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Sweet Inspirational Romance

Marvin the sheep takes drastic action to resolve the problem of being too small… such drastic action that he ends up with an unexpected and different problem on his hands. Perfectly placed holes for little fingers will encourage readers to engage closely with each picture as they familiarise themselves with each animal.

My Circus is also available. Dot and Dash and their friends Big, Tall and Small are ready to play with their toys but nobody wants to share. Dot does not want to share the ball and Dash does not want to share the truck but when Dash and Small try to play with Teddy at the same time, everyone needs a time out. All the toys are wonderfully touchy-feely. A delightful board book with simple rhyming text and engaging interactive pictures.

Books of the Year - Baby and Toddler

Children will be able to find characters that are mentioned in the text, such as Mother Hubbard and Cinderella. Wonderful detail in the illustrations provides endless entertainment in that with each view you find yet more in them — so clever and yet so simply done.

Janet was an artist extraordinaire whose life was sadly cut short by illness some years ago. There are 3 delightful tigers daintily dancing while 4 contented lions lie dreaming under the stars. And there are fish and frogs and butterflies all just waiting to be counted too. What does each animal say? Open the flaps to find out who quacks, who snaps, who growls and who squawks. Also check out Walk With Me! A captivating magical fantasy in a secret watery underworld, The Undrowned Child tells how eleven year old Teodora is swept into the storybook world of invisible children whose task is to save the dying city of Venice.

Together can they save the city before the water destroys it? With lyrical writing and an unputdownable plot this is something very special. A comment from the publisher: If you like books about mermaids, haunted palaces and ancient secrets, masks and murderers and extremely nasty insects and old bones coming back to life and winged lions, sharks and curry, not to mention wise cats, hot chocolate and dreadful disasters and hidden treasure and spying seagulls and extremely clever children and of course Venice, then you will love, The Undrowned Child.

But it all ends happily as one day they all come back together. Little kids will find it hysterical whilst some parents will try to keep a stiff upper lip whilst reading but fail completely in their efforts. When Eva is given a box of tricks for her birthday she becomes a master magician. Conjuring up the best animal musicians, party food and a very friendly polar bear, Eva has a an absolute ball with her new found talent. Her debut picture book, Box of Tricks, uses colour in a bold, inventive way, grabbing children and adults alike and taking them on a journey to meet Eva — the girl who becomes a master magician, conjuring extraordinary delights out of her special box, including one incredibly adorable polar bear.

A celebration of creativity and imaginative play, Box of Tricks was followed by Wake Up! This fun rhythmic read-aloud has lots for children to recognize and relate to. And we have more magic to come from Katie: watch out for her new book, Otto the Book Bear. It has high adventure, a tiny bear and a passion for books!

But one day Stick Man is pounced on by a dog. This is not what Stick Man wants…. While others find many ignominious uses for Stick Man — a bat, a pen, a bow and a boomerang among others — Stick Man does all he can to find his way back home…And, happily, he does! A brilliant visual treat. This is a warm, poignant and beautifully illustrated story set in a magical world where the tears of children arising from every emotion are of a different colour.

An underlying thought-provoking message about emotions lies at its heart. The multi-coloured tears are collected by the tear thief for something truly wondrous. Read it to find out. How can a little girl find her missing smile? She loves to smile but one day the thing she loves best just seems to disappear. She looks everywhere she can think of and finds loads of other missing things along the way. But the smile eludes her.

Can anyone help her get it back? This is a charming idea and thoughtful too about things that help make us be happy.

CINDERELLA vs BELLE: Princess Rap Battle (Sarah Michelle Gellar & Whitney Avalon)

Fantastic adventures for Nat as his supercharged sneeze changes him into a superhero, ready to battle anyone, anywhere. Leaving the comfort of his bedtime story, Nat takes off to fight crocodiles and stop bank robbers. A vigorous story with ebullient pictures to match. Just launched is an Elmer's Special Day App! In their excitement about getting ready for it, the elephants forget about the racket they are making and so annoy all the other animals in the jungle.

Luckily Elmer has a plan and soon all the animals in the jungle are celebrating Elmer Day in a feast of multi-coloured styles. To view other titles click here. A touching story about being different and not fitting in. The littlest dinosaur and the long necked dinosaur both find it hard to fit in because of their size. But when the littlest dinosaur needs help he turns to the only one he can think of. Big neck and the littlest dinosaur rescue all the other dinosaurs and learn to value being different.

Winner of the Kate Greenaway Award Touching and inspiring, this is a beautiful story of a youngster finding his feet and being encouraged to forge his own way in the world by his remarkable Grandfather. Harris is a very small hare with very big feet. But, his Grandfather explains that very big feet are invaluable to a hare and, across some beautiful pictures, Grandfather shows Harris exactly what big feet can do. Especially when it comes to running away from the greedy wolf! A campaigning picture book that will encourage all to recycle. Litterbug Doug hates recycling; instead he creates a heap of litter all around his home.

When green-hero Michael appears Litterbug Doug refuses to listen to the recycling message and does all he can to keen resist it. But something changes; now Litterbug Doug is a recycling hero too… Michael Recycle was published in to lots of praise. Click here for more details on the Michael Recycle title. Prize-winning illustrator Emily Gravett delights with another wonderful new book.

Apparently a celebration of dogs of all kind, this is also a book with a witty twist at the end. Gorgeous pictures of big dogs and small dogs, hairy dogs and bald dogs, stroppy dogs and soppy dogs delight in themselves but the best is kept to the end when the reader finds out exactly who the narrator is!

Be sure to check out Emily Gravett's other titles by clicking here. Jeered by all for his disastrous dancing, Gerald the giraffe dreads the great Jungle dance. But, helped by the cricket who leads him to find his own rhythm, the giraffe soon becomes a dancing sensation! A triumph of a book. Bob, the Man on the Moon, has already had several prize-winning adventures. Now he and his extra special dog Barry are back in a new format for more surprises about a very special place. Bob and Barry have to use all their skill to find out what has happened to the moon after the magician The Stupendous Alacazamo causes it to disappear from the sky.

An attractive and easy-to-form chapter book with a real sense of action. A witty and charming story which strikes a cautionary note about greed, the hero of which is a warm-hearted guinea pig called Christopher Nibble. This book is an hilarious and unmissable treat! One day there is just a lonely pencil…It begins to draw — a boy, a dog, a cat and then a house and streets for them to play in.

But everyone wants something more. They all wants names and then they all want food. The pencil draws food but it is only in black and white. The boy and the dog and the cat want food they can eat… So, the pencil draws a paintbrush. Soon the food is delicious and there is more and more action. But then things begin to go wrong and everyone wants to be different. The pencil draws a rubber so that there can be changes… But, can the pencil survive against the rubber?

Luckily, it does and all is well in the drawn world again. Both the visual and the verbal jokes are simple but very effective and the cumulative impact is fantastic. Shortlisted for the Independent Booksellers' Book Prize Best-selling author of the Cherub series, Robert Muchamore launches a powerful and pacy new series about children working undercover.

The year is , the place is Paris. British spy Charles Henderson is determined to reach two British children who are being hunted by German agents. His best way of doing so is with the help of another child. But can he convince the Secret Service and how can he keep them hidden? It tells of his childhood as an ordinary boy in a village and how his belief in democracy was already strongly developed while a student. A perfect companion to the holiday season.

Written in the form of letters from a little boy called Michael who writes some terrifically witty notes to his new teacher to explain why he can be late getting back to school. The letters are wonderfully authentic and their content ranges from Everest to life on a rocket ship. Great food for the imagination!!! A quiet Christmas Eve in the hospital is turned upside down by an unexpected emergency — can the hospital deal with a melting snowman? Things look desperate but then Doctor Glenda comes up with a clever plan…Hurrah! The ice cream remedy works. The snowman can go out and enjoy a wonderfully snowy Christmas.

Perfect for children who are just beginning to want more words on the page than a picture book offers. This is a wonderful celebration of optimism and a thoughtful and touching book about the importance of growth, green shoots and new life in a war torn world. Growing up amidst rubble a small boy tends a green shoot which grows into a flourishing vine that creeps along the barbed wire and unites divided children.

All seems lost when the soldiers destroy the vine but as the seasons roll by new shoots grow, another child tends them and hope is regained. Short of a good book to read, Sam decides that writing his own is the only way to really enjoy a story. Four great, easy-to-read stories about the popular witch Winnie and her loyal cat Wilbur. Scruffy and chaotic, Wilbur and Winnie magic-enhanced life is fun to follow. A small number of children were lucky enough to be invited to read and review Mini Winnie which is the first Winnie Young Fiction title. Here's a taster Click here to read all the reviews.

A fantastic book from Jacqueline Wilson. Pearl and Jodie are sisters who are very different. Jodie is noisy, brash, insensitive and bold. Pearl is only ten, little and shy and anxious all the time. When their parents both get jobs at an exclusive small boarding school the girls do not want to move. After spending their vacation there who will settle in to the new term. Shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Book Prize Four completely crazy, off the wall crazy, stories about the funniest class ever. Crammed full of zany and exuberant characters and the mishaps and mayhem that ensue.

But spare a thought for poor Mr Wellington, their long-suffering teacher. Go to prizewinners to see some of the others. His teacher is impressed, so impressed in fact that he is sent on a poetry course, which means missing his favourite activity — football. And Josh is even less amused when he discovers the person running the course is the man who wrote the poem he stole. Josh is in more trouble than you can imagine. Click here to see other titles shortlisted for this award. Funny and touching and with a brilliant understanding of the delicate balance within families, this captures the daily lives of two absolutely contemporary little sisters.

Narrated by Flo, a very tolerant older sister, each of the eight stories relates a specific episode in the life of her younger sister who has renamed herself Iggy. This is the first novel from Jenny Valentine for younger readers. Her books for teens have won numerous awards. Complete with thrilling stories of danger and derring-do, glorious drawings, maps and diagrams, this is more than a fantastic fiction debut for children, it's also the definitive guide to these remarkable little flying creatures.

Just don't ever call them fairies! Adopt your own Tollin at www. There are masses of facts about dinosaurs crammed into this attractively produced and entertainingly written information book. Henry, his dog Mothball and his friend Jaggers find out all about dinosaurs with the longest necks, dinosaurs with feathers and wings and dinosaurs with terrible claws. To view all the titles in this brilliant series collaboration between Philip Ardagh and Mike Gordon click here or here to see more of Philip Ardagh's books, including the Grubtown Tales.

Can Jamie deal with the trials of his annoying younger brother Harry? Making a wish on his amazing cape, he turns Harry into a bluebottle, a suitable punishment he thinks for someone who is always buzzing about. The question is can Jamie turn him back? Welcome to the school where scoundrels save the day. This is Robin Hood meets Oliver Twist in a laugh-out-loud new series from one of the most-loved children's authors, Terry Deary.

With a cast of hilarious characters, witty asides and farcical action, no reader can fail to be inspired by the goings-on at this most unusual of schools! Instead, he finds the teachers are speaking in a foreign language that no one has ever heard of. Jim tells the madcap story which also includes a wry and light-hearted view of family life. This is the first in a funny new series that is sure to get even the most reluctant reader reading.

His sense of humour and way of phrasing things made me laugh out loud and, frankly, I just loved the idea of monkey pirates travelling in wardrobes through space and time! When I commissioned four books in the Monkey Pirates series in , Mark was delighted, and he knuckled down to producing three more equally inventive and entertaining stories. He was always responsive to my suggestions and queries, although he was determined that the main character should remain a girl, Emily Jane, named after and inspired by his daughter.

There was a real buzz in the office about these books and last December, , my colleagues hoped to meet Mark at our Christmas party for authors and illustrators. However, sadly, he was unable to make it as he was in hospital having an operation. It was only in June this year that he told me it was for a cancerous tumour in his jaw. The cancer had spread to his brain. He asked us to bring forward the publication if possible so that he would be able to see the books on the shelves. Obviously, this was a real shock and hugely sad news.

The first story was originally scheduled to be published in March , but we immediately brought it forward to January Meanwhile, Mark and I worked on the other three stories, getting them as polished as we could as soon as we could. He was struggling with his vision, having to wear an eye patch, and was very tired, yet he even wrote a fifth story for us to have up our sleeves should the series do well.

And he still put up with my seemingly endless suggestions for tweaks! He had such dedication to these books, even when he was very ill indeed. He was determined that they would bring young readers joy after he had gone. Mark did see a bound proof of the first book but, sadly, he died in the middle of September before he could see a final copy.

At his funeral, his brother read an extract from The Monkey Pirates and it was a wonderful, lightening moment on a very sad day. His family and friends all agreed that planning these books gave him something joyful to focus on — and something for them all to discuss — other than his illness in those final months. Unfortunately, the tragedy does not stop there for his family. His widow has also been diagnosed with a virulent form of cancer, although her prognosis is better than his was, and their daughter faces life without either of her parents.

I was privileged to work with such a witty, hard-working man. It is a tragedy that he died before his books were published, but they will remain his legacy and a testament to his talent. And what a legacy — four or maybe five! As them Monkey Pirates would say, Bananas and barnacles! A Useful book about Families. An outstandingly original and entertaining book packed full of rabbitty details and a feast of novelty features that makes it all the more fun to read again and again and again.

When Chalk and Lonely get together there are all too soon an awful lot of rabbits. How the expanding rabbit family survives the year is a joyful and hilarious entertainment with a wonderful conclusion. What would happen if someone really lost their head? This hilarious and surreal fable tells how one family patches things up and puts them back together again when their father loses his head. Having searched high and low for the missing head but without any success, the family make daddy a nice new one.

He can still do loads of the things he has always done and there are some advantages. And he can be tricked into unusually generous shopping. But in the end none of the good things are enough. Luckily, daddy gets his own head back The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award rewards the best in contemporary children's and young adult literature from all over the world. Quentin Blake was shortlisted for the award. This is an incredibly original and thought provoking novel. Think Europe - the war is raging.

Two kids, a boy who would be heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne and a girl who also happens to be a brilliant aviator are thrown together in enemy territory. With stunningly detailed imagery throughout, the book will come to life in your hands. Prize winning Skulduggery Pleasant is back for a third thrilling adventure. Along with his side-kick Stephanie, Skulduggery, the skeleton detective, must stand up to the Faceless Ones in a typically dramatic, dangerous and funny new adventure.

The world of Skulduggery is a feast of invention. See below for links to all the series books: 1. Skulduggery Pleasant 2. Playing with Fire 3.

Books by Trope

The Faceless Ones 4. Dark Days 5. Mortal Coil 6. Death Bringer 7. Kingdom of the Wicked 8. Last Stand of Dead Men 9. The Dying of the Light. This original post-apocalyptic fantasy is an action packed debut novel. Lilly is a delightfully feisty heroine and their adventures take them on a thrilling and unusual journey. A kidnapped child, a talking jewel and a wild adventure set in a future affected by climate change in an England that is turning its back on its technological past and in a Scotland that is rising in power, asserting its strength and enlarging both its powerbase and its borders.

But both must deal with the Reavers who are hell bent on taking over. A message from the author: Out of climate change and raiders, I have tried my best to create a story that you will find exciting, and enjoy reading. I hope you like it. And when we met Emily, we realised that this accomplished author, with a wonderful career in front of her, even had that star quality we had hoped for. This book is fabulous and so is she. Watch this space…. The author of Wilma Tenderfoot is a comedy actress who has appeared in The Kumars.

Her humour shines through brilliantly in her writing in this debut and readers will find her heroine Wilma Tenderfoot a wannabe detective enormously funny, feisty, cheeky, charming and determined. An exciting new adventure series with a green theme as Ben sets out to find who has stolen the strawberries. But there is too much danger for him to manage alone.

Modern Fiction

Ben needs all the help he can get from his half sister and step brother in this charming story of a family with a difference. You can see the second title in the Misfitz series, due this september, by clicking here. An extract for that title will follow sometime this summer. Author: Gareth P. Entertaining and threatening in equal measure. This is a twisted tale full of humour, calamity and of murderous intent set in a vast and menacing mansion, which lovers of Lemony Snicket, Spiderwick and the Addams family will devour virtually in a sitting.

In fact, each is determined to kill the other. But there are other evil intentions at work too and the twins have to deal with killer bears and rampaging bears as they fight for their joint survival while each protects themselves from the other. Brilliant cover image, which tells brilliantly the reality that is sibling rivalry!!!

For slightly younger readers then why not try the Dragon Detective Agency, the publishers call this Raymond Chandler for 9 year olds!!! Creating circumstances in which everything possible can go wrong, she delights her readers with bizarre situations that are hugely entertaining. Having burnt down the kitchen by mistake, he protests , Harry saves himself from the fate of a week spent with Aunt Susan by blackmailing his Uncle Tristram to take him on holiday.

Comic and cosmic, this is a roller coaster adventure that takes Liam Digby up into space with a handful of other children and their parents. The Lovereading Comment: This is the eagerly awaited third novel from an author who has already won and been shortlisted for numerous prestigious awards including the Carnegie with his debut novel Millions and his second novel Framed.

This latest triumph is both bittersweet and hilariously down-to-earth. What the Carnegie Award judges said: 'Frank Cottrell Boyce has a wonderful ear for dialogue and is a master of comic pathos. The off-the-wall humour and comic language he employs here makes this a very funny book.

He manages to make a bizarre premise seem quite plausible, the characters develop well and the result is an astute and profound book about childhood and the father-son relationship. Surrounded by jungle and sea have they any hope? Escape for the children will take every drop of their cunning, courage and stamina. Will they ever see their parents alive? This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews.

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. May 27, Melody Cox rated it it was amazing Shelves: absolute-favorites , adoption , baby-child-by-om , extra-safe-reads-only , favorites , hero-heroine-infertile , heroine-strong , hero-strong , loved-heroine , loved-hero. Loved this sweet story.

What Sarah is reading | The Bookworm of Edwards

I just finished it for the fourth time and this was my absolute favorite time through. A great storyline and the MCs were fantastic. Who doesn't love a man who not only delivered her baby when the ambulance didn't make it on time but also loves that woman's child even though another man fathered it!!! Del is a secret agent who is on a high risk stakeout. Maggie is a pregnant waitress who is alone and on her own after discovering her boyfriend had lied to her and was actual Loved this sweet story. Maggie is a pregnant waitress who is alone and on her own after discovering her boyfriend had lied to her and was actually married with children.

The restaurant where Maggie works is close to Del's stakeout and they become acquainted when he begins having lunch regularly at one of Maggie's tables. One day while ordering his lunch Maggie goes into labor and he delivers her baby girl in the back room.

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  • The Encyclopedia of Poisons and Antidotes, 3rd Edition (Facts on File Library of Health and Living).
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A bond is formed between the three but Del is only in town for the case he is working on and will be leaving soon. Maggie knows a relationship is hopeless since Del will be gone soon, but she wants to spend as much time as possible with him. He is already under her skin and she doesn't want to let him go but has no other choice. I highly recommend this book. It is a safe read, with no cheating and just a tiny bit of OM drama but he is quickly out of the picture. Ronica rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Philip Christo Pretorius rated it it was ok Jul 29, Gail Ramsay rated it really liked it Aug 16, Trinity McKay rated it liked it Aug 23, Rone Bothma rated it it was ok Aug 06, Julia rated it really liked it Mar 20, Bernadette rated it liked it Jun 11, Ellie rated it liked it Oct 04, Mindy rated it really liked it Feb 07, Melisande rated it liked it Nov 29, Judi rated it liked it Nov 23, Tania rated it liked it Sep 21, Justyna Celej rated it liked it Jun 05, Patty Desormeaux rated it liked it Jun 19, Darla rated it really liked it Aug 08, Grace rated it really liked it Nov 02, Fannie rated it really liked it Nov 07, Tina Miller rated it it was ok May 04, Stephanie rated it really liked it Aug 16, Debbie rated it really liked it Sep 22, Kendra marked it as to-read Apr 14, Lisamarie added it Mar 04, Shelly marked it as to-read Oct 21, Kk added it Oct 29, Sandy added it Feb 03, Julie-ann marked it as to-read Apr 26, Janet added it Jul 25, Kelley marked it as to-read Aug 24, Jennifer added it Dec 20, Yinzadi marked it as to-read Aug 18, H added it Aug 26, Michelle Allen-centerfitt added it Oct 01, Nicole Hutchings marked it as to-read Oct 05, Donna Virag added it Oct 07, Nancy Lewis added it Nov 15, Tarcini Shabari marked it as to-read Dec 17, Deb2ocean marked it as to-read Dec 31,