development of the child. Current topics such as connections to neurological research, culture and diversity, play for children with special needs, outdoor learning settings, STEM, Reggio Emilia, and the importance of interactions with adults are addressed.

Sample lesson plans are in the appendix. Autism: Teaching Makes a Difference, 2nd Edition. This book is ideal for pre-service and in-service teachers required to implement effective evidence-based practices for children and youth with autism, particularly those who also have intellectual disabilities. It provides instructions, sample forms, and other practical tools necessary to improve students' educational outcomes. An overview discusses the educational needs of students with autism as well as key issues including etiological research, behavioral characteristics, diagnostic approaches, and program development and refinement.

Subsequent chapters cover teaching methodologies, challenging behavior interventions, curriculum development, and related areas. The book is grounded in the scientifically supported premise that well-planned evidenced-based strategies, accurately implemented, can empower students and help teachers guide students to increasingly independent functioning. Canadian History. Origins and its post-Confederation partner Destinies continue their unrivalled ability to tell the story of the history of Canada by balancing different types of history while maintaining a coherent narrative that does not drown the reader in detail.

In their new editions, these books have made even greater investment in student engagement, from beautiful production values to a careful integration of social history, with relevant examples that show readers history in the novels and films around them. The book also provides greater support in both problem-solving and critical-thinking skills -- two key skills necessary for student success. By demonstrating the importance of chemistry concepts to their future careers, the authors not only help students set goals, but also help them focus on achieving them.

Available with OWLv2, the most trusted online learning solution for chemistry. Created through a student-tested, faculty-approved review process, BUSN's third Canadian edition is designed to keep all students motivated and excited about today's business environment. The third Canadian edition paired with MindTap provides students with multiple opportunities not only to study but to apply their learning, connect with the content in a meaningful way, and benefit from a true hybrid learning environment.

Key contemporary business topics such as business communication, the global marketplace, and technology's role in the modern business world are presented in an engaging and accessible layout to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today's learners and ensure students can easily navigate the content as they learn. Designed for Intermediate French courses, Mise au point supports students as they move along their journey to learning more advanced and sophisticated French, complementing and building upon what they have learned in previous courses. The goal is to help students become autonomous, lifelong French learners by immersing them in all aspects of the language.

In the new edition, the authors use various activities that help students engage, discover, and apply what they are learning.

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The accompanying Cahier offers even more opportunities for practice with the vocabulary, idiomatic structures, and grammar points from each chapter. It also includes one set of translation exercises per chapter. Pages: 95 ISBN: Cites and Sources provides students with a brief, full-colour visual walkthrough of the American Psychological Association APA documentation standards. The four-colour design, diagrams, and generous use of white space help facilitate students' understanding of this very technical and precise skill.

Available standalone or bundled with your current Nelson or Cengage text, Cites and Sources will continue to be an invaluable reference for students during their academic careers and beyond. Balancing biological, psychological, social, and cultural approaches, the Fifth Canadian Edition of Abnormal Psychology's groundbreaking integrative approach continues its tradition of delivering the most modern, scientifically valid method for studying abnormal psychology. The author team now including Dr. Stefan G. Hofmann blends sophisticated research and an accessible writing style with the most widely recognized method of discussing psychopathology.

Going beyond simply describing different schools of thought on psychological disorders, the authors explore the interactions of the various forces that contribute to psychopathology. With a conversational writing style and consistent pedagogical elements, this comprehensive resource includes integrated case studies 95 percent from the authors' own files and additional study tools.

Also available: the MindTap online learning experience, featuring video activities and clips of clients introduced in the book. Ways of Knowing, 3rd Edition. This book is designed as a thematically organized text for students in introductory courses in Native Studies who are being introduced to Native issues for the first time. It is framed from an academic perspective and addresses Native intellectual tradition and the academic study of Native peoples.

Taking a historically grounded approach and writing in a narrative style that largely avoids technical language, Belanger includes unique chapters on Native philosophy, Native peoples' relationship with the land and indigenous political economy, and the arts language, art, and literature. It also highlights the sociopolitical and socioeconomic challenges currently facing Canada's Native leaders and their communities nationally.

Seventy-five years ago, adults rarely changed their sense of who they were, that is, their identity. Married people tended to remain married. Most people voted for the same party election after election. Their ethnicities were fixed and singular. Religious conversion was rare. Changing one's sex was unheard of. Today, identities tend to be in flux. Authors Robert Brym and John Lie engage students in these discussions through an underlying thread of popular culture, using current and captivating examples from television, music, film, and beyond. Mass Communications. Popular Culture: A User's Guide is an introduction to the critical study of popular culture.

The authors aim to provide students with the analytical tools to understand everyday practices and their role both as consumers of and participants in popular culture. The authors believe that because of our common familiarity with popular culture, it is even more critical that we engage in reflection, exploration, and analysis.

To that end, the text includes a large number of case studies, close-up boxes, and suggested activities that help students make connections and better understand and interpret the world around them. The fourth edition captures and reflects the many changes and developments in contemporary culture, while still maintaining its central focus of challenging students to examine the world around them. Chemistry, 10th Edition. General Chemistry. An emphasis on modeling and interactive examples helps students learn how to approach and solve chemical problems -- to think like chemists -- so that they can apply the process of problem solving to all aspects of their lives.

Zumdahl and Zumdahl -- and new coauthor Don DeCoste -- give students the tools they need to become critical thinkers: solve problems, apply chemical theories, and evaluate outcomes. Introductory Physics: Algebra- and Trigonometry-based. With the Tenth Edition, the author continues to revolutionize the way students learn by incorporating more real-world applications and innovative technology.

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How Do You See It? Summarize and Checkpoint questions reinforce understanding of skills. Understandable Statistics: Concepts and Methods, 12th Edition. The authors provide clear guidance and informal advice while showing students the links between statistics and the world. To reinforce this approach, the book integrates real-life data from a variety of sources, including journals, periodicals, newspapers, and the Internet.

The 12th Edition continues to address the importance of developing students' critical-thinking and statistical literacy skills through special features and exercises throughout the text. The P-value method of hypothesis testing is emphasized. This new edition is now supported by WebAssign, the powerful online homework and course management system that engages students in learning math. Mathematical Excursions, 4th Edition.

The topics were chosen to exemplify the power and diversity of mathematics and to connect math concepts to contemporary applications. For example, sending information across the Internet is better understood when one understands prime numbers; the perils of radioactive waste take on new meaning when one understands exponential functions; and the efficiency of the flow of traffic through an intersection is more interesting after seeing the system of traffic lights represented in a mathematical form.

This robust learning package integrates keyboarding, essential word processing, document formatting basics, and communication skills within a single text, along with a strong emphasis on honing skills by completing projects in a realistic office environment. The text includes six modular projects and one comprehensive project to help students apply what they learn and prepare to be productive immediately when beginning their careers.

Your students will learn how effective business decision makers can balance and protect the interests of various stakeholders, including investors, employees, consumers, the community, and the environment. This text focuses on developing both algebraic and spreadsheet modeling skills. This edition now features Analytic Solver and XLMiner Platforms with powerful tools for performing optimization, simulation and decision analysis in Excel, as well as complete tools for performing data mining in Excel and techniques for predictive analytics.

This best-selling business and economic statistics text emphasizes applications over calculations using a unique three-step "ICI" approach to problem solving. Readers examine functional areas of business as data-driven examples, more than exercises, and 32 cases demonstrate how marketing managers, financial analysts, accountants, and economists use statistical applications. Many exercises feature returns on 40 stocks. The authors take time to explain statistical procedures so that students can go beyond memorizing formulas and begin gaining a conceptual understanding of statistics.

By skillfully integrating applications that reinforce concepts, they ensure that even students with a weak background in mathematics can fully understand statistics. The text also leads readers to become savvy consumers of information by showing how having an understanding of statistical procedures will help them comprehend published findings.

Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies, 4th Edition. Updated throughout and featuring new Dietary Guidelines, this clear and engaging text strikes the perfect balance of scientific research, core concepts, and relevant applications. The authors draw readers into the study of nutrition with a lively and approachable writing style. Paired with an engaging mystery and suspense film of the same name, ENCORE is guided by principles of communicative language teaching and research in second language acquisition.

Topics and activities are designed to engage students in higher-level thinking while at the same time providing focused work on aspects of language that instructors in a second-year college-level French course expect to find. Organic Chemistry: Mechanistic Patterns, 1st Edition. Organic Chemistry. Organic Chemistry: Mechanistic Patterns is the very first introductory organic chemistry title that holistically focuses on a mechanistic approach; an approach that has proven to achieve a deeper understanding of chemical reactivity.

This mechanistic approach to the dynamic world of organic chemistry visualizes reactivity as a collection of patterns in electron movement, making it possible for students to describe why a reaction occurred. Recognizing patterns of electron flow between seemingly different reactions can allow students to predict how a chemical will react, even if they have never seen a particular reaction before. The text takes great care to establish a progression of reactivity, from simple to complex, introducing functional groups as necessary, while focusing on the reaction at hand rather than the various things that each functional group does.

A Concise Introduction to Logic. In this 13th edition, Patrick Hurley and new co-author Lori Watson continue to build upon the tradition of a lucid, focused, and accessible presentation of logic, both formal and informal. The book's extensive, carefully sequenced exercises guide students toward greater proficiency with the skills they are learning. The range and volume of exercises allow self-pacing, enabling students who have greater difficulty to build skills slowly and methodically, and work up to more difficult problems.

Principles of Information Systems. Managing Information Systems. Expansive coverage addresses analytics, big data, business intelligence, cloud computing, cybercrime, e-commerce, enterprise systems, mobile computing solutions, project management, strategic planning, and systems acquisition and development. Students discover how information systems can increase profits and reduce costs as they explore the latest information on artificial intelligence, change management, consumerization of information systems, data governance, energy and environmental concerns, global IS challenges and solutions, Internet censorship, IS careers, and virtual teams.

Communication in Our Lives. Applied Communications. Award-winning scholar Julia T. Wood combines skills development with the latest research and theory by prominent communication scholars. Praised by instructors and students alike, the text features an engaging, personal tone, highly readable style, and frequent Student Voice sections that explore how past students have experienced key communication concepts.

The eighth edition integrates social and cultural diversity throughout, provides an early emphasis on public speaking, expands coverage of mass and social media, and includes a new focus on health communication. In addition, interactive, online study tools allow you to customize the text to your course and help your students become more confident and effective communicators.

Research-based, yet written in a personal, encouraging tone, the book helps students examine the choices they've made, expand their awareness of the choices available to them, and choose where to go next. Emphasizing the role of personal responsibility and choice in creating a meaningful life, the text explores a wide variety of key topics, including personal style of learning, the effects of childhood and adolescence experiences on current behavior and choices, meeting the challenges of adulthood and autonomy, and many other issues related to personal growth and development.

Self-inventories, exercises, activities, and first-person accounts of difficult choices real people have made give students invaluable insight into their lives, beliefs, and attitudes in a personally empowering way. Consumer Behavior. The new edition of this pioneering text incorporates cutting-edge research and current business practices, including extensive coverage of social media influences, increased consumer power, and emerging neuroscience findings. Students also examine controversies in consumer decision-making involving money, goals, emotions, charity, health, materialism, and sustainability.

This edition increases its emphasis on social responsibility and ethics in marketing, examining both the dark side and constructive possibilities. Macroeconomics: Private and Public Choice. This readable book integrates public choice analysis and explains the operation of markets and the political process as well as market failure and government failure.

The book emphasizes why it is vital to understand both the market and political processes since approximately 40 percent of national income is allocated through the political process. Up-to-date coverage presents major current macroeconomic models and stresses the difficulties models face in explaining recent economic data. Students analyze the Great Recession of This book dispels common economic myths and uses the "invisible hand" metaphor to explain economic theory.

Engineering Design Process. The authors take a unique approach, distinctively describing how these five stages can be seamlessly integrated. The book illustrates how the design methods can work together coherently while supporting exercises and labs to help designers efficiently navigate the design process. The book leads the beginner designer from the basics of design with very simple tasks -- the first lab involves designing a sandwich -- all the way through more complex design needs. This effective approach to the design model equips students with the skills to apply engineering design concepts not only to conventional engineering problems, but also for other design problems.

This user-friendly, complete text does not require any prior knowledge of the subject nor specialized software other than a basic editor and Web browser. Each tutorial is based on a case problem that leads students through the creation of a website while they master new techniques and complex concepts. Technical Communication 9e.

Known for its rhetorical treatment of workplace writing and speaking, this text helps students learn practical, flexible strategies for creating useful and persuasive communications on the job.


Reorganized and streamlined to enhance student learning, the ninth edition includes greatly expanded attention to social media. It also introduces to technical communication pedagogy a set of exercises and instruction that help students transfer their technical communication knowledge and skills from school to workplace. This edition provides hands-on and critical-thinking activities, ethical scenarios, and team projects to elevate thinking and keep students engaged. Simple language, everyday examples, and visual information in small chunks further ensure understanding.

Groups: Process and Practice 10e. Drawing on their extensive clinical experience in working with groups, Marianne, Gerald, and Cindy Corey provide a realistic approach to the blending of theory with practice in group work. Offering up-to-date coverage of both the "what is" and the "how to" of group counseling, the tenth edition incorporates the latest research, ethical guidelines, and practices to ensure student success in the classroom and beyond.

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  • The authors revised the book with instructors and students in mind, emphasizing personal and interactive learning. New features make an instructor's job easier, providing a range of ways to teach and appealing to a variety of learning styles. Many new activities within the chapters have broad application, both for in-class learning as well as in work settings with diverse clients.