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You can even book your travel online through our reliable travel booking partners. Expect some hiking sporting event is a couple years away, trails to be closed well into While both Vancouver 12 speed-skating events will be held, began and Whistler, which will play host to the in November The facility will house games, are, naturally enough, getting a m track and seating for 8, specta- ready to roll out the red carpet, other tors.

Post-games, the Oval will become a areas of western Canada are anticipating multipurpose sports, recreation, and well- lots of spillover from the games them- ness facility. Following and best, see chapter 4. For details, check with the U. Parts of Vancouver are torn up for the. The beloved Fair- town or in Yaletown in 22 minutes.

With a busy schedule low-cost carrier to serve Vancouver. See chapter 6 for up-to-date recommen- On a higher note, one of the largest con- dations on Southern Vancouver Island. Intrawest, the corporation Downtown Nanaimo is undergoing a behind Whistler Blackcomb Resort, is major construction project. Washington State was the second when I passed in Colegio Cesar Chavez , the first fully accredited Hispanic college in the U. King to Martin Luther King.

These areas, especially around Puget Sound, have a long history of political radicalism. The radical labor organizers called Wobblies were particularly strong there in the mines, lumber camps and shipyards. Seattle is one of a handful of major cities in North America in which the populace engaged in a general strike in , and was the first major American city to elect a woman mayor, Bertha Knight Landes in So great was its influence that the U.

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Postmaster General, James Farley, jokingly toasted the "forty-seven states of the Union, and the Soviet of Washington", at a gala dinner in although Farley denied ever saying it. The region also has a long history of starting cooperative and communal businesses and organizations, including Group Health , [77] REI , MEC , Puget Consumer's Co-ops and numerous granges and mutual aid societies. It also has a long history of publicly owned power and utilities, with many of the region's cities owning their own public utilities.


In British Columbia, credit unions are common and popular cooperatively owned financial institutions. East of the Cascades, in eastern Washington and eastern Oregon, the population is much more conservative. The eastern portions of Washington and especially Oregon, due to their low populations, do not generally have enough voting power to be competitive at the state level, and thus the governorships and U. Senate seats of both Oregon and Washington are usually held by the Democrats.

Conservatism in the eastern part of the Pacific Northwest tends to be distrustful of federal government interference and strongly protective of gun rights. Aluminum smelting was once an important part of the region's economy due to the abundance of cheap hydroelectric power.

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Hydroelectric power generated by the hydroelectric dams on the Columbia River powered at least ten aluminum smelters during the midth century. Production rose during the s and s, then declined. By the first decade of the 21st century the aluminum industry in the Pacific Northwest was essentially defunct. The region as a whole, but especially several specific areas, are concentrated high-tech areas: Seattle eastern suburbs, the Portland Silicon Forest area, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

These areas are also leading " creative class " economic drivers, feeding thriving cultural sectors, and include many knowledge workers and numerous international advertising, media, and design firms present. The hippie movement also began in California and the Pacific Northwest. There have been proposals for certain parts of the Pacific Northwest becoming its own country because of the shared ecoregion and culture, [80] [81] the most well-known being Cascadia.

Several of these jurisdictions have made arrests for cannabis a low enforcement priority. Medical marijuana is legal in British Columbia, [83] Washington, [84] and Oregon, [85] as well as in Alaska, though that state prohibits its sale, and has no licensed dispensaries, [86] and in the Yukon, although less than 50 of the territory's residents are licensed to use medical marijuana, and no legal dispensaries operate within its borders. Environmentalism is prominent throughout the region, especially west of the Cascades.

Environmentally conscious services such as recycling and public transportation are widespread, most notably in the more populous areas. The international organization Greenpeace was born in Vancouver in as part of a large public opposition movement in British Columbia to US nuclear weapons testing on Amchitka Island in the Aleutian Islands. Liberal and Conservative Northwesterners, such as former U. Seattle in particular is also home to a large number of publications and institutions concerned with the environment and sustainability, including both Worldchanging and Grist.

The Pacific Northwest is also noted for a large number of gardening clubs, with Victoria having an annual flower count in February. In British Columbia environmentalist fought to protect Clayoquot Sound in the s and s. More recently the province has agreed to environmental protections in the Great Bear Rainforest. The modern-era Pacific Northwest is known for indie music , especially grunge , alternative rock , and metal as well as historically-strong folk music and world music traditions.

Many are associated with the independent label Sub Pop. Lately the region has also gained notice for its Hip hop music in the Pacific Northwest. Portland's Waterfront Blues Festival is the largest blues-based festival west of the Mississippi River. Foods typical of the Pacific Northwest include wild salmon , halibut , shellfish , huckleberries , marionberries , a wide variety of Asian cuisines , and locally produced fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. Chinese , Japanese , Korean , Italian , Mexican, and Greek cuisines are prevalent throughout the Northwest, and reflect the historically strong presence of those communities in the restaurant industry there.

Teriyaki restaurants are particularly common in the Seattle area. Ethnic staples ranging from frozen perogies to frozen dim sum are common in most supermarkets in these communities. Locally-made craft beers and premium wines from various wine-growing area within the region are popular with drinkers and diners.

Northern latitude and coastal breezes create a climate that attracts international recognition for its mostly family-owned and operated vineyards and wineries. Portland is a major microbrewery center in America, [] and is home to the Widmer Brothers Brewery. Skiing, snowboarding, cycling, mountaineering, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, boating, and water sports are popular outdoor activities. Vancouver is home to a 4-team league for Australian football , the British Columbia Australian Football League , one of several Canadian Australian football leagues. Hockey is the most popular spectator sport in British Columbia, with the Vancouver Canucks of the NHL being the most popular professional team, although the Vancouver Giants of the Western Hockey League also have a very strong following.

Hockey is slowly gaining popularity south of the border too, with the Portland Winterhawks. Followers of the Portland Trail Blazers basketball team refer to themselves as the Sixth Man and Blazermania refers to the extraordinary dedication fans have shown the team. In Seattle, many fans are still upset over the move of the Seattle SuperSonics while supporters of the Seattle Seahawks football team are known officially as the 12th Man. With three oval tracks, a figure eight track and various road course variants, Evergreen Speedway operates year-round events.

In Washington and Oregon, many residents passionately follow college athletics. All four of these programs are members of the Pac Conference and compete with each other in a variety of sports.

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These universities are all considered rivals of one another, particularly in college football. The most significant of these rivalries are the Oregon — Washington game, the Washington-Washington State game, a. As in professional sports, college fans in the Pacific Northwest are known for being particularly passionate about their teams. Both Husky Stadium where the Washington Huskies play football and Autzen Stadium where the Oregon Ducks play football have gained reputations for deafening noise, despite not being the largest of college football venues.

Husky Stadium currently holds the record for the loudest crowd noise in NCAA history at decibels , [] while Autzen Stadium currently holds the record for the 4th at decibels. Seattle is considered by Digital Trends magazine to be the top gaming city in America, a possible indicator of markedly higher rates of video game usage throughout the Pacific Northwest in general.

Microsoft and Nintendo of America also have Canadian branches headquartered in Vancouver—Microsoft Canada and Nintendo of Canada—respectively, while Electronic Arts Canada a subsidiary division of Electronic Arts is located in the same city.

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In the U. Despite the second Great Migration from the s to s due to the booming Boeing war industry and post-war growing economy, African Americans are less numerous in the Pacific Northwest; however, the overall African American population has been growing in other smaller urban areas throughout the region, such as Spokane and Eugene. As of the first decade of the 21st century, many Asians were moving out and into middle class suburbs, though some would voice concern about preserving historical communities particularly in Vancouver.

The Asian presence in the U. This is due to immigration quotas at the federal level, as while Canada has one-tenth the population of the United States, it takes in one-quarter as many immigrants. British Columbians of many ethnicities are prominent in all levels of politics and government, and the province has a number of "firsts" in Canadian political history, including the first non-white Premier , Ujjal Dosanjh who is Indo-Canadian and the first Asian Lieutenant-Governor , the Hon. David Lam.

Colonial governor James Douglas was himself mulatto of Guyanese extraction and his wife was of Cree origin. At the time of his election to the office of Portland mayor in , Sam Adams was the first openly gay individual to represent a city of Portland's size in the United States. Governor of Oregon Kate Brown is the highest-ranking openly bisexual politician in the United States. In , Jenny Durkan was elected as the first openly lesbian mayor of Seattle.

Most Americans and Canadians consider the Pacific Northwest English accent "neutral", though indistinct from the Midwestern dialects that some believe typify American speech. Canadian raising occurs in British Columbia and some speakers in Washington to a similar degree as it does in southern Ontario , but weaker than other parts of Canada. The California Vowel Shift also affects speech in the region. Chinook Jargon was a pidgin or trade language established among indigenous inhabitants of the region.

After contact with Europeans, French, English, and Cree words entered the language, and "eventually, Chinook became the lingua franca for as many as , people along the Pacific Slope from Alaska to Oregon". Today, its influence is felt mostly in place names and a handful of localized slang terms, particularly the word skookum , which remains hallmark of people raised in the region.

Besides English and indigenous languages, Chinese has been common since the gold rushes of the midth century, most particularly in British Columbia. Since the s the Toishan , a Yue dialect predominant in the area, has been replaced by mainstream Cantonese and by Mandarin because of large-scale immigration from Asia. Punjabi is also common in Vancouver, which has very large Sikh communities from India. Spanish is also spoken in parts of Oregon and Washington by Mexicans , both recent immigrants and long-standing communities.

Among the fiercely independent and frontier nature of the former Oregon Country and now Western Part of the United States, are a desire of many Pacific Northwesterners to improve upon their form of Democracy by further subdividing the region into socio-political or bioregion defined nation states. Some desires are transnational and autonomous of the United States while others are in the hope of gaining additional representational control in particular regions of the Northwest. Among these fluidly changing geographical boundaries and areas sought by a segment of the population of the Northwest are the following:.

The Pacific Northwest has the lowest rate of church attendance in the United States and consistently reports the highest percentage of atheism ; [] [] this is most pronounced on the part of the region west of the Cascades. Religion plays a smaller part in Pacific Northwest politics than in the rest of the United States. The religious right has considerably less political influence than in other regions. Political conservatives in the Pacific Northwest tend to identify more strongly with free-market libertarian values than they do with more religious social conservatives.

That said, three of the four major international charities in the region are religious in nature: World Concern , World Vision International , and Mercy Corps. This is part of a long tradition of activist religion. The Skid Road Group, a shelter offering soup and sermons to the unemployed and recovering alcoholics , was launched in Vancouver, with the Salvation Army having deep roots in the Gastown district, dating back to the era of the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway s and attained prominence in the same centers during the Klondike Gold Rush.

The region is also known as a magnet for a wide range of philosophical and spiritual belief systems. Eastern spiritual beliefs have been adopted by an unusually large number of people by North American standards , and Tibetan Buddhism in particular has a strong local following. The region is home to many unique Christian communities, ranging from the Doukhobors to the Mennonites. Their history in Canada includes resistance to state education and industrial development see Sons of Freedom.

Also, within the region, there is a fairly strong representation of Orthodox churches Greek, Russian, Serbian, and others , as well as the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Yogic teachings, Sufism, tribal and ancient beliefs and other philosophies are widely studied and appreciated in the region. Oregon has a considerable Quaker Society of Friends population. There has been major growth in Chinese Buddhist temples since the increase in immigration from East Asia in the s, especially in Vancouver.

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Also in Vancouver, there is a small Hindu population, a number of Parsee Zoroastrians , and an emerging Muslim , especially the 11,strong Ismaili , [] population from South Asia , the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere. Two of the five Shingon Buddhist temples in America are located in Seattle. Some people in the area also embrace alternative religion , such as New Age spirituality and Neo-Paganism. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the region that contains parts of Canada and the United States.

For the U. Region that includes parts of Canada and the United States. Play media. Main article: History of the west coast of North America.

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Further information: Geology of the Pacific Northwest. Mount Rainier top and Mount Hood bottom are the highest mountains in Washington and Oregon, and the 3rd and 20th most prominent summits in the United States , respectively. Main article: Music of the Pacific Northwest.

Mining and tourism keep Chicken alive in the summer, and about 17 people stay through the winter. Pioneer Park was opened in as Alaska 67 Centennial Exposition to celebrate the centennial of the Alaska Purchase. After being given first to the state and then to the city, Mayor Red Boucher renamed the site Alaskaland, which was changed to its present name in The Independence Mines were a gold mining operation in the Talkeetna Mountains. Independence Mine was the second-largest hard-rock gold mining operation in Alaska, after a larger site near Juneau.

Mining here dates back to around Fishook Creek; these claims joined to form Wasilla Mining Company, which worked the mines from and again The company ended operations in expecting to resume, but never did, thereby well-preserving its mining equipment and buildings for eventual donation to the state in , which established Independence Mine State Historic Park. Nabesna Road offers spectacular scenery in a seldom-seen, wild corner of Alaska, the headwaters of the Copper River.

Tt Mile Post The Wrangell Lavas built the Wrangell Mountains over the past 10 million years. Mount Wrangell 14, ft is the largest andesite shield volcano in North America. The cinder cone of Mount Zanetti 13, ft rose prominently feet above its northwest flank during the past 25, years. Wrangell reportedly erupted in and — A surprising gem, the Hammer Museum in Haines delighted my wife and I with its quirky and humorous tool displays! Seward National Historic Landmark. It policed miners moving into the gold mining areas in the Alaskan interior, and provided military presence during negotiations over the nearby international border with Canada.

William H. I had wanted to experience the Inside Passage by ferry between Prince Rupert and Juneau, but our dates had fully booked several months in advance. Instead, we ferried our The Juneau area really captured our hearts. Located in the Alaskan panhandle, Juneau is the capital city of Alaska and the second largest city in the USA by area only Sitka is larger.

Pacific Northwest

Downtown Juneau sits on Gastineau Channel at sea level under the steep Coast Mountains up to feet high, topped by Juneau Icefield and 30 glaciers. Juneau has been the capital of Alaska since , when the government of what was the District of Alaska was moved from Sitka. The city is named after a gold prospector from Quebec, Joe Juneau. Kudos go to the Alaska State Museum in Juneau, the best collection in the state. Nature expert and sculptor R.

Tahku celebrates 50 years of Alaska statehood Formerly the largest gold mine in the world, this mini-town peaked in the s, but was abandoned after partially sliding into the sea on April 21, , when a massive cave-in flooded three of four underground mines feet deep, due to an extreme high tide and failure of unstable underground rock pillars. The Pump House had three centrifugal pumps which lifted gallons of saltwater per minute from Gastineau Channel for milling and fire protection during the winter when fresh water from the Treadwell Ditch was frozen in snow pack.

Treadwell Mine operated McGinnis Trail The Trailhead is a half mile from Mendenhall Campground entrance by road. Mendenhall Glacier has retreated 1. We highly recommend the smoothly stabilized day cruise aboard the foot boat Adventure Bound. This journey to the heart of Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness Tongass National Forest rivals Norwegian fjords and adds a punchbowl of icebergs from the spectacular South Sawyer Glacier, which calved ice into the tidewater with a rumble and a splash.

Whales, bears, sea lions and other wildlife showed up along the way. The fjord twists narrowly 30 miles into the coastal mountains, with peaks jutting up to a mile high, draped with tumbling waterfalls. Although few would call me religious, I loved the peaceful setting of the National Shrine of St.

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Therese, 22 miles north of downtown Juneau, in Tongass National Forest. A stone causeway from shore reaches this natural-stone chapel nestled amid a tranquil wooded island. She wrote that what really mattered in life was not our great deeds, but our great love. Flightseeing from Skagway or Haines a cheaper base is a spectacular way to see Glacier Bay. In , Glacier Bay was totally covered by ice, which has since radically melted away.