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Military budget of China

The text is very careful, however, to limit the level of this competition, and its wording makes it clear that China understands the risks involved. While no major policy document issued by any country has ever been able to fully separate rhetoric from reality, the Chinese White Paper does spend the last five pages of its text describing Chinese efforts to improve regional cooperation, and some are clearly real. The White Paper does not even hint at the level of ideological competition that drove the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West. And, as important as many security issues are between the U.

Seen from this perspective, the Chinese White Paper — like the two recent U.

The Point: China's latest defense policy explained

It is a warning that will shape the future of both the China and the U. The White Paper is not, however, an indication that some mix of U. As such, the U.

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China's National Defense in the New Era

Cordesman Commentary. September 24, In the News. Time Brian Bennett. Saudis couldn't stop oil attack, even with top US defenses. Chicago Tribune Robert Burns. September 19, September 18, Many of those who signed the letter are known to be democrats who openly supported Mrs.

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A number of former senior officials joined in the criticism of Mrs. Lam and the bill, and attacked the actions of the police. In an open letter to Mrs. Lam, seven other former senior officials urged her to withdraw the bill. Tensions were high on the campus of Hong Kong University on Thursday night after two pro-democracy lawmakers were called to a dormitory on reports of a possible police raid.

Addressing a group of reporters who had gathered outside the Simon K. Lee Hall, the warden of the dorm, Siu Man Ng, confirmed that two students from the hall had been arrested on Wednesday. He said that the police had not searched the dorm, and that the university did not know what the charges were against the students. Council, said that the student union could confirm that three Hong Kong University students had been arrested, two on charges related to loitering where tens of thousands of people were protesting on Wednesday.

The third was arrested on Sunday. In an interview, the pro-democracy lawmaker Ted Hui said his office had received unverified information on Thursday evening that the police were planning to search Simon K. Lee hall. Hui, who spent two hours talking to them in the hall. As students huddled in small groups behind a line of reporters, a worried professor, Sharon Hom, looked on. Hom, a visiting professor and the executive director at Human Rights in China, a nongovernmental organization. The Hong Kong police arrested a protest organizer who coordinated thousands of demonstrators using the smartphone messaging app Telegram, just hours before the company said it was attacked in a coordinated hack.

On its official Twitter channel, Telegram confirmed the attack, but held back from attributing an origin. The police confirmed a year-old man was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance. He was later identified in the local news media as Ivan Ip, the administrator of the Parade69 chat group, which has more than 20, members.

Import and export price indexes

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its import and export price indexes for May. Export prices softened by 0. Both fuel and non-fuel imports saw softening in prices in May. Fuel import prices dropped by a percent as oil and gas prices fell. Prices of imported finished goods also declined.