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While in Fiscardo, several charter boats came in and one of them put their anchor over our chain. No big deal — it happens. It was hectic! Go to our SailingBritican Facebook page and scroll down until you see the video. My husband, Simon, was as calm as could be but I felt a wee bit stressed. He puts the knot around the bottle top, pulls it tight and ties the other end of the rope to a front cleat on the boat.

The bottle helps to keep the rope afloat. Still using the hooky stick, he pulls the rope up and ties it onto the same cleat so that the rope is around the foreign anchor chain. Click here to watch a video where both Stefano and I demonstrate how to make a bottle knot — the instructions also give a step by step breakdown in pictures.

There are many charter yachts and they have no idea! On our first night we were the first yacht into a large bay. Not long after we had anchored another yacht came in and nearly anchored on top of us and we shooed them away but in the end we had to give up. We eventually discovered that the accepted way to anchor was to put out fenders and drop anchor wherever you wanted. The amazing thing was that we never encountered a problem but it horrified us.

We soon learned to be the last into an anchorage so that we could anchor clear of all other yachts. Have you ever noticed how yachts have a sort of herding instinct and all seem to want to anchor on top of each other? For some reason, boats think this is the ONLY place to anchor! For the record, we have a Fortress as our stern anchor. And we all know that during horrific storm conditions, we cannot rely on the winds to only blow in one direction! In addition to real world testing, controlled independent test results ex: Practical Sailor, Sailing Foundation have proven the extraordinary capability of the Fortress to remain embedded into a sea bottom, no matter what the direction of pull.

Your email address will not be published. I agree. We will never sell your email or send spam. Read our privacy policy. It also has allowed us to up anchor when the wind direction suddenly changed and we needed to leave in a hurry. It also lets us use a heavier larger anchor as our everyday anchor.

We do not pull on the anchor at all at this time above what the wind might do.

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Anchoring – what do you do when you pull someone else’s anchor up with yours?

Share via. Facebook Messenger. Copy Link. He has sailed on container vessels plying to Asia and Europe. Apart from sailing he loves reading, writing, driving, traveling, water sports and movies. Usually the Bosun takes care of the winch and the duty officer usually the Chief Mate commands the anchor team and has a bird eye view of the operation and thus should not be the one handling the winch, else it compromise safety to the team. The chain is usually reported as at short stay or long stay.

The description of the chain up and down is not that the anchor chain has settled, but this phrase describe that the anchor is off the ground. It is highly recommended that testing of Windlass and Hydraulic system should be tested a day or 2 days prior arrival to port to ensure the working condition of the system. At this point, walkie-talkies and other communication equipment must be check and ready as well.

It will be more useful if you will mention about depth, walking back of anchor, scope, propeller wash astern and ahead movements.

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Also the max heaving capacity of the windlass to be noted. Sometimes when anchoring in deep waters, the weight of the anchor and cable suspending exceeds the capacity of the windlass and thus cannot be heaved back.

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Up and Down refers to Cable perpindicular to ship side or the cable is straight downward or vertical while Anchor Aweight refers to anchor itself that has off the sea bottom Anchor Insight refers to anchor you see followed by whether Anchor foul or Anchor Clear til Anchor Home and secured. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Anchor free fall, learn how to use your capstan clutch

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Dry Dock Combo Pack. Deck Department Combo Pack. The windless should be tested before anchoraing and moving parts should be well grease. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Share 7.