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Should we ditch Islamic State in favour of Daesh?

The mother of two, who went by various online pseudonyms including "Anouchka" and "Hades", did not create the site but worked as its administrator, a DNRED agent told AFP on condition of anonymity. Although she did not have what he termed the "geeky profile of an IT technician", this was not her first experience on the dark net, he added. Around 40 DNRED agents were involved in the year-long operation, "the first of its kind in France", according to public accounts minister Gerald Darmanin.

The Most Mysterious Man in Tech May Just Have Been Unmasked

Several other dark net sites where drugs, guns and even contracts for assassination jobs are exchanged online - most famously the notorious Silk Road - have been smashed around the world in recent years. The DNRED officer said it was difficult to determine how much money passed through Black Hand, but he estimated that Anouchka earned tens of thousands of euros a year from its operations.

Two others who acted as moderators and who sold illicit items on the site have been charged, as well as another vendor, following police raids near the cities of Montpellier and Marseille as well as Lille. The DNRED agent declined to say how authorities tracked down those behind the website - whose content, like other sites in the hidden "dark" section of the internet, is particularly difficult to access.

Although the raids have not yet led to more arrests, "we continue to take an interest in the buyers", the agent said, adding that Black Hand's former users will be watching the investigation closely. Investigators were able to access Black Hand's servers and retrieve large amounts of data during last week's raids, the official told AFP.

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He noted the site had been running since at least - a considerably long time by the standards of the dark net, where "platforms are often volatile because crooks often run off with the takings". You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Monday, September 23, All Sections. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive Paris: A year-old housewife with no criminal record has been unmasked as the woman behind a major French "dark web" site that sold drugs and guns until it was shut down last week. Unprecedented French operation Around 40 DNRED agents were involved in the year-long operation, "the first of its kind in France", according to public accounts minister Gerald Darmanin.

And a key used to log into Silk Road's administrator account was linked to another email address Ulbricht had used.

  • No evidence murders ordered by Ulbricht took place.
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The feds also managed to gain access to servers belonging to Silk Road. They spied on the traffic in real time, determining that from Feb to July there were 1,, transactions on the site, and , total registered users. This raises the question of exactly how much information they have on Silk Road's users, and whether more busts are to come.

Agents made over undercover transactions throughout the investigation, according to the indictment. Browsing Ulbricht's social media accounts show a pretty normal, nerdy guy.

'Deep Web', un documental acerca de Silk Road y Bitcoin - Documentales en Español

Curiously, the indictment misidentifies his grad school as the University of Pennsylvania. Leave the federal courts out of it. Wade , with decades of cultural war over an imposed decision. Those are valid objections.

TOR now used in human trafficking, child exploitation

Not all issues have an obvious right side. In this case, I always ask critics of the federal court decisions striking down gay marriage bans and the possibility of a Supreme Court decision confirming those decisions, How do you feel about the Loving case?

The Silk Road bust

And if you do support the Loving decision, then how are these cases different? The Cato Institute has urged the Court, in an amicus brief , to find that bans on same-sex marriage violate the equal protection clause of the Constitution. Here is one more video, featuring the speakers from the Cato forum on Perry v. Schwarzenegger plus me :. The deal on the Tripartite Free Trade Area TFTA is the culmination of five years of negotiations to set up a framework for preferential tariffs easing the movement of goods in an area that is home to million people…. African parliaments will have two years to ratify the agreement — and that is the easy part.

Proper implementation and enforcement will be much more difficult in countries with deeply underdeveloped institutions of rule of law and protection of private property. Still, the TFTA is a step in the right direction, for it signals an important ideological shift on the part of the African elite. Historically, African governments have been deeply skeptical of free trade and capitalism. Instead, they preferred protectionism and state-led development.

To the extent that they were interested in trade, the African governments emphasized access to Western markets, while eschewing liberalization of their own. The consequences were catastrophic. As I wrote in a Cato paper ,. Simply abandoning developed-world protectionism would not substantially change the lives of the people in the poorest parts of the developing world. That is particularly true of sub-Saharan Africa SSA , where the main causes of impoverishment are internal.

SSA is not poor because of lack of access to world markets. SSA is poor because of political instability and because of a lack of policies and institutions, such as private property rights, that are necessary for the market economy to flourish. Despite substantial declines in applied and bound tariffs throughout the world, protectionism [in SSA] is still very much alive.

In contrast, 68 percent of exports from countries in Western Europe were exported to other Western European countries. Similarly, 40 percent of North American exports were to other countries in North America. It is hypocritical for African leaders to call for greater access to global markets while rejecting trade openness at home.

It is also self-defeating, because domestic protectionism contributes to perpetuating African poverty. Research shows that countries with the greatest freedom to trade tend to grow faster than countries that restrict trading. SSA governments have complete control over the reduction of their own trade barriers.

Young housewife unmasked as French 'dark web' boss | Europe – Gulf News

If they are truly serious about the benefits of trade liberalization, they can immediately free trade relations among SSA countries and with the rest of the world. They should do so regardless of what the developed world does. The flow of unauthorized immigrants to the United States has collapsed. The apprehension of illegal immigrants by Customs and Border Protection CBP , the best proxy measurement of the flow of such people, along the Southwest Border is way down see below. All Apprehensions on Southwest Border.

Source: Customs and Border Protection. What explains this? A number of factors are at play.